Al-Imdaad Foundation
Al-Imdaad Foundation responds to supply shortages in KwaZulu-Natal

20 Jul 2021

In the wake of the devastating unrest and the resulting short supplies of basic essentials that ripped through South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Province in mid-July 2021, Al-Imdaad Foundation was able to send super-link trucks from other provinces to Durban,...

Al-Imdaad Foundation and Zulu Queen reach out at Nongoma School

15 Apr 2021

On Monday 12th April 2021, Al-Imdaad Foundation partnered with the Bayede Heritage Trust for interventions at the Queen Kamsweli Primary School in Nongoma, in KwaZulu-Natal’s Zululand District.

Community Garden Exchange Programme

06 Dec 2020

Between the 2nd and 4th of December 2020, Al-Imdaad Foundation hosted students from the Nkosi Senzangakhona Garden Project in Mpumalanga Province as part of a knowledge sharing and exchange programme facilitated by Deputy-Minister for Social-Development,...

One Home, One Garden Partnership

24 Aug 2020

The Al-Imdaad Foundation recently partnered with the Provincial Department of Economic Development Trade and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) and the Department of Agriculture for the relaunch of the One Home, One Garden initiative in KwaZulu-Natal's...

Mandela Day Outreach

20 Jul 2020

This year, in the face of numerous challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that we take the legacy of our great humanitarian leader, Tata Mandela, to heart.

Operation Winter Warmth SA

16 Jun 2020

This year, the winter has come upon us when many in our community are worse off than they have been in a very long time.

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams respond to COVID-19 in 5 SA provinces and beyond

09 Apr 2020

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams in South Africa have been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in partnership with Disaster Management authorities to help ‘flatten the curve’ and protect the elderly and vulnerable groups during lockdown.

Cataract Surgery Programme in Northern KwaZulu-Natal

07 Oct 2019

It has been more than two years in planning and preparation, but finally it has arrived. A three-month long cataract surgery programme brought about by a partnership between the Al-Imdaad Foundation, the KZN Department of Health, Air Mercy Services...

Whatever happened to the ceasefire deal in Yemen?

10 Feb 2019

Yemen’s warring parties agreed a UN-brokered ceasefire for the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah back in December but, seven weeks on, deadlines have come and gone and much of the accord has still not taken hold.

Cholera returns to Yemen, with powerful allies

22 Oct 2018

The doctors and nurses at Hodeidah city’s al-Salakhanah Hospital know what a cholera outbreak looks like: they’ve seen the influx of patients complaining of diarrhoea before, the crying children afraid of needles and intravenous drips, the nervous...

New health threats emerge for Sulawesi survivors

10 Oct 2018

Water shortages and cramped conditions are posing new problems in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province, where medical workers are reporting increasing cases of diarrhoea, skin rashes, and respiratory infections.

Toilets and tents: A week after Indonesia’s tsunami, survivors still need basic aid

03 Oct 2018

Frustrations are mounting in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province as survivors wait for help that’s slow to arrive nearly a week after earthquakes and a tsunami destroyed homes and villages and buried an unknown number of people under rubble.

Indonesia tsunami: Aid briefing

30 Sep 2018

Local authorities and NGOs are leading the initial rescue and relief effort on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in the aftermath of earthquakes and a tsunami that have claimed hundreds of lives.

How do you find one refugee in a million? A year after Myanmar exodus, “detectives” reunite fractured Rohingya families

04 Sep 2018

Bangladesh’s sprawling Rohingya camps are home to nearly one million refugees, but Atiqur Rahman Rabbi, a Red Cross aid worker, is searching for just one.

Idlib briefing: “Humanitarian catastrophe” feared as Syria war reaches final rebel stronghold

02 Sep 2018

As the Syrian government prepares to launch an offensive on Idlib province, humanitarians are on edge. Estimating the area may hold as many as three million people, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said he is “deeply concerned about the growing...

In Rohingya camps, traditional healers fill a gap in helping refugees overcome trauma

02 Aug 2018

Only half those who need counselling or other mental health services have access to it.

A lost generation: No education, no dreams for Rohingya refugee children

28 May 2018

Aid groups have set up makeshift “learning centres” in Bangladeshi camps, but Rohingya parents say proper schools are needed

Fumbled repatriation sows fear in Bangladesh Rohingya camps

31 Jan 2018

It’s midday in Bangladesh’s sprawling Rohingya refugee settlements. A group of men hover under the shade of a tiny bamboo shack, trading strands of information about the topic on everyone’s minds: the future of several hundred thousand refugees here...

Rohingya who fled Myanmar a second time are certain: "We can’t go back"

16 Jan 2018

While repatriation plans inch forward, older refugees remember past returns gone wrong

What you need to know now about cuts to the UN’s agency for Palestine refugees

16 Jan 2018

The UN agency that supports Palestinian refugees says it is facing “the gravest financial crisis” in its history after the United States announced it was holding back planned funding. But the agency is also promising that services for more than five...

“If the war doesn’t kill us, the food prices will”-For Yemeni civilians, the deadliest killers in 2018 may not be the bombs or the bullets

11 Jan 2018

Three-year-old Walid sits on a hospital bed, his bones and veins visible through his skin, tugging at the intravenous drip that is keeping him alive.

Identity and belonging in a card: How tattered Rohingya IDs trace a trail toward statelessne

04 Jan 2018

The pale green identity card in Nurul Hoque’s hands is torn and brittle. Time has faded the image of his grandfather, taken years before, to a ghostly outline.

How do you build a health system from scratch in the middle of a refugee crisis?

20 Nov 2017

Noor Mohammed groans in pain as doctors push a needle into his withered vein. He lies exhausted on a metal bed that has a cut-out hole in the middle of it and a plastic bucket underneath. His frail body is weakened by severe, constant diarrhoea....

Malnutrition stalks Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

08 Oct 2017

Four-year-old Huzaifa stood nervously against a wall as a nurse recorded her measurements. Her stick-like arms hung limp by her sides and her ribcage protruded against the skin of her chest.

In Marawi, ending a siege is just the beginning

30 Sep 2017

Days after the Philippine military launched an assault on Islamist militants in the southern city of Marawi, the conflict came straight to Jamil Ampaso’s home.

Internment fears as Myanmar plans new camps for scattered Rohingya

19 Sep 2017

Myanmar plans to open new displacement camps for Rohingya in violence-ridden Rakhine State, sparking fears that members of the Muslim minority not already driven out of the country will instead be forcibly interned.

Myanmar: Scorched-earth campaign fuels ethnic cleansing of Rohingya from Rakhine State

13 Sep 2017

• More than 80 sites set ablaze in orchestrated campaign since 25 August • More than 370,000 Rohingya fled across border in less than three weeks • Testimonies show attacks were planned, deliberate and systematic

Rohingya exodus puts pressure back on UN rights probe

13 Sep 2017

While the international community mulls action, deep-rooted Buddhist distrust of aid groups grows in Rakhine State

Burma: Ensure Aid Reaches Rohingya

10 Sep 2017

(New York) – The United Nations, other multilateral organizations, and countries with influence should press the Burmese government to urgently allow humanitarian aid to reach ethnic Rohingya Muslims at risk in Burma’s Rakhine State. They should also...

Starvation threatens hundreds trapped by fighting in Philippine city

18 Jun 2017

Hundreds of people trapped in the southern Philippines city of Marawi are on the verge of starvation after four weeks of fighting between the army and Islamist militants.

363 000 malnourished Somali children

17 Jun 2017

Some 243km slightly north west of Mogadishu, exists the ancient African town of Baidoa. Pre-historic rock art has recently been found on the outskirts of the city. The history in these parts of the continent runs deep.

Relief efforts for #CapeTownStorm and #KnysnaFire in full swing

07 Jun 2017

Cape Town – #OperationSA and the Al-Imdaad Foundation have launched an urgent appeal for funds to assist victims of the devastating storms and fires in the Western Cape.

As drought slashes rice harvest, 900,000 face hunger in Sri Lanka

27 Mar 2017

Rice harvest could be the worst in 40 years in the South Asian island nation, Save the Children warns

Record number of children killed in Syria last year - UN

14 Mar 2017

"The depth of suffering is unprecedented. Millions of children in Syria come under attack on a daily basis"

A Syrian refugee family’s year-long Greek odyssey

12 Mar 2017

By the time Ilida Alali was 16, she had been a prisoner in her own home for four years. Both government and rebel ordnance fell without warning on the hotly contested Karm al-Myassar neighbourhood near Aleppo’s airport where she and her family lived....

Can aid come in time to avert famine in Somalia?

03 Mar 2017

The drought in Somalia is so severe it threatens not only to trigger famine, but also the viability of the age-old pastoralist way of life.

