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28 Apr 2020

The Al-Imdaad Foundation continues to be a key player in the fight against poverty and an official social partner in the local government's poverty eradication programmes.

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Alleviating Poverty in KZN

27 Apr 2020

Al-Imdaad Foundation continues to work closely with the government of the KwaZulu-Natal Province and poverty alleviation programme Operation Sukuma Sakhe (OSS) to address needs in the province down to the ward level. During recent lockdown responses in various areas, OSS is a key partner in helping us to identify the neediest families. As the economy reels from the impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown, our efforts to address poverty in the province and nationally will continue apace.

OSS Outreach with MEC Dhlomo

08 Mar 2019

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams partnered with KZN MEC for Health Dr Dhlomo at the Impilo Iyasetshenzelwa programme aimed at addressing backlogs in cataract surgeries and promoting healthy lifestyles. Al-Imdaad Foundation teams distributed 100 hygiene packs, 50 walking sticks and a wheelchair as part of the programme which took place in the Dukuza area in Okhahlamba Municipality.

Outreach Programme in Malangeni

01 Nov 2018

On October 31st 2018, Al-Imdaad Foundation teams in KwaZulu-Natal distributed 50 hygiene packs and 150 snack packs as part of an OSS outreach programme in partnership with MEC for Social Development Ms WG Thusi at Ifafa Primary School in Malangeni on the South Coast.

Two new home-handovers

19 Sep 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation recently partnered with government through Operation Sukuma Sakhe to handover two new homes to needy South Africans. The first home, where Al-Imdaad Foundation supplied building materials and furnishings, was handed over to a widowed resident of Ladysmith and the second, where Al-Imdaad Foundation completed the roofing, plumbing and electrical installations was for an 86-year-old Gogo from rural Ndwedwe.

Ceremonial School Uniform Handover

31 Jul 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams conducted a ceremonial handover of school uniforms to needy learners of the Ekukhanyeni Special Needs School in the Imbali Township outside Pietermaritzburg. The uniforms, which had been sponsored by the foundation, were worn by the learners during the programme, making them look proud and dignified in their new attire.

Child Headed Household

27 Jun 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams in Durban recently partnered with Operation Sukuma Sakhe to support a child-headed household in KwaMashu. The teams were on the ground to deliver groceries, hygiene packs and school uniforms to the young beneficiaries.

Wheelchair for senior citizen

10 Jan 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation and Operation Sukuma Sakhe (OSS) kicked off the new year with the handing over of a much-needed wheelchair for a 87 year old senior citizen resident from eGugwini in the eMzinyathi area of Inanda (ward 3). Mr Shange and his family, also received hygiene packs and a walking stick as part of the intervention.

Handover of supplies for Kangaroo Mother Care

04 Oct 2017

On October 2nd and October 3rd 2017, Al-Imdaad Foundation teams conducted distributions of supplies for the Kangaroo Mother Care Programme at hospitals in Emmaus and Estcourt. The programme is run from the Phila Mtwana Child Malnutrition centres that have set up in various areas of the province and have been operating for the past few years. Al-Imdaad Foundation teams have been able to supply essential items to the hospitals to allow them to continue with their important functions for malnourished and under developed infants. Cureently the foundation has adopted 5 of the centres in some of the worst affected areas.

Premier Mchunu Hands over houses

12 Aug 2017

On Sunday August 13th 2017, the Honourable KZN Premier Mr Willies Mchunu made a visit to the uThukela District. The Premier joined the Al-Imdaad Foundation, Operation Sukuma Sakhe and the Local Municipality to hand over a new home to an elderly lady in the Bhekuzulu area. Mrs Regina Ndlovu had been struggling for years since the death of her husband and the collapse of her old mud hut. A new house was therefore built for her by the Al-Imdaad Foundation together with the Nkosi Langalibalele Municipality. After the handover in Bhekuzulu, the Honourable Premier’s delegation and the Al-Imdaad Foundation team made their way to another house which had been built by the municipality for an elderly gentleman. The Al-Imdaad Foundation contributed electrical supplies, food hampers and household appliances for the 90 year old beneficiary. Later in the afternoon, Premier Mchunu visited the Al-Imdaad Foundations head office in the town of Estcourt and was shown their organic community garden. Mr Mchunu was very impressed and indicated that he would like to implement similar projects to benefit communities in other areas.

