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Access to food is a basic human requirement for survival. The eradication of hunger is a millennium development goal that countries across the world are still struggling to achieve. Malnutrition and other diseases are prominent in the developing world, especially among children. The Al-Imdaad Foundation has launched projects to assist with fighting hunger and malnutrition in the poorest areas across the continent. These include regular distribution of food hampers, agricultural and rural farming projects, soup kitchens and Slice4Life campaigns.


12 Jul 2022

It has been hard times in the Middle East and economic fallout from the war in Europe is badly affecting refugee communities. That’s why we’ve decided to supply Syrian and Palestinian refugees with fresh cut meat delivered during the days of Eid, so...

Eid Food Pack (Fitrah)

20 May 2022

One of the wisdoms behind the compulsory charity of Sadqatul Fitr is that it is a means for the poor and those of little means to receive food they can use to celebrate the Eid festival with their families. With your assistance we have served struggling...

Spread the Winds of Generosity

20 May 2022

During the month of Ramadan, the Holy Prophet PBUH was more generous than the gushing wind. This Ramadan we’re aiming to follow his noble legacy by spreading the winds of generosity in 40 countries across the world....


23 Mar 2022

The DR Congo was recently identified as the location of the world’s largest hunger crisis with the largest number of people facing food insecurity. There are 27.3 million highly food-insecure people across 26 provinces of the DRC and some 5.2 million...

Canned Qurbani for Refugees

30 Aug 2021


This year we’re continuing our Canned Qurbani project for the seventh time but with an important difference… we’re spreading the benefit. This year,...


30 Aug 2021

In a beautiful Hadith Qudsi tradition we learn that one of the best ways to seek our Lord is to serve His creation. By taking steps to serve and assist those around us, the sick, the hungry, the thirsty, we are actually taking steps on our journey...

Canned Qurbani

28 Aug 2020

For the past six years, your Qurbani has been reaching the people of Syria as a convenient, ready to eat canned product that is ideal for refugees and displaced persons. Canned Qurbani requires no refrigeration and can be easily heated and consumed...

#Show Mercy- Ramadan 2020

24 May 2020

The Holy Prophet Peace and Blessings Upon Him Said, “Those who show mercy will be shown Mercy by the Most Merciful. Show mercy to those on earth and The One in the heavens will show Mercy to you.” This Ramadan, in the face of global crisis we all...

Ramadan 1440/ 2019: Benefit Mankind Food Hamper Campaign

11 May 2020

In today’s world it’s all about getting the best deal for yourself. Many people stop and nothing to ensure they get the most benefit out of every situation. People get excited and feel good when things go their way, without even considering the impact...

Canned Qurbani 2018

06 Jul 2018

For the fourth year, the Al-Imdaad Foundation is continuing its canned Qurbani programme to allow donors to share their Qurbani with communities who have faced unimaginable hardship in recent times. The canned Qurbani option is ideal for displaced...

#Let’s Love for Others What We Love for Ourselves

06 Jul 2018

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) told us that the test of our faith was whether we loved for others what we love for ourselves. In a world of consumerism, where we chase after every fleeting luxury, Ramadan gives us a moment to think about those who do not...

Indonesia Food Aid Programmes

26 Dec 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams in Indonesia regularly conduct food aid distributions to assist members of needy communities with basic essentials. Indonesia has some of the poorest communities in the world due to dense rurality of many island areas which...

#Spread Peace and #Feed the Hungry

13 May 2017

Every year countless numbers across the world face the Holy month of Ramadan without the food or resources to feed their fasting families. In countries scarred by conflict, poverty, and disaster many cannot even find a little food to break their fast...


13 May 2017

The FEED SYRIA campaign is an initiative of Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Jordan. The campaign is being coordinated in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) and the Jordanian armed forces. It involves the distribution...