Foundation helps out by providing water

15 Feb 2017

Al-Imdaad Foundation project co-ordinator Ahmed Karrim had numerous requests from the community for water

UN rights envoy urges inquiry into abuses of Rohingya in Myanmar

08 Feb 2017

The UN should launch an inquiry into military abuses of Myanmar’s minority Rohingya Muslims, because the government is incapable of carrying out a credible investigation, the UN’s rights envoy will tell the Human Rights Council next month.

Italy and Germany step up measures to deter asylum seekers

12 Jan 2017

Those who thought Europe’s refugee “crisis” was over were reminded this week that tens of thousands of refugees remain stranded in Greece and the Balkans. Images of refugee tents shrouded in snow on the Greek islands have sparked outrage about the...

UN says Rohingya malnutrition rates rising during Myanmar military operations

11 Jan 2017

Military counterinsurgency operations are causing widespread hunger and malnutrition among Myanmar’s oppressed Rohingya minority, according to internal UN reports that directly contradict government statements.

The roots and risks of Myanmar’s new Rohingya insurgency

02 Jan 2017

Proghyananda Vikkhu stood in his purple monk’s robe in front of gleaming gold statues of the Buddha, recalling the night that a mob of nationalist Muslims attacked his monastery in eastern Bangladesh.

UN warns Myanmar that demolishing Rohingya homes will ‘heighten tensions’

01 Jan 2017

The UN has warned authorities that plans to demolish hundreds of homes belonging to ethnic minority Rohingya Muslims will “heighten tensions” in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where the military is accused of abusing civilians during counterinsurgency operations.

Myanmar says Rohingya rape and abuse allegations “made-up”, despite mounting evidence

21 Dec 2016

One by one, seven Myanmar soldiers raped Yasmin in her home, as she stifled her screams for fear of being murdered.

The Fall of Aleppo

12 Dec 2016

In a rapid offensive lasting less than a month, forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have recaptured the last opposition enclave in east Aleppo. On Monday evening, the army cleared street after street as artillery and air strikes pounded...

The Eastern Aegean is becoming Europe’s Nauru

27 Nov 2016

A 66-old Iraqi Kurdish woman and her six-year old grandson were burnt to death on Thursday night when a cooking gas canister exploded in their tent at Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. The boy’s mother and his four-year-old brother, who were...

EXPERT VIEWS-How to solve the escalating violence in Myanmar?

25 Nov 2016

Rohingya residents and human rights groups accuse the military and border guard forces of raping Rohingya women, torching houses and killing civilians

Mediterranean death toll soars, 2016 is deadliest year yet

22 Nov 2016

With two months still to go, deaths of refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean hit all-time high

Al-Imdaad Foundation helps stroke victim

21 Nov 2016

Mr Mc Todd says the commode has really improved his quality of life and is saving him the pain and effort of going upstairs with the broken ribs he sustained in the fall

Buddhist aid workers face backlash for helping Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims

14 Nov 2016

Soe Aung works for an international aid agency in his hometown of Sittwe, the capital of Myanmar’s Rakhine State. It’s a good job, but he isn’t eager to discuss it in a public setting or outside his close circle of friends and family. That’s because...

Visiting needy communities

10 Nov 2016

The Al-Imdaad Foundation had made a number of small but meaningful interventions at the crèche including providing mattresses, face towels, water buckets

Offering medical services to those in need

04 Nov 2016

The Islamic Educational Centre (IEC), in collaboration with the Islamic Medical Association (IMA) Ladysmith, hosted a breast cancer awareness campaign on Saturday, October 15.

East Lancashire charity aid for hurricane-hit Caribbean

04 Nov 2016

AN East Lancashire charity has sent response teams to Haiti to offer support and aid after the recent hurricane damage. Al-Imdaad Foundation members flew out to the Caribbean country after Hurricane Matthew caused widespread devastation damaging homes...

Al-Imdaad Foundation co-ordinator wins Community Builder Award

27 Oct 2016

Al-Imdaad Foundation co-ordinator wins Community Builder Award

Al-Imdaad Foundation coordinator wins Community Builder Award 2016

27 Oct 2016

On October 21st 2016, at the Minara Business Chamber Awards Gala dinner, the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s local project coordinator, Abed Karrim took the Community Builder Award 2016.

In parched Sri Lanka, biggest shortage is of water policy - experts

18 Oct 2016

As the country cycles between drought and floods, managing water better is crucial, experts say

SA team lends helping hand in Haiti

12 Oct 2016

A local humanitarian organisation, Al Imdaad Foundation says it's already deployed a team of ten members on the ground in Haiti where the death toll from Hurricane Matthew has passed 1000.

The politics of food aid in Myanmar’s Rakhine state

10 Oct 2016

In Myanmar’s Rakhine state, even food is political.

Horrors left by Hurricane Matthew become clear in Haiti

07 Oct 2016

The full scale of the devastation in rural parts of storm-hit Haiti became clear as the death toll soared to nearly 900 three days after Hurricane Matthew levelled huge swaths of the country’s south.

Syria: Aleppo “One of the most devastating urban conflicts in modern times"

14 Aug 2016

The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, has described the fight for the Syrian city of Aleppo as one of the most devastating conflicts in modern times. Fighting has been intensifying during the past weeks with hundreds...

“The new terrible”- Lake Chad region in desperate need

12 Aug 2016

A deepening but often overlooked humanitarian crisis in West Africa’s Lake Chad region has been described “as the new terrible” by the UN’s top relief official, Stephen O’Brien.

Fears grow for Aleppo residents amid latest violence

08 Aug 2016

Fresh fighting threatens hundreds of thousands of lives, driving shortages of food, medical supplies and mass displacements.

244,000 hungry children

05 Aug 2016

The Boko Haram insurgency has led to a food crisis the extent of which is only now being uncovered

Search for flood victims continues

05 Aug 2016

Al Imdaad Foundation workers provide blankets, hygiene packs and snack packs to flood-hit residents of uMlazi and Isipingo.

Massive effort to find flash flood missing

05 Aug 2016

Volunteers kit up to join the search for Brenda Lynn Scriven at Durban's Blue Lagoon. Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng. Credit: INDEPENDENT MEDIA

Al-Imdaad Foundation and Air Mercy take to the skies again

29 Jul 2016

With a successful series of flights in 2015 that saw distributions of winter blankets targeting four hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal’s uMkhanyakude district, the repeat of the programme was agreed upon by all parties. This year, blankets and winter hats...

Syrians make easy scapegoats in Lebanon

27 Jul 2016

The Baalbek International Festival is in town. Under silvery bunting, telltale tourists drift around in shorts in the sleepy mid-afternoon heat.

What happens to teenage migrants in Sicily?

13 Jul 2016

“The most difficult part was crossing the desert. Three days and three nights, you walk and walk and you look around and it is only desert,” recalls Musa*, 18, from Gambia. He survived the Sahara crossing only to endure forced labour and violence in...

Will Myanmar’s Rohingya finally become citizens in their own country?

08 Jul 2016

Under intense pressure from the United States, Myanmar's new government is struggling to resolve one of its most pressing problems: it’s launched a programme aimed at providing citizenship to the Rohingya, an ethnic and religious minority who live...

Last boat from Lesvos: Asylum seeker stowaways try to reach the Greek mainland

03 Jul 2016

Every evening in Mytilene, capital of the Greek island of Lesvos, dozens of young Arab and African men gather at the base of a statue modelled, fittingly, after America’s Statue of Liberty. It overlooks the port, offering a good view of the entry gates,...

Unknown and exploited: Europe’s new arrivals

28 Jun 2016

Border closures have led to a migrant smuggling boom in the Balkans. Migrant smuggling and trafficking routes through the western Balkans that went dormant during the latter half of 2015 and early 2016 when migrants and refugees were allowed to move...

After devastating floods and landslides, Sri Lanka plans new building code

30 May 2016

Sri Lanka will enact a new, nationwide building code to mitigate the risks of future floods after heavy rain inundated the capital city, Colombo, and triggered landslides in the mountainous central region, killing about 200 people.

The long goodbye

16 May 2016

How European policies are dividing refugee families

NGOs, volunteers working hard to assist those displaced by heavy rains

11 May 2016

Local NGOs and volunteers have been working around the clock to ensure that those left homeless after the weekend's heavy rains don't go hungry.

Aleppo: Inside a city beyond the brink

06 May 2016

Once Syria’s most populous city, Aleppo is now a humanitarian disaster zone. As fighting intensifies in several districts and bombs again rain down from the sky, tens of thousands of Syria’s forgotten civilians try to survive on the frontlines, dodging...

Welcome to the City Plaza: Greece’s refugee hotel

05 May 2016

The new residents of the City Plaza Hotel in downtown Athens can check out any time they like but, for now at least, they cannot leave Greece.

The race to help Ecuador

25 Apr 2016

Search-and-rescue teams continued to pull survivors from the rubble left by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador on Saturday evening, but some remoter coastal communities remained out of their reach with roads collapsed or blocked by landslides.

