Al-Imdaad Foundation
02 Nov 2011

Turkish Earthquake - Van - Ercis District


15 Dec 2011

23 OCTOBER 2011: AIF assess the situation closely. No appeal has been made for international aid from the Turkish authorities. 9 NOVEMBER 2011: The 2nd earthquake strikes the region. Turkish authorities now accept international aid. AIF re-assess the situation with its ground partners and decided to mobilise and respond. A relief aid package comprising snow resistant tents and food aid is put together. 8 DECEMBER 2011: AIF sends its team comprising members from AIF South Africa and AIF United Kingdom over to Van, Ercis District to witness first hand as to how aid efforts are progressing. The team are met with harsh weather and extreme cold snowy conditions. Temperatures are anything between -5 degrees to -20 degrees in certain areas. 9 DECEMBER 2011: AIF inspects the daily humanitarian activities dealing with the victims of the earthquake. AIF personnel personally erect snow resistant tens and hand over high valued food packages to the victims of the earthquake. AIF also inspects its wet feeding programme whereby hot meals are prepared for the victims of the earthquake. Various villages are visited with an Islam Channel news crew who are covering AIF's activities in the region. The team visits an area and are saddened to find a mosque completely destroyed by the massive earthquake. AIF makes a pledge to rebuild the masjid as quick as possible and makes a statement to the media that, “Muslims do not break masjids, but build masjids. But due to the earthquake, the musjid will have to be brought down as it is structurally damaged. It is now the responsibility of the Ummah to make sure that the musjid is built as quickly as possible. “ 10 DECEMBER 2011: A severe snow storm hits the area. Nevertheless, AIF team still go out and deliver aid. AIF teams visit a mountainous area and are met by an old woman caring for orphans. A saddening experience for the team indeed. The team are snowbound after a brief accident. The team cannot travel due to the dangerous weather conditions. 11 DECEMBER 2011; AIF’s relief aid continues. AIF plans a massive winter warmth campaign in the region as victims will be living in tents well beyond the winter.


02 Nov 2011

1. 2 NOVEMBER 2011: AIF officially responds to the earthquake relief efforts after the Turkish authorities have allowed foreign aid to filter through to the disaster zones. AIf's relief aid package will comprise the following much needed items: A. Shelter and protection: Winterized tents Blankets Sleeping bags Heaters B. Water and Hygiene: Drinking water Baby diapers Ladies hygiene items C. Food Items: High energy biscuits Baby food Canned food Milk Fruit juice D. Clothing: Winter clothes and shoes


22 Oct 2011

Once AIF was notified of the earthquake through GDACS (Global Disaster Alert System), it made ground contact and began an assessment of the situation. AIF monitored the situation closely but could not respond until a formal appeal was made by the Turkish authorities. Nevertheless, AIF has been in touch with a Turkish NGO of repute working in the earthquake affected areas for updates of the situation. Once the clearance has been given by the Turkish authorities to allow foreign aid, AIF will respond accordingly.

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