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All children are entitled to basic rights relating to health, education, nutrition and protection. Yet each year, millions are subjected to abuse and even more are orphaned due to war, famine, HIV/Aids, poverty and natural disasters. Recognising the importance of children’s well being, the Al-Imdaad Foundation has launched various programmes to improve the quality of life of orphans. We build and fund orphanages and provide sponsorships and bursaries to thousands of orphans to secure their education, as well as basic necessities such as clothing, food and medical care.

Eid Clothes 2022

20 May 2022

For families struggling in the face of debilitating poverty, the usual joy and celebration associated with festivals and occasions is often much less possible. Whether these families are in our own society or across the world, it is our duty to help...

Eid Clothes 2020

24 May 2020

This Eid, you can reach beyond borders to spread smiles on the faces of orphans and needy children in five countries globally....

Clothe Syrian Orphans and needy children for Eid

06 Jul 2018

This year will be the 7th successive Eid since the beginning of the Syrian uprising and conflict. In these years, most Syrian children have known only war or refugee status have not experience what it feels like to celebrate Eid in their own country....

Yasmin Orphanage

11 Jun 2021

According to recent statistics around 7.5 million Syrian children had been affected by the Syrian conflict when it entered its 7th year in March 2017. Turkey, for its part is hosting around 3 million refugees but only 250,000 of this number stay in...

Clothe A Syrian Orphan for Eid

13 May 2017

Due to conflict and war, countless Syrian orphans are left without those to care for and support them. After the holy month of Ramadan when Muslim children across the world put on new clothes for Eid, these children wear the same clothes they have...

Orphan Sponsorship in Jordan

30 Mar 2022

Jordan has always been home to a large number of refugees, initially these were mainly Palestinian refugees but ever since the Syrian uprising Jordan has become one of the greatest hosts of Syrian refugees in the middle east. Many of these refugee...

Eid Gift Distributions for Syrian children

17 Jul 2015

With the intention of bringing joy to the hearts of Syria’s children and bringing smiles to their lips, the Al-Imdaad Foundation supported the distribution of Eid outfits to orphaned children who had lost their parents and those children who may have...

Make Orphans Smile

29 Mar 2022

The global population of orphans, at some 220 million is staggeringly high. Each day thousands are orphaned as a result of conflict and war, sickness, disease and starvation. If all orphans inhabited one country, it would...

Halima Sa'diyya Orphanage for Syrian Refugees

18 May 2021

The on-going Syrian crisis has caused havoc in Syrian social life, tearing apart families and leaving millions displaced or seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. Many of these are women and children who have lost husbands and fathers and been driven...

Tiny Hearts Orphan Village

11 May 2020

Turkey is now home to the largest number of refugees from Syria with many of these refugees being young children who have lost their families to the war leaving them with no one to care for them. These orphans require specialised love and care to...

Safa Centre Orphanage for Syrian Refugees

31 Jan 2015

Recent statistics by UNICEF suggest that the number of children affected by the Syrian conflict is as high as 5.6 Million living in dire situation inside Syria facing Poverty, displacement and often caught in the lines of fire. A further 2 Million...

Widow Headed Household Support in Gaza

21 Oct 2014

With the large number of causalities and fatalities affecting Gaza in the recurrent wars and conflicts the number of female and widow headed households continues to grow with studies suggesting that more than 1 in 10 households are female headed. In...

Ghouta Orphanage in Syria

17 Aug 2014

Orphans now make up a large portion of the Syrian refugees and displaced persons who have fled their homes in order to escape the violence of the conflict. Many of these orphans have no one to care for them and see to their needs. This places them...

Orphan Care Programme

18 May 2020

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has various orphan care initiatives in many countries in which it operates which help ensure one of societies neediest groups are not forgotten. Our orphan care meets the needs of orphans and their families and contributes...

Palestine Widows and Orphans programme

01 Nov 2017

Although the number of orphans in Palestine and especially in the Gaza strip is high, according to humanitarian institutions more than 15,000 children who are Orphans in the Gaza strip and west bank have inadequate facilities to care for them. This...

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