Send us food not volunteers, says quake-hit Ecuador

18 Apr 2016

Calls for donations have flooded social media since Ecuador’s worst earthquake in decades left a trail of destruction along the country’s Pacific Coast on 16 April.

Where are the Rohingya boat survivors now?

16 Apr 2016

No happy ending for Myanmar refugees- When Malaysia allowed hundreds of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants abandoned by their smugglers and left adrift on the Andaman Sea to come ashore last May, it marked the end of a regional diplomatic stalemate...

Dams in parts of KZN have long run dry

13 Apr 2016

Dams have long run dry in Ilembe District Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal.

Greek asylum system reaches breaking point

30 Mar 2016

As Greece prepares to deport an initial 500 migrants and refugees on Monday under a controversial agreement between the EU and Turkey, senior Greek officials say the pressure to process applications quickly has become too great, at the expense of legal...

It’s not just in Greece that refugees are stranded

22 Mar 2016

Indonesia used a regional meeting on migration in Bali on Wednesday to pressure Australia to take in more of the refugees who have become stranded in the Southeast Asian nation as a result of Canberra’s controversial policy of turning back asylum seeker...

Relief for Eastern Cape hailstorm victims

08 Feb 2016

East London – Help is being provided to more than 50 families left homeless after a hailstorm in the Eastern Cape that killed one woman.

Where in the world is Zika?

08 Feb 2016

LONDON, 3 February 2016 (IRIN) - The World Health Organization has declared that the strong links between Zika infection during pregnancy and microcephaly should be treated as a global public health emergency. IRIN maps the range of the Aedes aegypti...

139 children die in one month in drought-hit Pakistan district

08 Feb 2016

THARPARKAR DISTRICT, Pakistan, 4 February 2016 (IRIN) - At least 139 children died of waterborne disease in January in Pakistan's impoverished desert district of Tharparkar, which has been devastated by drought since 2013.

Zika: Are mosquitoes the cure as well as the curse?

04 Feb 2016

OXFORD, 5 February 2016 (IRIN) - As the Zika virus continues its relentless spread through Latin America and beyond, causing anguish for would-be parents and leaving a trail of children with severe and lifelong developmental problems, the search to...

Woman killed in Eastern Cape hail storm

03 Feb 2016

East London - An elderly woman was killed, several people were injured, and homes damaged by a heavy hailstorm in the Eastern Cape, a municipal spokesperson said on Thursday.

The axis of generosity

02 Feb 2016

LONDON, 3 February 2016 (IRIN) - As a major funding conference opens in London, IRIN has run the numbers. Which countries can claim to be doing the most for the Syria crisis? We compare 29 aid donors (to Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan) and refugee-hosting...

Al-Imdaad Foundation Provides reserve water to eThekwini Schools

02 Feb 2016

On Wednesday, 3 February 2016 the Al-Imdaad Foundation, together with the eThekwini Deputy Mayor and poverty eradication programme Operation Sukuma Sakhe conducted distributions of 5 litre bottled water to 4 schools in the Waterloo and Seatide areas...

Stop scapegoating Greece

01 Feb 2016

MYTILINE, 2 February 2016 (IRIN) - Fotini Rantsiou is a volunteer aid worker and field advisor for Greek NGO, Solidarity Now. She is based on Lesvos while on a leave of absence from the UN’s emergency aid coordination body OCHA.

Somalia offers Yemenis a safer home

01 Feb 2016

GARDO, 2 February 2016 (IRIN) - Somalia is the new home for 30,560 people who have fled the fighting in Yemen and are trying to adjust to life in a country that – while no longer written off as a “failed state” – certainly has its challenges

Burundi - nobody to the rescue?

01 Feb 2016

NAIROBI, 29 January 2016 (IRIN) - It’s almost a given that African leaders meeting this weekend in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will not override Burundi’s objections and endorse the deployment of a 5,000-strong intervention force to help end the violence...

Zika virus takes hold in Colombia

31 Jan 2016

Bogotá, 1 February 2016 (IRIN) - Since being infected with the Zika virus a month ago, Wendy Johana Castillo has been experiencing pain all over her body, a recurring fever and a skin rash. But the 23-year-old Colombian is more concerned about her...

EU laws designed to deter refugees

28 Jan 2016

OXFORD, 27 January 2016 (IRIN) - A new Danish law that will allow police to search asylum seekers arriving in the country and confiscate any cash or valuables worth more than 10,000 kroner ($1,460) has been widely condemned by refugee and human rights...

Southern Africa’s food crisis in numbers*

28 Jan 2016

NAIROBI, 28 January 2016 (IRIN) - Southern Africa is facing the threat of extensive crop failures this year as a result of record low rainfall in a region in which 29 million people already don't have reliable access to enough affordable and nutritious...

Smuggling oxygen on a camel

18 Jan 2016

Before the war in Yemen, Lewa Abdurrahman worked in construction. Times have changed. As the owner of a donkey, he has become an integral part of the illicit economy that has sprouted up around the besieged city of Taiz.

Uganda’s Karamoja faces drought emergency

18 Jan 2016

KAMPALA, 19 January 2016 (IRIN) - At least 640,000 people in Uganda’s northeastern Karamoja region – more than half its population – are facing food shortages as a result of a drought-affected harvest.

Briefing: All you need to know about sieges in Syria

13 Jan 2016

LONDON, 12 January 2016 (IRIN) - At precisely the same time as aid lorries pulled into the besieged Syrian village of Madaya on Monday, too late to save those who had already starved to death, convoys also entered the besieged areas of Fua and Kefraya.

An unwanted guest: El Niño and Africa in 2016

08 Jan 2016

NAIROBI, 23 December 2015 (IRIN) - El Niño is the largely unwanted Christmas gift – a warming of the tropical Pacific causing drought and floods that will peak at the end of this month, but will impact weather systems around the globe into 2016.

Jordan cracks (down) under refugee pressure

07 Jan 2016

AMMAN, 6 January 2016 (IRIN) - The Sudanese asylum seekers and refugees had been protesting for more than a month when the police came to deport them late December. Hundreds were camped outside the Amman offices of the UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, driven...

How 150,000 people were saved in the Mediterranean

06 Jan 2016

ROME, 7 January 2016 (IRIN) - “Please, sir, please! This is very serious. My engine is off and I have children and pregnant women.” The desperate plea comes from a rubber dinghy packed with 112 people who set off from the Libyan coast in the hope of...

Temporary drought relief for Aliwal North

05 Jan 2016

Extra water released from the Katse Dam at the end of last year is expected to reach drought-stricken Aliwal North today.

Syrian peace talks lost in a fog of war

05 Jan 2016

JERUSALEM, 28 January 2016 (IRIN) - “Five years of conflict have been too much. The horror is in front of everyone’s eyes… You have seen enough conferences, two of them already taken place. This one cannot fail.”

Needy family given a home

16 Dec 2015

A FAMILY of 11 poverty stricken women and children were given a new lease on life with a new home in Cottonlands recently.

Al-Imdaad sends 250 tons of flour to Syria

14 Dec 2015

After more than four years of civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced more than half the population, Syria is still a country divided. A variety of actors are locked in a power struggle including President Bashar al-Assad’s...

Historic Humanitarian aid Convoy into Gaza Launched by the Al-Imdaad Foundation

18 Nov 2015

After almost 7 months of diplomatic and bureaucratic wrangling, the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Jordanian office has successfully launched the first of its kind humanitarian aid convoy from Jordan to the Gaza strip. The convoy will help address the dire...

Comment: "We can do better" - a volunteer’s perspective of Europe’s refugee response

04 Nov 2015

LESVOS, 5 November 2015 (IRIN) - I didn’t come to Lesvos as a volunteer. I came as a journalist, to report truthfully what I saw there. But in those crucial, urgent moments – when a few people struggle to feed 2,000 or screaming women hold their infants...

Five ways Europe could save refugee lives this winter

02 Nov 2015

As the death toll mounts in the Eastern Mediterranean, with stormy seas claiming the lives of at least 70 refugees in the last week of October, many of them children, the EU’s slow and fragmented response to the refugee crisis is looking increasingly...

KZN declared a disaster area

29 Oct 2015

KwaZulu-Natal has been declared a disaster area.This follows a severe drought that has cost government hundreds of millions of rand. Strict water restrictions have been put in place in many areas to try and save water.

KZN Premier, Mr Senzo Mchunu visits the Al-Imdaad Foundation head office

29 Oct 2015

On Wednesday, October 28th 2015, the Honourable Premier of KwaZulu-Natal, Mr Senzo Mchunu made a visit to the head office of the Al-Imdaad Foundation in the town of Estcourt in Northern KwaZulu-Natal. The small town was abuzz with the sound of sirens...

