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07 Jul 2013

This conflict caused the displacement of approximately 2 million people, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. 1.5 million people still live in refugee camps today

Details of the project

04 Jul 2013

The food packages consist of: Item Quantity 1. Sugar 4 kg 2. Rice 4 kg 3. Pasta 500 g 3 packs 4. Flour 5 kg 5. Oil 3 lt Total weight of package 17.5 kg Cost of the Project The cost of each proposed item is; Item Unit Price (USD) (ZAR) 1. Food package 31.15 R350 2. Tent awning 28.00 R300 3. Water well 7,400 R75,000


04 Jul 2013

Being the first South African relief organization in the region, the Al-Imdaad Foundation has taken active steps to meet the needs of the refugees in the camps. Conducting a series of assessments in the area, Al-Imdaad teams were able to establish that there were severe shortages in the provision of fundamental needs such as water, food and shelter and medicine. Serif (Siref) Camp, one of the newly-established refugee camps at Nyala, hosts many refugee families and represents on such camp where 678 families in the camp have nothing other than few things they brought with them. A Supply of tents that will protect the refugees from around 50 degree centigrade temperatures is the most urgent need in the region now. Over the past months, Nyala has been receiving a huge number of refugees. People who flee clashes in different parts of the country are rushing to the refugee camps which they think are safer. The camps, which received around 70,000 refugees over the past months, are now at maximum capacity and are unable to host more refugees. Since 2003, there has been an increasing humanitarian crisis in Darfur where around 1,4 million people live in refugee camps. Most of the relief organizations in the region have switched their relief efforts to other African countries and the region is now in urgent need of fundamental items such as water, food and accommodation. Africa's longest-running humanitarian crises, the problem in Darfur continues to deepen with the result that hundreds of thousands of immigrants live in need of external aid. In the last few months approximately 70 thousand people have had to take refuge in the city of Nyala. The condition of new immigrants who left their villages to live at refugee camps in Nyala is heart-breaking. Exposed to 50 degrees of temperature, the families do not even have the comfort of shade. They are in an urgent need of shelter, water and food. Purpose of the project This project has been undertaken to fulfill the needs of the refugees in Darfur who live unprotected under difficult circumstances and aims to battle the threat of famine by supplying food, clothing and other necessary supplies. Food supplies distributed will satisfy the basic food needs of people in the region even if for a short time. This project will serve as a catalyst for the solution of bigger problems in the region and allow for the initiation of persistent long- term projects. Additionally, the people of the region will be made feel that they are not alone in their struggle with poverty and this contributes to social rehabilitation. Details of the roject This project plans the distribution of food packages consisting of basic food items and awnings to the newcomer refugees at Siraf Camp located near the city of Nyala in Darfur and the digging of water wells in order to fulfill their need of clean drinking water. The project is designed to provide the following items; - Food packages - Tent Awning - Water wells

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