Al-Imdaad Foundation
05 Nov 2019

Al-Imdaad Foundation is responding to devastating floods caused by monsoon rains in Bangladesh, Nepal and North Eastern India

Affected Locations

30 Jul 2019

As of July 31st India, has been the worst affected with 170 people killed and nearly 11 million impacted by flooding in the North Eastern states of Assam and Bihar. At least 113 deaths have been reported in Nepal, with 38 people still missing due to serious flooding and landslides in the mountainous state. In Bangladesh, over 75 people were killed and more than six million displaced in 28 districts, but with many still reported missing, the death toll is said to rise. The Jamuna River embankment was breached on July 17, flooding at least 40 villages and inundating 200,000 homes. Rohingya refugees from Myanmar have also been badly affected because their settlements are in the flood-prone areas around Cox’s Bazar. At least 6,000 refugees are now homeless following the destruction of their makeshift huts. Parts of Pakistan are also flooded, with 80 reported dead in Punjab, Balochistan and Azaad Jamu and Kashmir.

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