Pakistan quake: new building codes largely unenforced

28 Oct 2015

ISLAMABAD, 27 October 2015 (IRIN) - Pakistan added detailed seismic provisions to its national building code in 2007, two years after an earthquake in the disputed Kashmir region killed more than 80,000 people and destroyed countless constructions....

Scores killed, hundreds injured in Afghanistan-Pakistan quake

27 Oct 2015

KABUL/LAHORE, 26 October 2015 (IRIN) - Darkness put rescue efforts on hold in the mountainous Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which was struck by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake on Monday, with roads destroyed and helicopters unable to fly...

Afghan conflict and upcoming winter complicate earthquake relief

26 Oct 2015

KUNDUZ, 27 October 2015 (IRIN) - Several districts near the epicentre of a 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan are contested by government forces and Taliban insurgents, complicating relief to some of those affected by Monday’s quake.

Counting under fire: the untold story of Syria's casualty data

26 Oct 2015

LONDON, 27 October 2015 (IRIN) - Counting the dead in a warzone as complex as Syria is so challenging that the UN abandoned the task in early 2014, saying it could no longer stand by the accuracy of its source material.

Turkish agency launches flour campaign for Syrians

22 Oct 2015

Turkish aid agency the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) has launched a campaign for flour donations to boost its bread production in Syria.

Briefing: The EU refugee deal with Turkey

21 Oct 2015

OXFORD, 19 October 2015 (IRIN) - For EU member states struggling to agree on the best response to the refugee crisis, the fallback plan has long been to look to third countries to solve the problem for them.

Lives on hold for families of missing migrants

19 Oct 2015

THIAROYE, 20 October 2015 (IRIN) - When migrants go missing on the long journey from Africa to Europe the lack of information about their fate often adds immense bureaucratic hurdles to the anxious uncertainty suffered by their relatives back home.

What will winter bring for Europe’s refugee crisis?

13 Oct 2015

PRESEVO/OXFORD, 14 October 2015 (IRIN) - Rough seas and colder weather usually signal a sharp drop in the numbers of migrants and refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe. But after a summer of unprecedented refugee arrivals,...

Refugee rescue ship enters rough waters in Southeast Asia

13 Oct 2015

YANGON, 13 October 2015 (IRIN) - After spending the summer rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean, a ship owned by an American millionaire will attempt to do the same in Southeast Asia. But the Migrant Offshore Aid Station could find itself sailing...

Fuel shortage threatens Nepal aid as winter comes

13 Oct 2015

DELHI, 12 October 2015 (IRIN) - Almost six months after Nepal was devastated by a massive earthquake, relief efforts are literally running on fumes. Tankers are unable to drive across the border from India. The country is running out of fuel. Will...

Al Imdaad calls for more support for refugees

06 Oct 2015

The Al-Imdaad Foundation has sought to increase its assistance and aid towards refugees entering Europe from Syria and other war-ravaged countries in the Middle East, amid one of the world’s biggest refugee crises since World War II. A record number...

Central African Republic goes back to square one

05 Oct 2015

BANGUI, 6 October 2015 (IRIN) - Six days of fighting that ended in Central African Republic’s capital last week has left a heavy toll: dozens dead, hundreds wounded, thousands displaced, and hope of an imminent resolution to the country’s protracted...

Refugee sea arrivals in Greece this year approach 400,000

01 Oct 2015

ATHENS, Greece, October 2 (UNHCR) -- The UN refugee agency said on Friday that refugee and migrant arrivals in Greece are expected to hit the 400,000 mark soon, despite adverse weather conditions. Greece remains by far the largest single entry point...

The refugee crisis: time for some perspective

23 Sep 2015

LONDON, 24 September 2015 (IRIN) - At the end of a long summer that has seen record numbers of migrants and refugees arriving on Europe’s shores, EU member states are still deeply divided in their response to the crisis. This week, they agreed to relocate...

Local dwarfs global in Serbia refugee response

20 Sep 2015

BELGRADE, 21 September 2015 (IRIN) - It is early afternoon and Miksalište, a major hub for refugees set up in a performance space in the heart of the Serbian capital, is a hive of activity. Some of the refugees queue to pick up donated food, clothes...

Serbia offers brief welcome for migrants rushing to EU

20 Sep 2015

BELGRADE, 21 August 2015 (IRIN) - Across the road from Belgrade’s main train and bus stations is a small park that until recently was known mainly for its sex workers. Now, hundreds of migrants and refugees camp out in the park every day, waiting for...

Is Yemen Europe's next migration crisis?

18 Sep 2015

SANA'A/BEIRUT, 18 September 2015 (IRIN) - Suddenly everyone knows about Syria as hundreds of thousands of refugees flee across Europe. But further south, another Middle Eastern country is also imploding, arguably at an even faster rate. Will refugees...

What Chile did right

17 Sep 2015

LONDON, 18 September 2015 (IRIN) - Earlier this year, an 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, killing more than 8,000 people and displacing nearly three million. A few days ago, an earthquake significantly more powerful struck Chile. The epicentre was...

Flooding in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy delta

17 Sep 2015

PATHEIN DISTRICT, Myanmar, 17 September 2015 (IRIN) - Almost two months after Cyclone Komen triggered Myanmar’s worst flooding in recent memory, parts of the Irrawaddy delta remain submerged while rising river levels have prompted the government to...

Unexpected humanitarians – the rise and potential fall of Syria's diaspora aid

15 Sep 2015

ABU DHABI, 16 September 2015 (IRIN) - Just a few years ago, Hussein knew little about humanitarian aid. A mild-mannered Syrian car salesman in Doha, he lived a simple life between home and the office. Aside from the odd gift or remittances, he had...

Refugees caught between razor-wire and a minefield

14 Sep 2015

Röszke, 15 September 2015 (IRIN) - For the thousands of migrants and refugees streaming into Serbia with the hope of entering the European Union via Hungary, the journey ahead is littered with ever more obstacles: from a razor-wire fence and the threat...

Short-lived calm in Macedonia's refugee rush

11 Sep 2015

Thousands of refugees continue to cross into Macedonia from Greece daily. While authorities in both countries are doing a better job of managing the crowds at the border, it is a fragile order that quickly evaporates when trains fail to run and the...

A record 432,761 migrants, including refugees seeking asylum in the European Union have crossed the Mediterranean so far in 2015

10 Sep 2015

11/9/15 Geneva, Switzerland - The number of migrants, including refugees seeking asylum, who have arrived in Europe by sea so far in 2015 has surpassed 430,000, according to IOM analysis.This figure is double the amount of arrivals in the Mediterranean...

How the EU’s refugee plan stacks up

10 Sep 2015

OXFORD, 9 September 2015 (IRIN) - European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called for “bold, concerted action” to manage Europe’s refugee crisis during his State of the Union address today and outlined a raft of measures that member states...

Any such thing as a ‘safe’ country?

07 Sep 2015

LONDON, 8 September 2015 (IRIN) - At the same time as European Union nations consider opening their doors to more Syrian refugees, they are looking for ways to close them to asylum seekers from other countries.

How will Germany house all its refugees?

06 Sep 2015

BERLIN, 7 September 2015 (IRIN) - As 18,000 asylum seekers arrived in Munich over the weekend, local authorities scrambled to find them all beds. Sites for trade fairs, an abandoned car showroom, even railway carriages, have all been turned into emergency...

How Europe's refugee crisis hurts Syrian NGOs

06 Sep 2015

GAZIANTEP, 7 September 2015 (IRIN) - Ask any aid organisation working on Syria their biggest problems and towards the top of every list will be one thing: you can’t get the staff, or, more accurately, you can’t keep the staff.

Europe doesn't have a migrant crisis, it has a Syrian crisis

04 Sep 2015

EIRUT, 2 September 2015 (IRIN) - Imagine Syria didn't exist - that the war never happened. Suddenly Europe’s migration crisis doesn't look so bad.

2,400 reasons to care

04 Sep 2015

OXFORD, 3 September 2015 (IRIN) - By now, most of us have seen the gut-wrenching photographs of a lifeless Syrian toddler washed up on a Turkish beach. Countless Twitter and Facebook users have suggested only such horrifying images can shame EU leaders...

European human rights court could put brakes on migrant deportations

03 Sep 2015

OXFORD, 4 September 2015 (IRIN) - In the face of a surge in migrant arrivals, the EU Commission has urged member states to take a tougher stance on rapidlyreturning migrants who don’t qualify for asylum, but a European Court of Human Rights judgement...

European human rights court could put brakes on migrant deportations

03 Sep 2015

OXFORD, 4 September 2015 (IRIN) - In the face of a surge in migrant arrivals, the EU Commission has urged member states to take a tougher stance on rapidlyreturning migrants who don’t qualify for asylum, but a European Court of Human Rights judgement...

