Vision-4-Life eye-care programme

03 Mar 2020


The new phase of the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Vision-4-Life eye care programme has been launched with the establishment of an onsite eye care clinic at the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s offices in the Sherwood area of Durban. The new phase follows on the continued success of a volunteer driven cataract surgery campaign that has benefited many patients since 2014. The new phase involves the screening of patients from disadvantaged schools, old age homes and other areas where effective...


21 Oct 2019

If you live anywhere in inland South Africa, you know how cold the winters get. Countrywide, for rural communities, or those without adequate protection against the chill, the winter is a dreaded occurrence. That’s why the Al-Imdaad Foundation makes every effort to deliver blankets and warm woollen hats annually to the neediest communities we have identified. This year join us as we reach out to communities across South Africa’s provinces to help them in the face of the bitter chill. DONATE...

Operation Sukuma Sakhe

09 May 2019

Operation Sukuma Sakhe began as the poverty eradication wing of the KZN government first spearheaded by former premier Dr Zweli Mkhize. It aims to make meaningful household interventions on poverty possible and to address the needs of the most vulnerable and deprived communities and households. In this way it seeks to make rural development and sustainable livelihood a realizable vision and to create opportunities for skills development and employment. Operation Sukuma Sakhe aims to rebuild...

UK Volunteers assist SA communities

13 Jan 2019

Al-Imdaad Foundation UK team members together with volunteer representatives of Food for Thought, a UK based charitable organisation that conducts weekly homeless feeding, have been on the ground in South Africa. The Food for Thought team had fundraised for projects in South Africa including the establishment of a borehole in the rural community of Hlabisa in the water-scarce Umkhanyakude district in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. They also fundraised for smaller projects including feeding programmes,...

New House for Ndwedwe Gogo

14 Sep 2018

Pendukile Matololo Ngcobo is an 86-year-old South African citizen from the rural Esuthumbini area in Ndwedwe Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal Province. Gogo Ngcobo had lived with her grand daughter and two grandchildren in an old dilapidated mud Rondavel (round hut) in a deeply rural area. Such was the conditions of her living, that snakes would regularly enter her house and a python had even made its night-time lair in one of the mud walls. Gogo Ngcobo had put a request forward to local authorities...

New House for Ladysmith Widow

08 Sep 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation recently partnered with government to help build a new home for a struggling Ladysmith Widow. The deceased husband had first applied for an RDP house with the Department of Human Settlements in late 2005 but by the time he passed away of debilitating illness in 2015, they were still struggling to pay rental. Al-Imdaad Foundation came on board for the project after a request from the office of the KZN MEC for Housing, Mr Ravi Pillay who had visited the area in 2016, and came...

Mandela Day 2018

17 Jul 2018

On Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 Al-Imdaad Foundation teams engaged in special Mandela Day activities at Orange Farm Township, including blankets and warm hat distributions as well as snack packs and walking sticks for seniors. Teams also delivered gas stoves, a fridge and a Jojo Tank to an Old Age Home in Nelspruit as part of the Mandela Day activities. These interventions formed part of annual activities the Al-Imdaad Foundation engages in to commemorate Mandela day and the legacy of the great...

#Operation Winter Warmth 2018

09 May 2019

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures begin to drop and we all take out our big puffy jackets and extra blankets. For some, the winter is about turning the switch on the heater, but for many South Africans winter is an added burden to an already difficult life. According to recent statistics, more than 55% percent of South Africans live in poverty, placing them in a very vulnerable situation with the onset of the cold. They cannot buy those warm clothes for their young child and they...

Cape Town Water Crisis

11 Feb 2020

Three years of failed rains have created a crisis in the Western Cape with dams at critically low levels. Studies show that the period 2015-2017 was the driest in the area in the past 84 years, leading to the desperate situation we see today. Currently, communities in Cape Town are facing the looming threat of DAY ZERO, when taps will run completely dry and residents will be forced to queue in long lines. The social, economic, and consequences for quality of life, could be drastic. Al-Imdaad Foundation...

UK Volunteers in South Africa 2018

15 Jan 2018

A delegation of volunteers from Al-Imdaad Foundation UK kicked off 2018 with a series of humanitarian activities in South Africa. The team reached out to the elderly, disabled, orphans and many other vulnerable groups during their visit. They engaged in a wide range of projects including feeding programmes, boreholes and water tank installations, disability support and other key programmes.

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