Al-Imdaad Foundation
04 Sep 2015

The continued conflicts in the middle east have created the worst refugee crisis since world war 2 with hundreds of thousands seeking to enter Europe through dangerous passages across the Mediterranean sea. This year alone thousands have died or gone missing in the crossing.

New Relief Mission underway in Lesbos, Greece

28 Oct 2015

A new relief mission is currently underway for refugees on the Island of Lesbos in Greece. This will mark the 3rd mission to Greece in addition to the activities the teams have conducted in Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Hungary and Austria. The teams will be distributing essential items such as food, pure water and emergency blankets among other things to refugees who have recently made the crossing from Turkey in the cold and often deadly waters of late Autumn. This team is unique in that it consists of the first group of female volunteers, who are helping to offer moral and psychological support to the many women and young children making the trip.

Al-Imdaad Teams on the ground in Southern Europe

03 Oct 2015

With no end in sight to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, Al-Imdaad Foundation teams have embarked on their second series of distributions on the Island of Lesvos in Greece. The teams have been distributing food parcels and fruit to over a thousand refugees at the Kara Tepe camp. The teams have also been involved in the erection of temporary shelters for refugees on the Island which will be essential as the seasons shift. Sleeping bags have also been distributed. On the morning of October 4th the teams also participated in rescue efforts along the Island’s coast, helping to escort refugees, mainly from Syria out of the ocean and onto the shore. They witnessed many refugees with eyes streaming full of tears in relief at their arrival. The teams describe a constant influx of refugees with over 3000 coming into the camp on the 3rd of October. Distributions continue with further teams being prepared for similar missions in Albania and the former Yugoslav countries of Macedonia and Serbia which have seen many refugees making transit in recent weeks.

Needs facing refugees

08 Sep 2015

From the activities of our teams on the ground in Hungary, Austria and the border regions, it has become clear that aside from the food aid that was prepacked for distribution other critical needs such as hygiene facilities and transportation money were key requirements. Al-Imdaad Foundation teams were able to purchase and package hygiene packs, including soaps sanitation wipes, toothbrushes etc and distributed these to the groups of refugees passing through the stations and borders. Long term solutions for sanitation and ablution facilities for the refugees in temporary settlements along their path through Europe is another critical area that needs to be addressed. We hope to be able to provide transportation money to sponsor train tickets so that refugees can continue their journeys into more hospitable environments such as Germany.

Distributions targetting refugees continued late into the night in Austria

08 Sep 2015

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams continued with distributions late into the night to ensure that refugees received essential food and Hygiene items. The teams also went out into rural areas near the border with Hungary where some refugee families were resting. Many of these families were extremely hungary and had not received aid from any other organisations in the country as yet.

Teams on the ground in Budapest, Hungary

08 Sep 2015

Al-Imdaad Teams have been on the ground in Budapest, Hungary distributing food, water and hygiene packs to refugees located at the Keleti Train station where an informal camp has been set up. Our teams worked late into the night to ensure that distributions continued. They described heart breaking scenes of whole families and young children sprawled out accross the cold floor at the station. Most of the refugees are heading for Germany but authorities have been barring them from boarding trains to AUstria and Germany thus forcing many to try to make the 150 km journey to Austria by foot.

Latest Updates from Vienna Austria Video

07 Sep 2015

Please copy and paste the following link to view the work our teams are doing on the grounf in Austria:

Second team preparing for departure to Budapest, Hungary

06 Sep 2015

A second Al-Imdaad Foundation team is preparing for a mission to Budapest in Hungary which is an earlier stopping point in the route taken by many refugees into Europe.

Teams on the ground in Vienna, Austria

06 Sep 2015

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams are currently on the ground in Vienna, Hungary responding to the needs refugees. Over 8 000 refugees have arrived in the past week in addition to thousands who have arrived in recent weeks. Many of these refugees have walked from Budapest in Hungary and are on the way to Germany which has agreed to accept 800 000. The Al-Imdaad Foundation teams have been helping in the provision of food, bedding and other essentials for Syrian refugees at temporary centres set up to house the refugees in Vienna. Updates to follow

The Crisis at a glance

04 Sep 2015

• The worst refugee crisis since World War II, according to the UN • Close to 300 000 refugees have entered Italy and Greece since January 2015 compared to just 45 000 for the whole of 2014 • Four million Syrian refugees are living in countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey • Turkish authorities have rescued more than 40,000 people from the sea this year • Most of those trying to reach safety in Europe are fleeing brutal conflict in Syria • At least 2,500 people are estimated to have died at sea in 2015 thus far

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