Jordan Refugee Support

30 Mar 2022

Jordan has always been home to a large number of refugees, initially these were mainly Palestinian refugees but ever since the Syrian crisis Jordan has become host to one of the largest numbers of Syrian refugees in the Middle East after Turkey and...


30 Mar 2022

After eleven years of the Syrian crisis, countless refugees and internally displaced Syrians are struggling to survive. Millions have taken refuge in neighbouring countries and for those displaced or living in towns and cities, many cannot meet their...

Mediterranean Refugee Crisis- Feeding Campaign

29 Sep 2016

You will all have seen by now the harrowing images of refugees struggling to make it across the Mediterranean. These people flee from violence, war and persecution which has turned homes into places of horror. Some European governments have failed...

Canned Qurbani 2016

11 Sep 2016

For the second year running, the Al-Imdaad Foundation is continuing its important canned Qurbani programme that allows donors to send their Qurbani to regions that have faced unimaginable hardship in recent times. The canned Qurbani option is ideal...

Feed Gaza Campaign

31 Jul 2016

Repeated wars, an extended blockade and the overall deterioration of the socio-economic situation over the last decade is the bleak reality facing the people of the Gaza strip. These conditions have forced more than 80% of the population to be reliant...

Ramadan 1437/2016: Feeding and Food Hamper Campaign

06 Jun 2016

Across the Muslim world, every Ramadan, there exists two parallels. Those with means enjoy the luxury of tasty iftaar dinners, beautifully prepared as they sit down with their families at the end of the fasting day. It is often a time of great joy...

Mediterranean Refugee Crisis- Iftar Feeding

05 Jun 2016

The war and crises in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other regions have forced large numbers of desperate people to head towards Europe in a desperate attempt to seek safety for themselves and their families. The reluctance of some European Governments...

Save Madaya 2016

10 Jan 2016

In early January 2016, the world was made witness to shocking images of starving and Malnourished Syrians in the Mountainous town of Madaya near Damascus. The images reflect the outcome of up to six-months of siege that has left young and old in dire...

Ennerdale Distribution with Polokwane Muslim Trust (PMT)

14 Nov 2015

The Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with the Polokwane Muslim Trust to distribute food hampers to a thousand needy families in the Ennerdale area of Gauteng province. The area is characterised by large scale poverty and unemployment far higher than...

Al-Imdaad Launches First Humanitarian Aid Convoy from Jordan to Gaza

08 Nov 2015

After almost 7 months of diplomatic and bureaucratic wrangling, the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordanian office in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation has successfully launched the first of its kind humanitarian aid convoy from Jordan...

Canned Qurbani for Syria

22 Sep 2015

This year the Al-Imdaad Foundation is embarking on an important and innovative new project in partnership with Muslim Aid Australia. The project will see the slaughter of sheep in Australia, processing and canning in New Zealand, and distribution to...

Qurbani in Myanmar 2015

19 Aug 2015

The Rohingya people of Myanmar are one of the world’s most persecuted minorities. Many living currently in a network of IDP camps after they were driven from their homes during inter-ethnic clashes that flared up in 2012. Living conditions in these...

Reyhanli Bakery and Flour Mill Restoration

31 Jul 2015

A devastating fire burnt down a central Flour Mill and Bakery in the Reyhanli district of Turkey that was servicing the Syrian community. This tragedy has meant the loss of up to 170 000 loaves of free daily bread which the bakery complex used to provide...

Ramdaan 1436-2015: Feeding and Food Hamper Programme

17 Jun 2015

Ramadaan is a month of mercy and compassion where the fast by day helps Muslims to empathise with the plight of their brothers across the world living lives of hunger and starvation. The holy prophet of Islam (pbuh), who was the most generous of all...

Gaza Food Hampers 2015

14 Apr 2015

The Gaza strip is one of the most densely populated human settlement sin the world today with more than 20 000 people per square mile. More than 80% of these are now unemployed due to the severe economic impacts of the ongoing blockade and regular...

