Al-Imdaad Foundation
31 Mar 2014

Following the success of the first containerised village, the Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with the IHH of Turkey to establish a second containerised village in Siccu near the Turkish Border, the opening ceremony took place in December 2014

Al-Imdaad President Moulana Shabir Salejee attends the opening ceremony for the Siccu containerised village

02 Dec 2014

In December 2014 an opening ceremony for the village was held. The delegates representing the various contributing organisations including Al-Imdaad and their Turkish partners iHH also visited the musjid that has been established in the village.

Al-Imdaad establishes a clinic to service the needs of IDPs in Siccu container village

17 Aug 2014

One of the devastating impacts of conflict is the disruption of the health sector. In Syria today over 55% of public hospitals are non-functional or only partially functional with many staff having left the country for security reasons. The much reduced medical staff struggles to meet the needs of the population or even at times to access medical facilities. This has led to a situation where what would otherwise be preventable and treatable diseases and injuries have reached worrying levels. The Al-Imdaad Foundation has thus established a primary health care clinic in the Siccu containerised village to service the needs of the population of Siccu and surrounding areas. The main focus of this clinic will be to treat preventable diseases and thereby decrease the mortality rate among IDPs. Special attention will also be given to the health care needs of mothers and infants who are the most vulnerable group.

Al-Imdaad establishes a school for displaced children in Siccu village, Aleppo

17 Aug 2014

One of the tragedies of war and conflict is the way it disrupts long term processes like the rule of law and the gaining of an education. Whole generations can be set back years creating consequences that affect not only the individual but the nation as a whole. In Syria many children now have education gaps of 3 to 4 years and even those children who do get some education are interrupted by the constant displacement due to the conflict. To try to minimise the long term effect of children growing up without an education the Al-Imdaad Foundation has supported the iHH initiative of establishing temporary and permanent schools in IDP areas. In the Siccu village a school has been established that will be able to accommodate 960 students in two shifts by using 20 containerised classrooms. In this way we hope to help the Syrian people to avoid the tragedy of an uneducated generation.

Masjid Established in new Container Village

17 Aug 2014

As part of the Siccu containerised village the Al-Imdaad Foundation has established a masjid to service the religious and social needs of the community. Connection to the Almighty is a very important survival mechanisms for people in conflict regions and times of suffering and it is essential that an environment is created where a spiritual and religious needs can be catered for.

Specifics of the containerised homes

17 Aug 2014

Al-Imdaad has funded 100 containerized shelters along with all necessary material to Syrian families who are in need of urgent help. Each shelter will be 17.5 metres squared and will have two rooms being able to accommodate a family of five. Each containerised home will be kitted out with five mattresses and linen, a floor rug, a mat, a trash bin, a mini fridge, water thermos, wall fan, electric heater and portable wardrobe. Thus it will ensure maximal comfort for the beneficiaries. The village will include toilet and shower units as well as a kitchen unit and social facilities like a school and prayer area. The containers themselves have been expertly designed in the form of Galvanized metal sandwich panels that ensures maximum insulation against both extremes of weather. The surface is also moisture and humidity resistant ensuring that the surfaces are easy to clean and remain hygienic.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation funds the establishment of a containerised village in Siccu, near the Turkish border

31 Mar 2014

The population of internally displaced persons in Syria is constantly growing as violence spreads into different areas. At the beginning of 2014 violence in the Aleppo region forced over 20 000 people toward the border region. The decision was thus made that a second containerised village would be established in Siccu, just a few kilometres from the Turkish border. This would allow for ease of access to Turkish markets providing essentials and would also allow usage of Turkish mobile and communication networks.

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