Mandela day activities

17 Jul 2017

Mandela day is always a special occasion for the Al-Imdaad Foundation where it partners with numerous role players across South Africa to serve the people. This year we engaged in at least 10 separate programmes as part of our Mandela Day activities. These activities included the following: • Distribution of blankets to senior citizens at Addington Primary School in Durban. • Distribution of blankets in the Phoenix Area • Distribution of blankets and hygiene packs at the Umuziwabantu Municipal Hall in Harding. • Distribution of blankets and walking sticks to senior citizens in the Utrecht area of the Amajuba District Municipality. • Distribution of blankets to senior citizens in Uzimbuto. • Distributions of blankets, warm hats, walking sticks and hygiene packs at the Ivory Park Hall in Tembisa • Blanket distributions to community members in Mayibuye • Distribution of blankets to children at the Ipeleng ECD in Koopmansfontein • Distribution of 67 blankets and 10 walking sticks to 67 elderly citizens in Worcester. • Distribution of blankets and walking sticks to beneficiaries from the Beaconvale Frail Care Community Centre in Beacon Valley, Mitchells Plain

Outreach Programme with IMA

31 May 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams distributed blankets, warm hats, walking sticks and hygiene packs as part of a joint Outreach Programme with Operation Sukuma Sakhe and the Islamic Medical Association. The teams braved the chill to reach out to the needy community of Waaihoek, in Alfred Duma municipality (former Ladysmith municipality).

Cabinet Day Programme in Nquthu

09 May 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams were on the ground in the Ohaleni area of Nquthu Municipality for an Operation Sukuma Sakhe Cabinet Day together with the Honourable KZN Premier and Ministers. The teams conducted Winter Warmth blanket distributions and handed out walking sticks for elderly residents.

Outreach Programme on Phelophepa Train

29 Mar 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation distributed sandwiches and bottled water as part of its Slice4Life programme for patients waiting for treatments at the Phelophepa train when it stationed in the Ladysmith area. In addition to the daily Slice4Life programme, on March 30th 2017, the Foundation partnered with OSS and the MEC for Health, Dr Dhlomo, to handover wheelchairs to elderly beneficiaries who had come in for treatments. Walking sticks and hygiene packs were also distributed as part of the programme.

Outreach Programme in Ntabamhlophe

28 Mar 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation distributed walking sticks and hygiene packs in partnership with Operation Sukuma Sakhe at Maziyane Community Hall, in Ntabamhlophe as part of the commemoration of Human Rights and Responsibility month in the month of March.

Community Outreach in Weenen

22 Mar 2017

On March 23rd, 2017 Al-Imdaad Foundation teams distributed walking sticks and hygiene packs at Busani Community Hall in Weenen as part of an Operation Sukuma Sakhe poverty alleviation outreach programme.

Cabinet Day programme in Ugu District

21 Mar 2017

At a recent cabinet day programme with OSS and the office of the KZN Premier in Harding, Al-Imdaad Foundation teams distributed hygiene packs at Harding Secondary School. Al-Imdaad Foundation teams also distributed school bags at Sutton Primary School as part of the day’s activities. These distributions took place in partnership with the honourable premier and various MECs.

Outreach Programme with IMA and OSS in Uitval

07 Feb 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams recently partnered with the Islamic Medical Association for a medical outreach programme in Ladysmith. The programme took place at a rural school in Uitval, 50km inland from Ladysmith. Over 550 patients were treated by doctors, dentists and optometrists on the team and the Al-Imdaad Foundation distributed hygiene packs and walking sticks to the patients.

16 Days of Activism Event in Okhahlamba LM

24 Nov 2016

On Friday 25th November 2016, the Okhahlamba Local Municipality held an event supported by the Office of the Premier to kick off the annual 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children. The Al-Imdaad Foundation as a social partner in poverty eradication supported the 16 Days Event which took place at the Emafemfethweni Community Hall in the deeply rural Emmaus area. The Al-Imdaad Foundation assisted with interventions for the local Emmaus population at the event. These included hygiene packs, wheel chairs, walking sticks, crutches and 100 litre water-wheelbarrows to assist with the drought situation. The items will benefit elderly residents and other needy members of the local community.

