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13 May 2020

The destruction of recent offensives in Gaza is hard to grasp given the extent of damage and loss meted out to the already vulnerable Palestinian population. The Al-Imdaad Foundation and its partners in Gaza are therefore committed to the rebuilding of homes that were lost to the destruction and urge one and all to support this initiative.

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Rebuilding Gaza one home at a time

24 Apr 2020

In the past year we have continued to rebuild and renovate homes for some of the neediest families in the Gaza strip. The joy experienced by a family moving out of dilapidated and barely habitable residences into beautifully completed homes is very touching. This project is ongoing and requires your support to continue to make a difference. DONATE NOW. LET’S REBUILD GAZA TOGETHER

Responding to the el Hendi Family Tragedy

24 Feb 2017

The Al-Hendi family is from the Khan Younis Khan Younis area of the Gaza Strip. During a severely cold spell in December 2016, 27-day old Hamdi Al-Hendi lost his life due to severe cold and inadequate heating and insulation in their dilapidated home. Due to damage to the main power plant in the last war many residents only receive electricity for 6 hours a day which limits access to heating during winter. Hamdi had lived with his parents and ten members of his family including siblings, grandmother and uncles in very poor conditions. The house offered minimal protection against the elements and let in water during rain. After learning of the tragedy, the Al-Imdaad Foundation stepped in to build a new home for the bereaved family, including all necessary appliances. We also provided an auto-rickshaw for one of the breadwinners to help him earn an income.

A new home for a widow and her orphaned children

24 Feb 2017

Our latest project in the Rebuild Gaza Campaign is building a house for a widowed mother and her four orphaned children in the Dair El Balah area. The family is made up of 5 members (Khalid 2 months, Mohammad- 5, Nour- 3, Sara- 2 and their mother). The father passed away while undergoing a surgical operation on his heart, without leaving any money or income resources to his children. The orphans do not have their own home, and the house where they currently live 5 to single room, is in a very poorly condition.

A new house for the Khalid Musa Family

11 Jan 2017

The latest house renovation project as part of our Rebuild Gaza campaign is the house of the Khalid Musa family in the Gaza strip. The family consists of 11 members and suffers from extreme poverty. All the children in the family are still students with some studying at tertiary level. The family doesn’t even have the ability to provide daily food and education expenses of the children. Additionally, the mother of the household suffers from diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid problems which require treatment way beyond their means. The family house, at only 120 metres squared is not sufficient for the 11 family members but they have no means to renovate or extend the building. The Al-Imdaad Foundation will thus be removing the old house and building a new house for them. We aim to do this before the onset of the worst of the winter months to protect the family from rain and cold and to provide them a decent house to live in.

A new home for the Abu Naief Family

21 Oct 2016

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has been conducting a renovation and rebuilding programme for destroyed and dilapidated Gazan homes. As part of this programme, we recently completed the construction and renovation of a house for the Naief Abou Ateeq family from Zawayda in the Middle Area of Gaza. The ten-member family had been living in very difficult conditions in a one bedroom house without a kitchen or bathroom. The newly renovated house has brought much joy and comfort to the family.

New Phase of Construction in Gaza

07 Jun 2016

In a new phase of Rebuilding Gazan homes, our partners on the ground have selected 25 especially needy families, taking into account both the extent of damage to each home and the number of residents in the household. Thus far engineering assessments have been made of the existing state of the properties and what the rebuilding will entail. The rebuilding and renovation will include repair to damaged buildings, the fitting of necessary doors, windows etc and refurnishing houses with items lost during the war. The 25 houses that have been identified for the project include 10 houses in Gaza city, 5 houses in Rafah and Khan Younis, 5 houses in North Gaza and 5 houses in the Middle Area of the Gaza strip.

New Homes Rebuilt in Gaza

30 Nov 2015

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has completed the rebuilding and renovation of a new set of houses in eastern Gaza strip for families who had lost their homes in the 2014 war’s destruction. Beneficiaries of this phase included impoverished women and children who had previously been depending on inadequate shelter that left them in a vulnerable condition.

Rebuilding Gaza in Ramadan

12 Jun 2015

During the month of Ramadan 1436 (2015) the Al-Imdaad Foundation operated through its Gazan partners the Sawaed association for relief and development to renovate a number of homes as part of the greater rebuild Gaza campaign. A number of these homes have now been completed and have been re-inhabited by their erstwhile owners.

Current Conditions of Displaced families

19 May 2015

Most families left their houses during the war, and returned after the truce was announced but so far many have been unable to find their houses as they have been completely destroyed. They are thus living in tents that have been installed on small pieces of land, which cannot comfortably accommodate the large families. Many are struggling to cope with living in tents without adequate sanitation and water facilities. For those who were used to better living conditions and fully furnished homes, this difficulty is especially trying. Most of the families cannot bear the intensive heat in the tents even though the worst of the summer months are yet to come. The Al-imdaad Foundations Rebuild Gaza Campaign will thus provide a great relief to those families who have lost their homes.

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