Al-Imdaad Foundation
09 Jun 2011

Unusual Heavy Rain This Winter Season Caused Flooding in The Eastern Cape


09 Jun 2011

1. 9 June 2011: AIF carried out an assessment of the flooding and immediately mobilised its relief teams. AIF responded with much needed food aid to the thousands of flood victims who were left homeless due to the flooding. Many of the victims were housed in community centres etc. AIF distributed over 400 loaves of bread and prepared some 2000 cups of soup as its initial aid. The following areas/centres benefitted from this initial aid: * Missionvale * Klein Skool * Salt Lake * George Botha Centre * Booysens Park * Malarba Quarry * Arcadia * Wonderboring Centre Further relief aid to follow. 2. 10 June 2011: AIF personnel were further briefed by local Ulema and community leaders. Thereafter the team met with senior officals from the Nelsom Mandela Bay Municipality. A joint assessment comprising AIF and disaster managment was carried out of the affected aresas. The team first visted: * KWA LANGA ,NGXANZULA VILLAGE (MANDELA VILLAGE), * WALMER * NEW BRIGHTON (CHRIS HANI INFORMAL SETTLEMENT) * KWAZAKELA * SALT LAKE * MISSIONVALE The team witnessed first hand destruction caused by the flooding. The team were met by flood victims trying to salvage what little they could and were also engaged in cleaning up their homes. In areas such as New Brtighton, homes were still underwater. ***AIF RESPONSE: *** 2.1 The first distribution for the flood victims of KWA LANGA ,NGXANZULA VILLAGE (MANDELA VILLAGE),took place from the Kwa Langa Community Centre. Flood victims were given high-valued food hampers and warm blankets as part of AIF's relief aid. Many of the recipients thanked the AIF for its prompt repsonse and rememebering them in their hour of need. The relief items donated to the flood victims was sure to bring some form of relief to these poor and impoverished flood victims. 2.2 The second distribution took place in SALT LAKE from a community centre housing flood victims who had to evacuate their flood affected homes. There were many young kids who were being attended to at this centre. The flood victims were given high-valued food hampers and warm blankets. The young kids received warm hats which brought a smile to their faces. The local councillor and members of the Salt Lake community thanked AIF for bringing much needed relief aid to this poor community. 3. 13 June 2011: Various distributions of relief aid took place at various venues for the flood victims. • WALMER, PE: A distribution of winter warmers took place in the flood hit area of Walmer. This distribution targeted flood victims. The distribution also formed part of AIF’s continuous winter warmth operation 2011. The recipients were truly grateful for the gesture displayed towards them. Members of disaster management and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality were also present and extended kind words to the AIF for its concern for the flood victims of PE and the surrounding areas. • NEW BRIGHTON, PE: This suburb of PE was hard hit. The AIF team experienced water logged homes in this area. All victims of the flood were registered by disaster management . Only registered flood recipients received relief aid which comprised of high valued food hampers, blankets and warm hats. The distribution took place from the New Brighton Community Centre. The relief items were sure to help the flood victims restart their daily routine. • KWA ZAKHELE, PE: A distribution of high-valued food hampers and blankets were distributed to the recipients of Kwa Zakhele from the Kwa Zakhele Care Centre. The ward councillor of the area was also present for this distribution. AIF personally distribute relief aid at all of its distributions. • MISSIONVALE: This area is known to be a poor and impoverished area in the Eastern Cape. AIF were updated on the plight of the people of this area by various community leaders, councillors and Ulema. Therefore, AIF beefed up its relief operation for Missionvale as they were already in a vulnerable position before the flood hit. High valued food hampers and blankets were distributed to the flood victims. In addition, AIF has also began trying to identify a lon- term sustainable project that will bring some relief to the plight of this area and its people. Many lakes of flood water was also seen in this area. • KWA NOXOLO, PE: This was the last distribution of a really tiring day. AIF volunteers worked hard to bring relief to flood victims of the PRE floods. AIF conducted a distribution in Kwanoxolo, another suburb of PE for flood victims housed at the community hall. The recipients were delighted as they were housed in the community hall since their homes were flooded. It was a heartfelt sight indeed.

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