Cabinet Day Visit in Alfred Duma LM

28 Oct 2016

On Wednesday 26 October, 2016 the Al-Imdaad Foundation joined the Honourable KZN Premier Willies Mchunu and various MECs for an Operation Sukuma Sakhe Cabinet day event in Alfred Duma Municipality. OSS Cabinet Days are monthly Community Outreach programmes where government interacts with members of the community to address social ills and target needs faced by communities. The Al-Imdaad Foundation is a social partner to the KZN Government and often participates in Cabinet Day visits and other programmes to lend support to communities in need. On this occasion the Al-Imdaad Foundation distributed a number of items including bottled water, hygiene packs, snack parcels, walking sticks and wheel chairs among others. These interventions took place at schools and community halls in the Tsakane and Mthande areas of Alfred Duma Municipality.

Outreach programme with IMA in Ladysmith

15 Oct 2016

On Sunday, October 16th 2016, the Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with OSS and the IMA for an outreach programme at Emahlekwane Primary School in Alfred Duma Municipality. The Al-Imdaad Foundation distributed walking sticks and hygiene packs to compliment the medical services rendered by IMA doctors. These included general check-ups as well as Optometric and Dental interventions. Representatives of OSS and the local Mayor, Councillor Simon Gumede were also present to support the event.

OSS Cabinet Day in Amajuba District

30 Aug 2016

On August 31st 2016, the Al-Imdaad Foundation participated in an Operation Sukuma Sakhe cabinet day event in Amajuba District. The event brought together MECs and the KZN premier Willies Mchunu, for a day of distributions at high schools across the district. The initiative focussed on addressing the needs of female learners at a total of ten high schools in the Amajuba District. Each MEC was assigned a school where they conducted distributions of Girls Hygiene packs, new school uniforms, Girl’s sanitary towels, warm hats and calculators. Needy students had been identified by school authorities to benefit from the distributions. In addition to the items distributed to the students, the Al-Imdaad Foundation also handed over five 5000 litre Jojo tanks to needy schools facing water shortages due to the ongoing drought situation. These would help address water shortages and sanitation issues resulting from the drought. The Al-Imdaad Foundation accompanied Premier Willies Mchunu to the Zimbambeleni and Osizweni High School’s in Osizweni Township. Many students at these schools come from difficult family backgrounds with a large number of orphans and child headed households recorded in the area.

Ekuvukeni Outreach programme

29 Aug 2016

Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with Lady officers from the Ladysmith SAPS and visited a residence in the Limehill area of Ekuvukeni on Tuesday 2016-08-30. The purpose of the visit was to hand over much needed items to a deserving family. The family is headed by 62 year old Ms N Thwala who is physically challenged, and has been confined to a wheel chair for much of her life. Despite this, she is taking care of 11 family members which consist of children as well as grandchildren, nieces and nephews. She does this on a government grant. Ms Thwala received a brand new wheelchair with the compliments from the Al Imdaad foundation in addition to blankets, mattresses, and hygiene packs which were also handed over. The event was initiated by the Brigadier ZO Kunene as part of women’s month initiatives under the banner of Basadi operations.

Outreach Programme with Phelophepa- train of hope

10 Aug 2016

Al-Imdaad Foundation joined a special outreach programme at the Ladysmith train station on Thursday, August 11th 2016. The programme was in partnership with the Phelophepa-train of hope that runs mobile health care from two trains that travel into rural areas to increase access to basic medical care. The Al-Imdaad Foundation conducted its Slice-4-Life sandwich distribution programme for patients who had been waiting in line from as early as 4AM. Al-Imdaad Foundation also distributed blankets, walking sticks and a wheelchair to patients in attendance. The KZN MEC for Health was also in attendance at the event along with other officials.

Ladysmith Outreach Programme with IMA

21 Feb 2016

In late February 2016, Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with the Islamic Medical Association (IMA) in a medical outreach programme in Driefontein, Ladysmith. Al-Imdaad Foundation distributed walking stick to elderly patients in attendance. Hygiene packs were so distributed to help encourage better hygiene practices and thereby contribute to the avoidance of germs and contamination.

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