Gaza Food Aid Distribution 2015

28 Feb 2015

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places on earth with a total area of 365 km2 and a population of over 1.79 million. The people of Gaza have been living under extremely vulnerable conditions due to the Israeli blockade, which has...

Al-Imdaad Foundation partners with ONSUR

06 Jan 2015

As part of an international convoy of Trucks setting out from Turkey for Syria the Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with the ONSUR organization for Relief and Development to distribute a number of containers of critical aid materials including, medical...

Make Breakfast Possible

30 Mar 2022

As it is often said, a healthy body is a healthy mind and a hungry stomach does not bode well for the absorption of information. Hungry learners often struggle to concentrate in class and visit the school nurse daily with head and stomach aches. Due...

Indonesia Qurbani 2014

04 Oct 2014

Although Indonesia has seen some progress in recent years many of its 250 000 000 people still live under the yoke of poverty. In such poor communities child malnutrition and infant mortality is especially high. Many of these areas are also highly...

Albania Qurbani 2014

04 Oct 2014

During the Festival of Eidul Adha 2014, when muslims around the world were slaughtering their sacrificial animals and partaking in feasts, the Al-Imdaad Foundation and its partner in the Balkans ensured that the poorest Albanian people also felt the...

Gaza Qurbani 2014

03 Oct 2014

The Festival of Eidul Adha is a time when muslim around the world slaughter sacrificial animals in commemoration of the story of Ibrahim and his young son Ismaeel. It is a time of celebration and feasts for many of us but for our brothers and sisters...

Somalia Qurbani 2014 in the Lower Shabelle region

03 Oct 2014

The Festival of Eidul Adha is a time of sacrifice and feast where Muslims slaughter animals in commemoration of the story of Ibraheem and his son Ismaeel (peace be upon them). It is a time when those able to sacrifice do so and distribute meat to those...

Vietnam Qurbani 2014

24 Sep 2014

The Cham people of Southern Vietnam are descended from one time Hindu overlords in the region that had mostly converted to Isla by the 15th century. In 1830 they were conquered by the ethnic Vietnamese and lost their status becoming in the modern era...

Ramadaan 1435-2014 : Feeding and Food Hamper Programme

05 Jul 2014

The Holy Month of Ramadaan brings with it joy and happiness in the life of every Muslim. Ramadaan is also a month of giving and a month of choice in which a majority of Muslims discharge their obligatory charity. As Muslims it is our duty to help those...

Ramadan and Eid distributions in the Gaza strip 2014

28 Jun 2014

During the month of Ramadan 2014 the Gazan people were subjected to an intensive aerial attacks that took thousands of lives and displacing hundreds of thousands more. As a consequence, economic networks were put on hold and the Gazan people found...

Ramadaan 1435-2014: Food Aid For Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh

27 Jun 2014

The Rohingya people of Mynamar have faced persecution and discrimination for many years. But in 2012 this came to a boiling point when inter-communal tensions between the Rohingya and the Rakhine Budhists erupted in waves of violence that saw hundreds...

Ramadan 1435-2014: Feeding program for Syrian refugees in Jordan

26 Jun 2014

Jordan is now host to over 600,000 refugees who have crossed the border to escape the conflict in Syria. Over 80,000 of these refugees populate the Zaatari refugee camp in Mafraq which has become a sprawling tent city that is now one of the largest...

Ramadan 1435-2014: Feeding program Indonesia

24 Jun 2014

Although Indonesia has seen some positive economic growth in recent years many in the country are still in a vulnerable position. Almost half the population live just above the poverty line leaving them at risk of falling into poverty due to inflation,...

Emergency Food Aid for displaced Arkanese in Rakhine State, Myanmar

05 Jun 2014

The Rohingya people are residents of the Rakhine province (formerly Arkan) in Myanmar. They have suffered long persecution at the hands of Burmese authorities and more recently extremist Budhists who also populate Rakhine. Recently in 2012 the latest...

