Al-Imdaad Foundation Volunteer Groups raise funds and help to implement key projects at home and around the world

UK Volunteers assist SA communities

13 Jan 2019

Al-Imdaad Foundation UK team members together with volunteer representatives of Food for Thought, a UK based charitable organisation that conducts weekly homeless feeding, have been on the ground in South Africa. The Food for Thought team had fundraised for projects in South Africa including the establishment of a borehole in the rural community of Hlabisa in the water-scarce Umkhanyakude district in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. They also fundraised for smaller projects including feeding programmes,...

New House for Ladysmith Widow

08 Sep 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation recently partnered with government to help build a new home for a struggling Ladysmith Widow. The deceased husband had first applied for an RDP house with the Department of Human Settlements in late 2005 but by the time he passed away of debilitating illness in 2015, they were still struggling to pay rental. Al-Imdaad Foundation came on board for the project after a request from the office of the KZN MEC for Housing, Mr Ravi Pillay who had visited the area in 2016, and came...

UK Volunteers in South Africa 2018

15 Jan 2018

A delegation of volunteers from Al-Imdaad Foundation UK kicked off 2018 with a series of humanitarian activities in South Africa. The team reached out to the elderly, disabled, orphans and many other vulnerable groups during their visit. They engaged in a wide range of projects including feeding programmes, boreholes and water tank installations, disability support and other key programmes.

Al-Imdaad Foundation Projects in the Balkans

31 Oct 2017

The brutal history of communism in Albania left a scarred population and a struggling economy with the highest rates of unemployment in Europe. Almost one in 3 Albanians lives in poverty especially in rural areas and up to 5% struggle to meet daily food needs. Certain minority groups are especially vulnerable, like the Roma people who often face discrimination and exclusion especially in the area of education where large proportions of Roma teenagers remain illiterate. The Al-Imdaad Foundation...

Al-Imdaad Foundation volunteers visit Syria

20 Nov 2014

The crisis in Syria has been on-going for 4 years now, leaving multitudes internally displaced as they flee conflict zones. Many families are forced to leave all their belongings behind taking only what they can carry. In response to this situation the Al-Imdaad Foundation has established containerised villages and IDP camps as well as number of social facilities like schools, prayer areas and clinics.

Al-Imdaad Foundation volunteers visit Jordan

16 Jul 2014

Jordan has become one of the biggest hosts of Syrian and Palestinian refugees and is home to the biggest refugee camp for Syrian refugees in the World. The Zaatari camp has become a sprawling tent city and is now the fourth biggest Jordanian city by population. Many of the refugees situated here a widows and orphans and have almost no means of income. The Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordanian office has been operating for a number of years now seeing to the needs of the refugee community in the country.

Al-Imdaad volunteers launch first mobile musallah & madrassah

05 Jul 2014

Alhamdulillah by the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’alah, Al-Imdaad Foundation volunteers have launched their first mobile musallah and madrasah. The catalyst for introducing this concept arose from the realisation of widespread lack of infrastructure and funds in poor and rural areas which as a result are deprived of musallahs and a place for children to attend religious classes. The urgent and growing need for such facilities presented itself right at our doorstep in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and after...

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