When Myanmar votes, Rohingya must stay home

01 Sep 2015

BUTHIDAUNG, Myanmar, 1 September 2015 (IRIN) - In the 2010 general elections, about 150,000 Muslims in this isolated township in western Myanmar were able to cast ballots. When the country returns to the polls in November the number of Muslim voters...

Debates over language: a dangerous distraction?

30 Aug 2015

AMMAN, 31 August 2015 (IRIN) - Responding to any urgent humanitarian situation, including the current inflow of migrants and refugees to Europe, involves correctly categorising and defining the problem. But agonising over labels and language risks...

Abandoned at Sea

25 Aug 2015

Smugglers cast 5,000 desperate souls adrift on the Andaman Sea. Survivors spoke to UNHCR about their terrifying ordeal.

Photo Feature: The race to beat Hungary's border fence

24 Aug 2015

Röszke , 25 August 2015 (IRIN) - As Hungary rushes to complete the first phase of a controversial fence along its Serbian border, migrants – mainly refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq – have been desperately trying to reach the country, which...

United effort to improve quality of life in rural SA

24 Aug 2015

ATTEMPTS to provide quality healthcare for isolated areas received a major boost when the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health, the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service and the Al-Imdaad Foundation joined forces last week.

This iconic Turkish bakery for Syrian refugees is no more

10 Aug 2015

An iconic bakery and co-ordination centre set up on the Turkish border to facilitate humanitarian assistance to Syria’s refugees has gone up in flames.

Infant mortality rate rises in Gaza for first time in fifty years

07 Aug 2015

The infant mortality rate in Gaza has risen for the first time in five decades, according to an UNRWA study, and UNRWA’s Health Director says the blockade may be contributing to the trend.

Jordan's Za'atari refugee camp turns three, challenges for the future of thousands living there

27 Jul 2015

GENEVA, July 28 (UNHCR) – As Jordan's Za'atari camp – the largest refugee camp in the Middle East – prepared to mark its third anniversary, the UN refugee agency revealed on Tuesday (July 28) an increase in the number of refugees seeking shelter in...

Syria’s grim statistics ‘speak for themselves,’ reflect need for political settlement, Security Council told

27 Jul 2015

8 July 2015 – A political solution is more urgent than ever to end the “futile, hopeless” cycle of brutality and violence in Syria, the top United Nations humanitarian official said today, urging the Security Council to consider its options through...

Syria: hundreds of thousands of children missing out on education

19 Jul 2015

I can still hear my children’s worried voices from the backseat. ‘Mom, do you think they will be nice? What if I won’t make any friends?

100,000 still homeless one year after Gaza war

05 Jul 2015

At the current rate that materials are entering Gaza, it will take over half a century to meet housing needs

From grooms to body bags: the story of Yemen's fighters

17 Jun 2015

SANA'A, 16 June 2015 (IRIN) - Eighteen months ago, the small Yemeni village of Al-Hamza* was awash with joy. A mass wedding dominated its small streets, with a few dozen couples tying the knot simultaneously.

In Indonesia’s Aceh, a warm welcome for refugees in a sea of misery

14 Jun 2015

LANGSA, Indonesia, 15 June 2015 (IRIN) - Nur Yanah can’t hold back the tears when she recalls hundreds of emaciated boat people arriving in her native Aceh province after being rescued by local fishermen in defiance of the government decision to leave...

After regional quakes, Philippines prepares for the big one

10 Jun 2015

MANILA, 10 June 2015 (IRIN) - Recent quakes in Nepal and Malaysia have shaken the Philippines into action, with authorities scaling up earthquake preparedness drills and safety inspections of public buildings in the capital Manila.

Time for a new deal for Middle East's displaced?

09 Jun 2015

DUBAI, 10 June 2015 (IRIN) - Conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen are leading to unprecedented numbers of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Middle East and North Africa, and increasingly complex and severe humanitarian crises.

Tackling the roots of the Rohingya crisis

08 Jun 2015

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 June 2015 (IRIN) - As Malaysian police finish exhuming mass graves in human trafficking camps along the Thai border, Southeast Asian nations are under pressure to end the brutal trade in human lives by tackling the roots of the crisis.

Al-Imdaad garden project blossoms

31 May 2015

What started as a dream almost three years ago in a high-flood zone with supportive donors, has flourished into a beautiful garden

Malnutrition Among Syrian Refugees

29 May 2015

SEATTLE — Since civil war broke out in Syria in 2011 between forces supporting Syrian president Bashir Al Assad and rebel forces, many Syrians have been forced to flee their homes in an attempt to escape the conflict. About 7 million Syrians have been...

Lucky escape for Rohingya boys who took the bait

28 May 2015

SAY THA MAR GYI, Myanmar, 29 May 2015 (IRIN) - Maung Zaw Lin was shopping in the market when an unknown man approached him with a compelling proposal: he offered to take him from his camp for displaced persons on the western coast of Myanmar to Malaysia...

Malaysia and Thailand leave migrant boats adrift

23 May 2015

OXFORD, 13 May 2015 (IRIN) - As Europe focuses on the migrants in the Mediterranean, another humanitarian crisis is playing out on a stretch of water between the Andaman Sea and the Strait of Malacca in Southeast Asia. Hundreds, possibly thousands,...

Yemen conflict fans food insecurity

21 May 2015

AMMAN / DUBAI, 22 May 2015 (IRIN) - The conflict in Yemen is worsening the country's food insecurity, according to a new report, which predicts that the parts of Arab state may enter an emergency phase by the end of the year.

The identity crisis frustrating Nepal's quake survivors

20 May 2015

MAILUNG , 21 May 2015 (IRIN) - Mento Ghale did what any parent would do when Nepal’s 25 April earthquake struck her village of Mailung: she grabbed the children and got them out of the house as quickly as she could.

Many fleeing Burundi have no wish to return

20 May 2015

KIGOMA, Tanzania, 21 May 2015 (IRIN) - If you ask a Burundian refugee who has recently arrived in Tanzania when they plan to return home, there’s a good chance that the answer will be, “I don’t.” Now a cholera outbreak on the border has made the journey...

Shaken by quakes, Nepal now needs to survive the monsoon

20 May 2015

NAIROBI, 15 May 2015 (IRIN) - Three weeks after a major earthquake struck Nepal, aid efforts have yet to reach many remote communities. Now those still living amid the rubble of their villages must survive the monsoon due in the next few weeks.

Making bread on the Syrian border

19 May 2015

A Turkish bakery is producing 170,000 loaves of bread per day and sending them to Syria's needy.

Kept afloat by hope - the endless odyssey of the Rohingya

17 May 2015

Faizal Ahmad* has just spent six months at sea, in an open boat crammed with 450 people, praying that Allah would deliver him to safety and a future free of persecution.

All at sea: what lies behind Southeast Asia’s migrant crisis?

14 May 2015

OXFORD, 15 May 2015 (IRIN) - The plight of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers from Myanmar and Bangladesh, left adrift without food and water for nearly a week, has all the hallmarks of a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Yet despite statements...

Blackburn-based charity set for D-day after latest Nepal earthquake

12 May 2015

The Al-Imdaad Foundation, which is based in Blackburn, sent out a team from its base in South Africa following the first earthquake in April

Bullets before the ballot – Bujumbura diary

05 May 2015

BUJUMBURA, 6 May 2015 (IRIN) - At least a dozen people have been killed in recent days in Burundi amid protests against the president’s plans to run for a third term in office. The unrest has raised fears that the country, after a decade of peace,...

No husband, no home: Migrant wives struggle in Nepal

03 May 2015

KATHMANDU, 4 May 2015 (IRIN) - Sabita Danwar was washing dishes at the hotel where she works when the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April. Her first thought was for the safety of her two sons on the other side of Kathmandu. Her second...

Nepal hospitals overflowing, rural towns cut off: aid groups

26 Apr 2015

Aid groups and governments worldwide intensified efforts Sunday to help earthquake-hit Nepal, but blocked roads, downed power lines and overcrowded hospitals posed formidable challenges in an already poor country.

Locals and foreigners pray together for peace

14 Apr 2015

Durban - Locals and foreign nationals gathered at the Isipingo Beach Sports ground on Wednesday to offer their daily Islamic afternoon prayer, with an added call for peace.

Govenrment Urged to take action against Xenophobia.

13 Apr 2015

Many have fled their homes. The Isipingo police station continues to be inundated with the displaced. A temporary shelter has now been set up and on Thursday more than 200 foreigners were moved to the secure camp.

Al-Imdaad Foundation assist displaced foreigners in Chatsworth, Durban.

09 Apr 2015

The Al-Imdaad and eThekwini municipal workers hand out much-needed supplies to displaced foreigners at the Chatsworth Stadium.

Foreigners in South Africa fearful after xenophobic attacks

01 Apr 2015

Hundreds of foreign nationals have sought refuge at a local police station in the town of Isipingo in South Africa, almost four days after a series of alleged xenophobic attacks in the town, local activists said.

