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Millions of people around the world are homeless due to poverty, war, natural disasters and lack of government services. The problem is extensive in developing countries where entire communities have been displaced and forced to become refugees within their own borders. Shanty towns, mud huts and unsafe self-built homes are a common sight in Africa. Al-Imdaad Foundation’s housing and shelter projects include the reconstruction of homes and villages in the wake of natural disasters, as well as the building of creches, schools and orphanages.

Rebuilding in Bangladesh

23 Mar 2022

When Cyclone Amphan struck Bangladesh in May 2020, over a million people were affected, 350 000+ homes were damaged, and more than 60 000 homes were completely destroyed. Over a 100 000 more faced intensive monsoon flooding in August 2020 which caused...

Kenya Housing Village (Sahaba City)

30 Mar 2022

Drought and conflict have displaced countless numbers in East Africa. They resettle in areas far from home, with limited resources and insufficient shelter. Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Kenya has been able to assist these communities by establishing...

New House for Ndwedwe Gogo

14 Sep 2018

Pendukile Matololo Ngcobo is an 86-year-old South African citizen from the rural Esuthumbini area in Ndwedwe Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal Province. Gogo Ngcobo had lived with her grand daughter and two grandchildren in an old dilapidated mud Rondavel...

Expansion of Syrian Refugee Camp in Jordan

06 Jul 2018

In July 2018 Al-Imdaad Foundation began a new project involving the expansion of village 6 at the Azraq refugee camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Zarqa Governorate. The expansion will involve the establishment of 540 new shelter homes and an extension...


03 Jan 2018

In the Gaza strip, where power cuts and electricity blackouts are becoming more and more common, Al-Imdaad Foundation's #LightUpGaza project is making a difference. With just a few hours of electricity a day and a rolling blackout schedule affecting...

Rohingya Housing Project

15 Nov 2017

It is more than 6 months since hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees began fleeing across the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh. These refugees have been facing very difficult circumstances in temporary shelters that provide limited protection...

Jordan Container Homes

31 Oct 2017

There are an estimated 1.4 million Syrian in Jordan. Of these, some 655 496 have been officially registered as refugees. The majority of Syrians in Jordan live outside of official refugee camps such as the two largest Zaatari and Mafraq camps. Most...

Assam Cyclone Relief 2016

02 May 2016

On the 30th April 2016 a heavy storm and cyclone system affected hundreds of families in the Nakhuti, Khagorijan, Udali Gaon and Fultali areas of Hojai District in Assam, India. Many houses were badly damaged and others were completely destroyed leaving...

Imbabazane house handover with OSS

29 Jul 2015

The Khumalo family is a child headed household from the Ezinyosini area in Imbabazane Municipality in Northern KwaZulu- Natal. The family consists of 7 children whose parents have passed away a few years previously. The family had been identified as...

Syria Sustainability Project

14 Jun 2015

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been operating in Syria since the early days of the conflict and has established tent and containerised camps, schools, clinics, orphanages and prayer facilities in addition to distributing emergency aid, clothes and food....

Tent to containerised village conversion

31 May 2015

Many of the displaced Syrian people who have been leaving their homes due to the on-going conflict have been gathering in villages near the Syrian-Turkish border. The first waves of people to leave were provided with only tent shelters which by now...

Rebuild Gaza Campaign

30 Mar 2022

The Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated places in the world with a total area of just 365 km2 where over 1.8 million people live. Palestinians are still suffering from devastating economic and social conditions brought about by waves of...

Housing Project in Malawi

23 Apr 2015

With funding from Al-Imdaad foundation, Malawian NGO Tanweer implemented an important project in the southern region of Malawi. The districts of Chiradzulu, Blantyre and Mulanje which were severely affected by the floods benefitted from the programme...

Kashmir Housing Project

23 Aug 2014

In September 2014, the Kashmir region witnessed disastrous floods caused by torrential rainfall across many of its districts. The Indian administrated Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Punjab in Pakistan, were severely...

Mbongwa Family Home

17 Jul 2014

Mr Mbongwa is an elderly disabled man from St Chads just outside of Ladysmith. He had been profiled by local community care givers due to his disability and his living in a dilapidated mud hut. During a July 2014 visit to Al-Imdaad by the Turkish aid...

Second Containerised Village in Syria

31 Mar 2014

The Syrian conflict has generated what is now the world’s largest refugee population and displaced millions within Syria who have lost their homes, families and sources of livelihood. One of the most pressing concerns for the displaced Syrians is shelter,...

Al-Imdaad in partnership hands over homes in Kwaggafontein.

27 Oct 2013

The Al-Imdaad Foundation together with the Department of Social Development handed over 2 houses to needy recipients in Kwaggafontein and Moloto in the Mpumalanga Province on the 28/10/13. The families, who were identified by Deputy Minister Ntuli,...

AL-Imdaad builds a home for a destitute family in Msinga

04 Dec 2012

The Al-Imdaad Foundation acceded to a request from Dr May Mkhize of the Spousal Office to assist in the building of a home for a destitute family in Msinga. Mrs Dumakude was initially living in a tent until the community built her a mud house which...

Al-Imdaad hands over homes for the elderly in Inchanga, KZN.

19 May 2012

On the 21st of May 2012 the Al-Imdaad Foundation in partnership with the eThekwini Municipality and the Department of Corporate Governance & Traditional Affairs (COGTA) handed over fully furnished homes to elderly citizens of Inchanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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