Al-Imdaad Foundation
18 Dec 2007

Cyclone Sidr

AIF RESPONSE REPORT by Qari Ziyaad Patel

15 Feb 2011

On the 5th December 2007, we proceeded on an 11 hour journey by road, boat and ferry, with our medical team headed by Dr Altaaf Hussein Sharief, comprising of doctors , pharmacists, medical personnel and volunteers in a convoy of 5 vehicles to the affected regions. We had also taken with us a vast supply of medication to treat various sicknesses, in particular, diarrhea, dehydration, dysentery etc. We first proceeded to Bagerhat, then to Morelong and stayed the night in Kodomtola. The conditions were quite harsh and indeed, it reminded us of the Tsunami hit areas of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. There was no clean drinking water to be found and everywhere, there were massive puddles and small lakes of dirty water caused by the tidal surge. At early dawn, on Thursday the 6th December 2007 we set up our clinic early so that maximum patients could be attended to at a village called Tafalbarj. Alhamdulillah, some 1100 patients were attended to. Whilst at our makeshift clinic in Tafalbarj, Cii and Radio Islam were also contacted and briefed with the activites of the day. The local media and television crew also visited us at our clinics. News articles were also written by local reporters confirming that ours was the SOUTH AFRICAN relief mission working in the country. Whilst our medical teams were rendering emergency aid, another team accompanied by members of Al-Markazul Islami proceeded to our various distribution points. We distributed food aid to two completely devastated areas, Rajapur and Southkhail. At another distribution point in Kodomtola, baby food was also distributed. One must note that not many NGO’s are operating in these areas as access into these areas by road is difficult due to vital infrastructure being washed away by the massive tidal surge which flooded and ripped the region. Alhamdulillah, our team managed to travel into these areas and distributed much needed emergency kits and food. On the afternoon of the 6th December 2007, after handing out our relief packages, we visited the worst hit villages of Rayenda, Chalitabunia, Bogi and Terabeka (Mangrove Forests) by motorcycle. We were totally shocked to witness extensive widespread devastation and found it difficult to understand as to why the international donor community has not yet responded. Later that afternoon, we handed over Shallow tube well installations at Kodomtola for clean drinking water. At nightfall, we headed for the region of Pirojpur. We began the next day, 7th December 2007 after sunrise and headed for the areas worst hit by the tidal surge, namely Tushkali and Chhoto Machhua. The aim of this visit was to do an assessment of the devastation and review the immediate needs of the communities affected. Here we experienced extreme devastation due to the area being so close to the massive Baleswar River. From this village, we gave a live interview to Cii on Ebrahim Gangat’s programme-Sabahul Khair for +- 25 minutes. An urgent appeal was made on air for further funding as no other NGOs could be found in this devastated village. Thereafter we proceeded to the areas of Mottbaralu and Pathoroghata. From all the affected areas, these two areas were the worst hit. Many homes and dwellings were washed away and our visit to to the very remote areas by motorcycle confirmed, once again the widespread destruction and the lack of assistance rendered to these people. Locals of the area indicate that no NGO’s, media, government official etc. had even come to assess the damage or their needs and that our team was the first to visit them. Emergency aid distributed included • Tents • Blankets • Tarpaulins • Medical supplies • Food hampers • Collapsible UNHCR approved jerry cans • Plastic sheeting

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