Al-Imdaad Foundation
19 Oct 2011

Mangaung Early Childhood Development Centre


10 Nov 2011

1. 20 OCTOBER 2011: Permission is granted to proceed with the project 2. 21 OCTOBER 2011: Markings and digging of the foundation begins 3. 24 OCTOBER 2011: Steel is inserted into the foundation 4. 25 OCTOBER 2011: Concrete is poured into the foundation 5. 26 OCTOBER 2011: Corobrick delivers bricks on site 6. 27 OCTOBER 2011: Brick laying begins 7. 2 NOVEMBER 2011: Pouring of concrete onto the floors of the new creche takes place 8. 3 NOVEMBER 2011: Brick laying continues at a significant rate 9. 8 NOVEMBER 2011: Walls of the new creche begin to become visible 10. 10 NOVEMBER 2011: The walls are nearly reaching roof height 11. 11 NOVEMBER 2011: Workers are working round the clock to makesure that the project is completed before the new school year begins 12. 17 NOVEMBER 2011: Aluminuim windows are being installed. The new ECDC is a state of the art facility being built with quality products. 13. 21 NOVEMBER 2011: Qari Ziyaad Patel, trustee of AIF and projects co-ordinator inspects the progress of the newly built ECDC. AIF's policy is to always have a hands on approach with all of its projects. 14. 25 NOVEMBER 2011: Roofing of the facility begins 15. 29 NOVEMBER 2011: Roofing in progress 16. 29 NOVEMBER 2011: Plastering of the walls begin 17. 4 DECEMBER 2011: Qari Ziyaad Patel once again visits and inspects the project and thereafter briefs the community of Bloemfontein on the purpose of the project. 18. 07 DECMBER 2011: interior work such as tiling, carpentry, installation of electrical items and painting begin. 19. 15 DECEMBER 2011: Palisading and paving of the facility begin.

AIF Constructs its Fourth Early Childhood Development Centre

29 Oct 2011

AIF has began with the construction of its second early childhood development centre (ECDC) in Manguang, Bloemfontein. Due to the high level of poverty in Batho, an informal settlement in Manguang, the community was in dire need of an early childhood development centre and AIF has embarked on a project to help this poverty stricken community. The facility should be completed by the end on December 2011 in time for the new school year 2012.

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