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08 Jul 2020

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07 Jul 2020

The conflict in Syria is into its tenth year and has lasted longer than the two world wars combined. Half the pre-war population, more than 13.2 million people are displaced inside and outside Syria and with 6.6 million refugees, most in the Middle East region, it remains the largest refugee crisis in the world. In countries hosting refugees, like Jordan, the threat of Covid-19, the inability to work and the spiralling economic decline in the region is making the situation ever harder. Unless support is increased, many Syrians refugees in the region, will be pushed to the brink of starvation. Almost a decade of war has thrown Syrians into a spiral of despair and destitution that just keeps getting worse. 


Support Refugees in Jordan

24 Apr 2020

Jordan is home to large and vulnerable Syrian and Palestinian refugee populations. At a time of added crisis in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic these populations are especially vulnerable. Curfews and other Covid-19 regulations have led to a limited supply of essential goods and services affecting food security and nutrition support, health and medical assistance, and basic personal and household hygiene items. Children’s education has also been disrupted due to the lack of an enabling environment for learning and inadequate tools for remote education. In the face of these conditions the refugee population will need all the support they can get to get through this difficult period. Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Jordan has been assisting vulnerable refugee communities and is continuing to provide food aid and hygiene items during this period. DONATE NOW. LET’S ENSURE THE REFUGEES OF JORDAN ARE NOT FORGOTTEN

Tshwane Muslim Group delivers aid in Jordan

29 Oct 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams together with donors from the Tshwane Muslim Relief group have been active over the last few days with a series of projects in Jordan. The teams delivered food hampers, container homes and toilet facilities as part of the programme. They also provided freshly prepared hot meals to orphaned children.

Malawi Donors Sponsor Projects in Jordan

23 Jul 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams recently conducted a series of programmes in Jordan with Generous sponsorship from Malawi donors. The activities benefitted Palestinian orphans, Syrian widows and families living in the desert near the Syrian border. The teams distributed shopping vouchers and snacks to 100 orphans at Gaza and Souf camps and distributed sewing machines in Mafraq as part of a women's empowerment initiative. Food hampers and hygiene packs were also distributed to refugees in makeshift desert camps as well as to refugees based at the Azraq refugee camp.

Roshnee Relief Group interventions

07 Apr 2018

#RoshneeRelief Group volunteer teams distributed sewing machines as part of an empowerment programme for Syrian women in April 2018. They also distributed food hampers and hygiene packs to Syrian refugees at the Azraq camp.

Couple shares their walimah with refugees

03 Jan 2018

A recently married South African couple chose to celebrate their walima with Syrian refugees in Jordan. The programme was facilitated by the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordan office which arranged the catering for refugees. The couple also spent time after the walima to distribute food aid hampers to tent dwelling refugees. We hope that the Almighty accepts this noble gesture and grants the couple a blissful and lasting union.

Distributions at Azraq refugee camp

11 Sep 2017

During the month of September, two donor delegations arrived in Jordan from South Africa for a series of relief activities to benefit Syrian and Palestinian refugees. The donors conducted distributions for Syrian refugees at the Azraq refugee camp as well as Palestinian refugees at various camps and facilities around Jordan. Hygiene packs and food hampers formed the major part of the distributions.

Sponsor a Food Hamper in Jordan

31 Jan 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation’s offices in Jordan are actively involved in relief programmes for Syrian and Palestinian refugees at various camps and facilities in the country. Month long Food Hampers, assembled as per the local diet are regularly distributed to refugees from the Zaatari and Azraq camps as well as to Palestinian refugees at various camps in Jordan. Non-camp based refugees are also beneficiaries of these distribution. SPONSOR A COMPREHENSIVE MONTH LONG FOOD HAMPER FOR JUST R350.

Sponsor A Hygiene Pack in Jordan

31 Jan 2017

Part of the difficulty of being a refugee living in camp situations is not having the essential hygiene items necessary for a comfortable and hygienic life. The Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Jordan seeks to address this by providing refugees with important items such as soap, shampoo, sanitary pads etc in a specially prepared Hygiene pack that helps them live more comfortable lives. SPONSOR A HYGIENE PACK TODAY FOR JUST R200 AND HELP REFUGEES LIVE MORE COMFORTABLE LIVES

Durban Youth Volunteers in Jordan

13 Jan 2017

A Durban youth delegation was recently on the ground in Jordan for a series of distributions as part of a refugee relief programme over the next few days. The volunteers distributed winter warmth packs, food aid hampers and orphan's clothing as part of their programme. They also delivered two containerised homes for refugees who have been braving very cold conditions while living in tents in the desert.

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