Al-Imdaad Foundation
16 Jul 2014

In July 2014 an Al-Imdaad Foundation volunteer group, undertook a trip to the Al-Imdaad Foundation Jordan office where they participated in distributions to Palestinian and Syrian refugees and inaugurated a Musallah for refugees.

Volunteers inaugurate Mafraq Musallah and Visits Al-Imdaad centres

21 Jul 2014

The volunteers inaugurated the Mafraq Musalah, which had been constructed using donations from the team. The musalla will service the needs of Syrian refugees in the Mafraq area where the Jordan team operated a distribution centre. The FAIF thereafter assisted the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordan team with the Iftaar preparation for the refugees. There were approximately 200 Syrian Refugees at the iftaar, with women and children seated together and the men separately. After Maghrib, the team assisted with Hamper Distributions. Young Team Members helped families carry the Hampers from the warehouse to the Bus. The distribution process is very well organised with each recipient sorted and pre-selected via the UN Database. The Al-Imdaad Foundation team then records their details on a card, noting what the family qualifies for. The family is then brought with a team member to collect their share of the distribution. Refugees were allowed to select their Eid Clothes, Shoes etc. Each family was also provided with a Hamper. They then visited the Mafraq Medical Rehabilitation Centre, another highlight and eye-opener for the team. Many of the group members were taken back and brought to tears by the painful and pitiful condition of those caught in the cross-fire and bombardments and were touched at how they were welcomed made prayed for and thanked for the visit. The team then attended a Blind centre were Al-Imdaad Hampers were distributed. The whole experience was extremely moving for the volunteer team and they felt honoured to be given the opportunity to contribute the Al-Imdaad Foundations relief efforts.

Volunteer delegation visits the Zaatari camp and Al-Imdaad Jordan’s women’s’ skills centre

20 Jul 2014

After arriving in Jordan and visiting the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordan offices the team visited the UN Zatari Camp and had a meeting with the Camp’s Chief Officer who mentioned a few critical points including the following: explained the dynamics of the camp. The camp host mainly orphans and widows with the majority of refugee being female. It consists mainly of container homes and has developed into 12 districts but has now reached its capacity and does not accept new refugees. Because of this 2 other camps have been set up. Refugees in the camp face serious difficulties with regard water, electricity and sanitation causing many refugees to return across the border. Although there are education facilities many children are not motivated enough to attend school. Volunteers along with Al-Imdaad’s Jordan team conducted distributions in the camp to help the refugee communities. After visiting the camp the team visited Al-Imdaad’s Women’s Skills Development Centre graduation and witnessed the efforts and progress of the program. Before the prize-giving and graduation a FAIF team member encouraged and motivated the women. The team also assisted in the distribution of the graduation gifts consisting of Sewing Machines donated by Al-Imdaad volunteers.

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