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11 Feb 2020

Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Indonesia teams are responding to a Magnitude- 7 Earthquake which struck the Island of Lombok on August 5th 2018

New Relief Missions and Housing

07 May 2019

In March and April 2019, new relief missions were dispatched to the Indonesian Island of Lombok to address needs faced by victims of the earthquake in August last year. Many families were still displaced and living in temporary shelters with various unmet needs. Al-Imdaad Foundation teams have continued to address their water, food, and shelter needs with a varied programme overseen by our Indonesian office. Our special earthquake safe light weight housing is also progressing steadily with more than 70 homes already built for affected communities. The houses provide comfortable, safe and economical living arrangements for families living in the earthquake prone zone. THESE ACTIVITIES ARE MADE POSSIBLE BY THE SUPPORT OF DONORS

New relief delegation on the ground in Lombok

05 Sep 2018

A new delegation from South Africa has been on the ground in Lombok, Indonesia for relief activities targeting earthquake victims. The team was joined by prominent South African Islamic scholar Moulana Sulaiman Moola who visited and offered encouragement to victims and participated in relief activities. The delegation continued with aid distributions for displaced communities who were living in tent facilities due to the wide scale destruction caused to housing.

End of emergency response period

27 Aug 2018

By the end of the emergency response period on 25 August 2018, the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB) of Indonesia verified an overall fatality number of 561, with 431,416 people displaced, and 74,361 housing damages. The Al-Imdaad Foundation will continue to address the situation in the medium to long term and is seeking to address the needs of communities going forward.

Earthquake relief water tankers

17 Aug 2018

Emergency relief items including water tanks and plastic sheeting continue to reach earthquake victims as Al-Imdaad Foundation UK and South African teams close their current relief mission in Indonesia. The tanks will help communities in affected areas to store safe water for consumption in the late of extensive damage to existing water networks. After the departure of the UK and South African teams, activities will continue under the supervision of the Indonesian office with further plans in place to address the needs of victims going forward.

Further into Northern Lombok

14 Aug 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams continued their earthquake relief mission on the Island of Lombok in Indonesia by moving further into the worst affected areas of northern Lombok. The teams were witness to the widespread destruction in the Beyen Sub-district which was the site of the earthquake’s epicentre. They also conducted a needs assessment in a badly affected community in the village of Gumantar in the Kayangan sub-district.

Teams on the ground in Lombok

14 Aug 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams from South Africa and the United Kingdom are currently on the ground in the village of Sembalun in North-eastern Lombok Island, Indonesia. The team are spending the night in the village after delivering food aid including rice and dried fish supplies to displaced earthquake victims including an over 100-year-old gentleman. Due to the extended period of caution following the earthquake and the possibility of aftershocks, nobody is permitted to stay indoors, and the team members have joined the displaced community by staying the night in tents.

South African and UK teams dispatched

12 Aug 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation relief teams from South Africa and the United Kingdom have been dispatched to Indonesia to respond to the needs of victims of recent earthquakes on the Island of Lombok. The South African and UK teams are joining teams from Indonesia who were responding on the ground, just four hours after the main quake. DONATE NOW AND HELP US CONTINUE TO PROVIDE RELIEF FOR AFFECTED VICTIMS

Current Conditions facing IDPs

07 Aug 2018

Displaced families are currently in very difficult conditions. Many are staying in tents, some, of their own construction. Other are staying in large communal tents with open sides that offer limited protection against the elements. The nights are currently quite cool especially in the coastal north, where the wind can pick up quite strongly. Clean water is also in limited supply in many areas and there are limitations on delivery due to damaged roads, bridges and destruction caused by mudslides. Personal hygiene items are also in short supply as many families left their homes in a rush without taking anything. Women and infant’s sanitary items are also greatly needed. Food and medicines are also in short supply for displaced camp dwellers due to slow access to badly affected areas. Clothing is also needed as many families left home with only the clothes on their backs and had their houses subsequently destroyed. The Al-Imdaad Foundation is providing emergency relief items including food and clean water supplies and is keeping up to date with other needs as they develop. CONTINUE YOUR DONATIONS AND HELP US CONTINUE TO RESPOND TO THE NEEDS OF AFFECTED VICTIMS

Details of Lombok Earthquake

07 Aug 2018

Lombok is originally the name of an Island in the Nusa Tengarra Barat (NTB) province of Indonesia which consists of two large Islands (Lombok and Bali) and two smaller ones. Lombok Island is divided into four districts of which the Northern District is the worst affected. This district was the site of the epicentre and is also home to some of the poorest residents of Lombok who have the most poorly constructed homes. The poverty rate in this district, known as Lombok Utara, is as high as 34.27% and many residents have been devastated. In the week prior to the main earthquake on August 5th, up to 127 small quakes were recorded whilst on the night of the main 7- magnitude earthquake, several large aftershocks of 5.6 and 5 magnitude were also felt. Victims are located across all four districts but mostly in the north. Thus far there have been 91 recorded deaths, 209 injuries, 20 000 internally displaced persons and thousands of destroyed homes and buildings.

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