Al-Imdaad adopts Shammarin Bakery in Aleppo

03 May 2014

As a consequence of the continuing conflict in Syria the agricultural sector has come to an almost complete standstill resulting in scarcities among staple foods. This in turn has caused the prices of bread to sky rocket as flour must be imported from...

Al-Imdaad Flour campaign for bakeries inside Syria

04 Nov 2013

The increasingly worsening conditions of war have had adverse effects on many sectors of the economy with agriculture coming to a standstill, industry being damaged. Many of the bakeries, which represent the only source of food for thousands of Syrians...

Food and Rickshaw Distribution in Bangladesh

19 Aug 2013

The Al-Imdaad Foundation in conjunction with Islamic Dawah Academy of the United Kingdom implemented a Rickshaw and food aid distribution project in Bangladesh. Whereas the food aid component would address the immediate food insecurity of the beneficiary...

Ramadaan 1434 - Feeding and food hamper programme

05 Jul 2013

To many of the poorer communities around the world, where debilitating poverty is spiralling out of control, basic necessities are essential for survival. Extreme poverty jeopardises the future of every family and the situation becomes much more dire...

Ramadaan 1433 - Feeding and food hamper programme in 37 countries

20 Jul 2012

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has ensured that Iftaar is a time of fulfilment for numerous families across the globe. Iftaar programmes in 37 countries including South Africa are undertaken by providing Ramadaan food hampers to families. These hampers contain...

Feeding Schemes

18 May 2020

Al-Imdaad Foundation’s support for feeding schemes and soup kitchens allows hungry individuals to partake of a free meal. Feeding programmes are often part of interventions for families displaced by xenophobia, flooding, fires etc. In some locations,...

Pre-Ramadaan Hamper Distribution

23 Jul 2010

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has established an annual pre-Ramadaan hamper distribution drive to assist the poor and needy with essential food items in the lead up to the sacred month. The hampers are substantial, and include basic and non-perishable...

Pre-Ramadan Hamper Distribution - 2010 / 1431AH

22 Jul 2010

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has established an annual pre-Ramadaan hamper distribution drive to assist the poor and needy with essential food items in the lead up to the sacred month. The hampers are substantial, and include basic and non-perishable...


30 Mar 2022

As the cost of living soars and medical care becomes almost unaffordable, the queues at state hospitals lengthen considerably. For many who endure the long wait for essential medical supplies, hunger is a constant companion. A vast majority travel...

Haiti Earthquake-Food Aid

11 Jan 2010

An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale struck Haiti on January 12 2010, resulting in an unprecedented scale of disaster and despair. More than 300 000 people died and millions were left homeless. The Al-Imdaad Foundation responded to the...

Joint Distribution between Proudly South African & the Al-Imdaad Foundation Food Aid Distribution

09 Dec 2009

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is registered as a proudly South African organisation and it takes this affiliation to heart. The Al-Imdaad Foundation is proud to display the South African flag in all its distributions whether locally or abroad. The foundation...

Zimbabwe Food Aid Distribution - Convoy leaves from Durban

10 Feb 2009

In February 2009, the Al-Imdaad Foundation undertook a food aid distribution drive in Zimbabwe. Given the dismal socio-economic conditions of most Zimbabweans, essential items are hard to come by. Abject poverty is a daily reality for the majority...

Zimbabwe Food Aid distribution in the Greater Harare District

10 Feb 2009

In February 2009, the Al-Imdaad Foundation undertook a food aid distribution drive in Zimbabwe. Given the dismal socio-economic conditions of most Zimbabweans, essential items are hard to come by. Abject poverty is a daily reality for the majority...

Niger Food Aid Programme 2005

19 Oct 2005

A severe food security crisis occurred in the regions of northern Niger between 2005 and 2006. The crisis was caused by an early end to the 2004 rains and locust damage to pasture lands causing below average yields, high food prices, and increased...

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