Syria four years on - an unimaginable toll

11 Mar 2015

BEIRUT, 12 March 2015 (IRIN) - As Syria's war enters its fifth year, the human toll is almost unimaginable.


08 Mar 2015

JOHANNESBURG—Cholera has again reared its ugly head in Southern Africa, infecting nearly 6,000 people in Mozambique, Malawi and now Zimbabwe. Heavy rains have been cited as the main culprit of this outbreak, but poor sanitation continues to plague...

Joint Statement by 30 International Aid Agencies: “We must not fail in Gaza".

25 Feb 2015

(26 February 2015) – Six months have passed since a ceasefire on 26 August 2014 ended over seven weeks of fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip. As UN agencies and international NGOs operating in Gaza, we are...

Dire conditions for Malawi's flood survivors

05 Feb 2015

BANGULA, 6 February 2015 (IRIN) - For those who have lost everything in southern Malawi’s Chikwawa District, just getting the next meal is now the priority.

In pictures: Southern Africa floods

21 Jan 2015

NAIROBI, 20 January 2015 (IRIN) - The number of people affected by severe flooding in southern Africa continues to rise, and more rain is predicted.

Eyewitness - Malawi’s floods

16 Jan 2015

NAIROBI, 16 January 2015 (IRIN) - The scale and impact of the current flooding in southern Malawi seems to have caught the authorities by surprise. Some areas were deluged with a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours, and forecasts suggest there is more...

South African armed forces to help flood relief

15 Jan 2015

The South African government is sending men and equipment from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to assist in search and rescue missions in flood hit areas of the central Mozambican province of Zambezia.

Floods and storms kill dozens of people in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines

31 Dec 2014

Malaysia, southern Thailand and parts of the Philippines have been battered by heavy rain and flash floods in recent days, killing dozens of people.

Ebola orphans now face stigma, stress

20 Nov 2014

Nationwide, more than 3,400 children have been directly affected by the virus, including at least 89 children who have lost one parent and more than 795 who have lost both parents to Ebola, according to the MSWGCA/UNICEF-led Family Tracing and Reunification...

Questions over Mali's Ebola response

18 Nov 2014

Before the current outbreak in Mali, the World Health Organization (WHO) had categorized the country as at-risk, due to its long border and strong economic ties with Guinea, where the epidemic began. It was targeted as a country to receive technical...

Ebola survivors work to improve response

12 Nov 2014

Many public health officials see survivors as a highly valued commodity in a struggle against a disease that has decimated so many people on the front line.

Ebola: Experienced doctors still rare

28 Oct 2014

"A lot of people also forget how emotional it is. You know your patients. You know their history and you see them dying. You see the father dying, you see the mother dying, the sister dying. It's quite emotional. We save lives, yet you cannot do it....

Close-up to Ebola: Sierra Leone blog

11 Oct 2014

Six Ebola-hit districts, including Kailahun, Kenema, Port Loko, Bombali, Mayambo and parts of Freetown, are “isolated” across the country, meaning locals need a special pass to leave them, and houses with confirmed Ebola cases are cordoned off, their...

Post-flood health worries in Pakistan

09 Oct 2014

"You can see in their eyes the children are not well. They have fevers and have signs of skin disease. Many children in the village have diarrhoea. I see them grow weaker every day"

Local relief group brings hope to Syria

02 Oct 2014

Durban - A KwaZulu-Natal based humanitarian relief organisation is delivering 1 000 tons of flour in strife-torn Syria

J&K, Meghalaya were unprepared to deal with floods: Rijiju

29 Sep 2014

NEW DELHI: The Centre feels that both Jammu & Kashmir and Meghalaya were inadequately prepared to deal with the recent floods, though largely because they had not faced floods for a long time.

Ebola's economic impact hits Sierra Leone citizens

19 Sep 2014

Thus far there have not been widespread shortages of the staple rice, said Alimamy Bangura of the Finance Ministry's Economic Policy and Research Unit, though there are fears that long-term border closures could lead to dwindling stocks and panic...

Pakistan floods affect 2.3 million

18 Sep 2014

The “super-flood” surged south, wreaking havoc throughout Punjab, the country’s most populous province.

South African move on child trafficking

17 Sep 2014

“While many children move across South African borders and many of these may require protection of some kind… I sense we should be far more careful about developing a heavy-handed and securitized approach to these concerns,”

“Super-flood” risk Pakistan

12 Sep 2014

“At this point in time, with the knowledge that flooding is expected in Sindh in the next few days, it is anticipated that this is a disaster that will figure between the flooding of 2013 which affected about 1.5 million people and the super floods...

Hundreds die as heaviest rain in 50 years catch India, Pakistan off guard

09 Sep 2014

"The damage is shocking, people have been stranded on rooftops of their homes for the last three days in some parts of Kashmir,"

Floods wreak havoc in Assam, 12 lakh hit, 9 killed

27 Aug 2014

GUWAHATI: Nine people have been killed and over 12 lakh hit by floods in 16 districts of the state. The floods were triggered by heavy rain in the region, mostly in neighbouring Arunachal, over the last few days. Till Wednesday, four persons were reported...

Gaza ceasefire: Israel and Palestinians agree to halt weeks of fighting

27 Aug 2014

The war in Gaza ended on Tuesday after Israel and the Palestinians agreed to halt fighting indefinitely, putting an end to seven weeks of catastrophic loss of life and destruction, but on terms which are likely to leave many on both sides of the conflict...

Gaza diary: Life under Israeli assault

06 Aug 2014

GAZA CITY, 7 August 2014 (IRIN) - There are about 10 seconds, or at least that is what it feels like, between the launching of the missile and the devastating crash of the explosion. They are the darkest moments of my life. As the sound of the falling...

Humanitarian agencies warn of imminent water crisis in Gaza -

22 Jul 2014

Since the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza on 8 July 2014, the water and wastewater infrastructure in Gaza has been heavily affected by Israeli airstrikes. Main water supply and wastewater infrastructure has been hit and as a result the water supply...

Gaza: Nowhere to go

21 Jul 2014

"And it is not only money we lack, but also security and personal safety. If we cannot provide our families with their basic needs, at least we try to move them to safety,”

Gaza running out of medical supplies.

15 Jul 2014

Ae'd Yaghi, director of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, called for immediate international action to protect Palestinians and provide medical supplies.

FRIENDS OF AL IMDAAD launch their first mobile musallah and madrasah.

05 Jul 2014

FRIENDS OF AL IMDAAD a volunteer wing have launched their first mobile musallah and madrasah.

Plan to eradicate poverty in KZN

25 Jun 2014

Johannesburg - KwaZulu-Natal premier Senzo Mchunu on Thursday announced plans to eradicate poverty in the province.

Bangladesh-Myanmar border tensions pinch desperate Rohingya

18 Jun 2014

Communal violence in Rakhine state in 2012 displaced more than 140,000 Rohingya, and forced many to cross into Bangladesh. Conditions are far from ripe for their return.

Understanding the surge in migrant boat crossings to Europe

30 May 2014

Last month, the head of Italy’s Immigration and Border Police agency was widely quoted in the media telling a parliamentary committee that 800,000 more migrants were poised to depart the North African coast for Europe, a figure which he later admitted...

Bosnia and Herzegovina, hit by the worst floods in the last 120 years.

20 May 2014

States of emergency have been declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia after the heaviest rain and worst floods since records began 120 years ago.

Miserable conditions at camp for Zimbabwe flood victims

06 May 2014

More than 3,000 families displaced by flooding in the Tokwe-Mukosi dam basin in Zimbabwe’s southeastern Masvingo Province are facing looming food shortages after more than three months living in crowded, unsanitary conditions at a temporary camp.

Reducing the volcano risk in Indonesia

06 May 2014

More than one million people live within a 10km radius of the summit, putting them at constant risk. Hundreds of lives have been lost due to its eruptions since the 1990s

Assam: Victims blame Bodoland People’s Front for attacks

05 May 2014

The official said at least 26 persons were killed in Baksa. "Still 15 persons are missing. Out of them, 12 are children and 3 women,"

The Muslims of the Central African Republic Face a Deadly Purge

20 Feb 2014

PK12, the last checkpoint at the exit of town, thousands of Muslim residents from Bangui and Mbaiki flee the Central African Republic capital Bangui in a mass exodus using cars, pickups, trucks, lorries and motorcycles, escorted by Chadian troops.

Water brings change flowing in Pakistan’s Tharparkar

30 Jan 2014

“Rather than spending hours at the well, I can now take better care of my children, keep them clean to prevent sickness and share in discussions on family matters. As water collectors, we are just like chattel - but with water pouring from a tap we...

Troops deployed to protect aid convoys in CAR

25 Jan 2014

“Every day we are providing two weeks rations to 500 displaced families at Bangui airport, and we have only enough food for another few days’ distributions,”

Public killings highlight power shift in CAR

22 Jan 2014

The NGO said the Muslim neighbourhoods in Boali, a town about 80 kilometres northwest of the capital, were empty, and that Muslims were also reported to have fled in large numbers from the towns of Bossembele, Yakole and Boyali, as well as many smaller...

Mali's Dogon hit by double crisis

17 Jan 2014

The clinic sees 15 new cases of malnutrition per week, a threefold increase in as many years, explains Guindo, a doctor who practices both modern and traditional medicine.

Major food crisis looms in CAR

16 Jan 2014

“Seeds and food stocks are in short supply: most people surveyed said their meal consumption has dropped from three times to once a day”

Hopes and fears as Indonesia rolls out universal healthcare

14 Jan 2014

A report released in 2013 by Novo Nordisk, a global healthcare company, says 7.6 million people in Indonesia are living with diabetes, with millions more are at risk.

Food and the city

17 Dec 2013

In high-risk cities, contingency planning should establish baseline information, including cost-of-living calculations, so that the difference between "normal" circumstances and shocks can be quickly determined.

Fighting in South Sudan capital leaves dozens dead, displaced

17 Dec 2013

More than 300 people have been admitted to [the] Juba Teaching Hospital and [the] Juba Military Hospital over the past two days.

More than 5,000 evacuated from Gaza 'disaster area' floods

17 Dec 2013

"Large swathes of northern Gaza are a disaster area with water as far as the eye can see"

Shrinking the financial fallout of natural disasters

14 Dec 2013

The death and destruction in the Philippines is the worst since 1991. Up to 9 December 2013, the typhoon, which struck on 8 November, had affected more than 12 million people, killed nearly 6,000 and left almost 1,800 more missing.

After North Kivu, UN, DRC forces set sights on Orientale

12 Dec 2013

Fighting involving armed groups and attacks on civilians prompted the displacement of 700,000 people this year in Orientale Province,

Find the child, treat them early: message from Mali

12 Dec 2013

While under-five child mortality rates have been declining throughout Mali over the past decade - from an average of 197 deaths per 1,000 in 2002 to 130 per 1,000 in 2012, according to the researchers, this intervention has produced dramatic results....

Bad credit adds to Zimbabwe’s food insecurity

11 Dec 2013

“As a matter of fact, most markets in the maize production areas have reached abnormally high price levels during the quarter July-September, with prices high in areas that had poor yields,”

Dam project displaces hundreds of families in Zimbabwe

11 Dec 2013

"It is really painful that the government had to dump us to such a place before they even set up any housing structures for us,” said Marlyn Mathambo, 44, a widow who takes care of her four children as well as three grandsons.

Analysis: How to get aid to remote Philippine typhoon survivors

11 Dec 2013

With basic road infrastructure badly damaged, access to the coastal communities of Guiuan in Eastern Samar, where Haiyan first made landfall, was extremely difficult but has now improved. Roads have been cleared and public transportation is running...

Aid agencies struggle to reach all of CAR’s needy

09 Dec 2013

“In the first 14 days, we've seen over 4,000 kids under five, and a few adults, and we treated 3,200 for malaria,”

Drought contributes to cholera outbreak in southern Angola

09 Dec 2013

A year-long outbreak that started in the slums of the capital, Luanda, in February 2006 and spread to 16 out of 18 provinces, resulted in over 80,000 reported cases and 3,000 deaths.

Floods displace thousands, destroy farms in Somalia's Middle Shabelle

09 Dec 2013

“My farm, where I grew vegetables and fruits, has been completely wiped out, and I have lost an estimated fortune of US$12,000,” Abdullahi Mohamed Hussein, a resident of Jowhar

The hidden crisis in urban slums

09 Dec 2013

“There are many young mothers who can hardly afford to feed their children, and this means the issue of malnutrition for children under five years is very high. The health facility can hardly cope with the demand here. HIV prevalence is higher than...

Pakistan's polio fight goes under the radar

07 Dec 2013

Pakistan made strong vaccination efforts in the late 1980s and early 1990s, leading to significant strides in the battle against the disease, according to local monitoring organizations

Keeping malnutrition on radar after Typhoon Haiyan

05 Dec 2013

Thirty breastfeeding tents will be put up this month in evacuation centres in Tacloban and the nearby region of Tanauan. Aid groups will also broadcast nutrition-related messages for half an hour on the radio each morning at 10 a.m., according to the...

Families powerless in Gaza

03 Dec 2013

“It is the main question in Gaza now. What we need - as an essential right - is living healthy and sound, in a decent way. We want this to be a place where my baby, family and Palestinians can live with dignity.”

Typhoon-affected rice farmers need seeds

02 Dec 2013

“Many of the farmers have been wiped out. Not only have they lost their homes, they have lost their homes and rice crops, but also their tools and equipment, as well as what rice they might have had in storage from the previous harvest

Displaced first by Typhoon Haiyan, now an oil spill

02 Dec 2013

We estimate that since the spill was reported on 8 November to today, some 850,000 litres of bunker oil have been leaked into the coastal waters of Estancia

Desperate search for Philippines missing

02 Dec 2013

According to Google People Finder, 67,900 people have registered to look for loved ones or provide information on someone who was found.

Summit spotlights Asia’s food and nutrition security

28 Nov 2013

“Food security is still thought about too much in terms of quantity… the nutritional aspects of food are recognized, but it’s not enough,”

Obstacles to return in eastern DRC

27 Nov 2013

Many of us have been refugees since 2007, and in Rwanda there is a Congolese population that left nearly 20 years ago.

Polio drive to target millions in Horn

27 Nov 2013

“Since polio outbreaks were confirmed in Somalia and other neighbouring countries of Kenya and Ethiopia, health authorities in South Sudan have been on high alert for any possible cases in the country,” said OCHA in a humanitarian bulletin. “South...

Bangladesh’s “Rohingya strategy” stokes concern

25 Nov 2013

Violence and inter-communal clashes between the Rohingya and Buddhists in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, most recently in June and October 2012, has prompted many Rohingya to flee, mostly across the border to Bangladesh, which stopped registering them as...

How Bangladesh achieved its “amazing” health statistics

25 Nov 2013

Here's the paradox: Bangladesh is a very poor country,- much poorer than India or Pakistan. It has the lowest spending on healthcare in south Asia, (just US$27 per capita annually), and is extremely short of qualified doctors and nurses (only three...

Conditions ripe for cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe

25 Nov 2013

The main killer here is the lack of water that we have lived with for many years now,” said Phiri whose 3-year-old daughter died last year of dysentery, a waterborne disease. He suspects she contracted it when she crawled into a toilet that was overflowing...

Improvising health care after Typhoon Haiyan

22 Nov 2013

Nearly 400,000 people are being housed in some 1,500 evacuation centres, while over four million other displaced are living with relatives or friends.

Volunteers make a difference in typhoon-affected region

22 Nov 2013

A growing number of volunteers have come to the city, with many arriving from various parts of the country in large groups. Dr Gary Larosa, a government health officer in his early 50s, was at a mall shopping with his family in Davao City the day after...

Syrian Diary: Beggar at the door

22 Nov 2013

A friend of mine is one of the few doctors left in the besieged southern Damascus town of al-Hajar al-Aswad. He told me newborns are the most affected. Their mothers are not producing enough breast milk, and there is no powdered milk available.

Finding the urban crisis tipping point

22 Nov 2013

“Because we do not have the information, we do not intervene, and we allow people to live in conditions that we would consider unacceptable in rural settings,

Helping host communities help Syrian refugees

12 Nov 2013

Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt have spent billions of dollars hosting more than 2.2 million Syrian refugees in camps, towns and cities across the region.

What does the future hold for pastoralists in the Sahel?

02 Nov 2013

“Every year in Mali there are at least 10 deaths due to farmer-herder conflicts in villages along the Mali-Guinea border. The future of pastoralism worries me if no steps are taken,”

Mathotine Dz'dai, displaced in DRC: “We’re risking death again”

29 Oct 2013

"I found myself in Nongo [50 km south of Bunia] because of the weapons and bombs the FARDC [the DRC army] are setting off on the militia. We fled to prevent the children from being injured or dying. The fighters are out there; they will kill. It’s...

Dry season water worries for Myanmar IDPs in Rakhine State

21 Oct 2013

"Alimentary system infections caused by acute water shortages in the dry season are equally important issues for non-IDP populations in Rakhine State, especially in rural and remote areas,"

Struggling to reach Philippines earthquake survivors

18 Oct 2013

Of the 162,566 people displaced, nearly 100,000 are in 85 evacuation centres, mostly in Bohol, while another 65,000 are staying with family and friends, often near their homes, according to the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC)

Assalámo-alaikum-warahmatulláhi-wa barakátuh & EID MUBARAK.

17 Oct 2013


Pakistan's Swat Valley hit by dengue

09 Oct 2013

The number of infections is on a par with an outbreak of dengue fever in 2011 in Lahore in which more than 17,000 people were infected and over 300 died in four months.

Syrian refugees fearful as food aid reduced in Lebanon

09 Oct 2013

“This country is so expensive,” Fatima said. “They were already giving us almost nothing and now they are going to stop this [aid].

Syria Diary: In limbo

01 Oct 2013

DAMASCUS, 2 October 2013 (IRIN) - The writer is a recent graduate of the University of Damascus from a well-to-do family belonging to a Syrian minority. For security reasons, he prefers to stay anonymous. In this fourth diary entry, he describes feelings...

No welcome mat for Syrians in Europe

24 Sep 2013

The EU still has a long way to go in implementing a Common European Asylum System, with some states much less likely to grant refugee status than others.

Needs of elderly Syrian refugees in Lebanon “widely ignored”

09 Sep 2013

87 percent could not afford the medication they require

Analysis: Readying for escalation in Syria

01 Sep 2013

“There is an expectation that this is going to create new challenges in addition to those that already exist.”

Leishmaniasis could fuel refugee resentment in Turkey's border towns

30 Aug 2013

While Turkey's health response to leishmaniasis has involved the treatment of tens of thousands of patients in state-run camps and hospitals this year, much of the burden for treating the disease inside Turkey has fallen on poorly supplied clinics,...

Yemen flash floods damage IDP camps

29 Aug 2013

More than 8,000 camp residents are affected, while overall the torrential rains and flash floods, which started in mid-August, have killed 39 people and destroyed homes, schools and infrastructure.

Wave of nomadic pastoral refugees hits Chad

28 Aug 2013

"How do you deal with an emergency for people who believe national borders don't exist? You cannot fix them [in a location]; it will not work. There is a need for innovative approaches,"

Ahmad, Palestinian refugee from Syria: "I feel we are double refugees"

27 Aug 2013

“First we were refugees in Syria, and now we are seeking refuge in Lebanon… Like many other Palestinians, I feel we are double refugees.”

Former Darfur refugees scraping by in Chad

25 Aug 2013

"There is no one to take care of the children. Most of the time I have to work for other families to get money by helping out on the farms," said Oumar, who has children aged three and 13 months.

Mohannad Hamdnallah - Flood victim, Sudan: “Our house has completely collapsed”

22 Aug 2013

“Our father is getting old. He worked as a labourer, but doesn’t work now because he is diabetic. I am staying here in this tent, along with some of my friends, so as to rebuild the house, which we only built six months ago."

Malawians brace for another year of hunger

19 Aug 2013

“Most parts of the country have not received favourable rains over the past two years or so, and this period has exposed how vulnerable the FISP is,”

Egyptian rescue workers in the line of fire

16 Aug 2013

"Some of these people could have been saved. They could have been saved if there was somebody to save them"

Indonesia's volcano displaced need more help

16 Aug 2013

Over 3,500 people displaced by a volcano which first erupted in eastern Indonesia more than 10 months ago need further assistance

Briefing: The humanitarian situation in Darfur

14 Aug 2013

“Darfur has seen a new wave of fighting in many areas in 2013. More than 300,000 people have had to flee their homes to escape violence since the beginning of the year, including over 35,000 people who have crossed the borders into Chad and the Central...

Assalámo-alaikum-warahmatulláhi-wa barakátuh & EID MUBARAK.

08 Aug 2013

Assalámo-alaikum-warahmatulláhi-wa barakátuh & EID MUBARAK.

Pakistan's IDPs find it can get worse

04 Aug 2013

“People keep backups; some have savings, others have valuables and livestock. Once they’re gone, and they’re barely making enough to eat, it is extremely difficult for them to rebuild those backups,”

Analysis: Mali’s aid problem

04 Aug 2013

"We are poor not because of a lack of aid, we are poor because aid does not reach the targeted populations."

Vandalism hampers sanitation efforts in Jordan’s Za’atari camp

18 Jul 2013

On this front, refugees say there are not enough bathrooms (toilets and washrooms) for the number of residents in the camp. Some say they have to walk up to 2km to get to a bathroom and wait in line for up to an hour, only to find no water in the taps.

Assam flood situation remains grim, 450 villages inundated

10 Jul 2013

Guwahati: With no sign of relief from flood waters in Assam, the situation continued to remain critical as 27 more villages were submerged today.

Humanitarian needs rise in Sahel

03 Jul 2013

Some 11.3 million Sahelians are estimated to be short of food this year and 1.5 million under-fives acutely malnourished.

Funding shortfalls hit Yemen humanitarian work

03 Jul 2013

“The main effects will be reduced service-provision to vulnerable populations, thus resulting in a potential increase in cases of communicable diseases, including water-borne and vector-borne diseases, as well as lack of service to injured individuals.”

Rohingya detainees in Thailand face dire conditions

28 Jun 2013

“These IDCs were not designed to accommodate so many people for long periods of time. Overcrowding and movement restrictions can lead to physical and psychological problems for these groups that have already faced trauma in their villages and on the...

Concern over planned relocation of refugees from Kenya to Somalia

28 Jun 2013

“You can see how we are struggling to collect food rations in this scorching sun, but I cannot trust to go back to Somalia so early, because I am sure I will be forced to run away again due to the ongoing conflict between the various factions fighting...

Overnight in Jordan’s Za’atari camp

19 Jun 2013

One 19-year-old cradles her newborn, wrapped in a blanket. She travelled with her baby, literally just days old, from Aleppo, 500km north of Jordan, sleeping in a different village every night. Her husband, who fled to Jordan before her, has not yet...

Injured from al-Qusayr battle struggle to get medical care

12 Jun 2013

During the two-year conflict in Syria, close to six million people have been displaced, either within Syria or as refugees in neighbouring countries, according to the UN. The death toll has reached nearly 93,000, according to the UN High Commissioner...

Analysis : Hard choices When the Syria aid response runs out of money

10 Jun 2013

According to UNICEF, 150,000 Syrian children in Jordan are out of school

Analysis: For some, the best bad choice: Returning from refuge to Syria

09 Jun 2013

The camp is home to 120,000 people who live in tents and caravans in the middle of the desert in conditions that - while improving - remain very difficult. Riots occur almost daily over perceived injustice in distribution and general frustration over...

Policy or happenstance? Jordan's dwindling Syrian refugee arrivals

08 Jun 2013

One week in mid-May, the camp saw almost no new arrivals - attributed at the time to security measures during two international conferences in Jordan. Since then, arrival levels have fluctuated, but remain in the hundreds of entries per night, far...

FAO report calls for food systems to improve nutrition

03 Jun 2013

Malnutrition comes in a variety of forms: undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, overweight and obesity. Two billion people in the world suffer from micronutrient deficiencies, such as anaemia, for example, and more than a billion people are overweight...

Tibetan refugees in Nepal crying out for documentation

03 Jun 2013

Nepal is home to at least 20,000 Tibetan refugees, many of whom fled south across the Himalayas following the 1959 Tibetan uprising against Chinese rule in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Tens of thousands were reportedly killed....

Rising Niger Delta oil theft threatens security

02 Jun 2013

Locals had complained to the government that OFSL was poorly managed, spending money on ghost workers, jeeps and other equipment. Many had disapproved of the programme, seeing it as a means of paying off criminals.

Beyond emergency needs in DRC

29 May 2013

“There are no ‘durable solutions’ here without a change in the level of peace and stability, and changes in the destructive behaviour of the armed parties towards civilians,”

Syrians seeking refuge in Libya

27 May 2013

Most of the Syrian community in Libya, estimated at around 110,000 by government officials, are believed to have arrived over the past 18 months after having fled the Syrian conflict.

Concern for Syrians stuck at Jordanian border

23 May 2013

In Nasib village, just 2km from one of four border crossings between Jordan and Syria, there are 10,000 displaced people waiting to leave Syria, according to village imam Abu Omar.

Evacuation volunteers fan out in Bangladesh

19 May 2013

According to local government officials, 700,000 to 800,000 people have been evacuated in 13 coastal districts under the country’s Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP)

Rohingya evacuation under way in Myanmar

13 May 2013

“If the government fails to evacuate those at risk, any disaster that will result will not be natural, but man-made,”

Calamity planning - Bangladesh role-plays quake response

06 May 2013

As Bangladesh armed forces retrieve bodies from the country’s worst ever industrial disaster, a garment factory collapse killing over 700, contingency planning is taking place for something worse - a long-predicted earthquake striking the mega-capital...

Analysis: "Wake up call" for Bangladesh's building industry

06 May 2013

Experts say the building was but one example of a broken system for authorizing, carrying out and monitoring construction; tens of thousands more buildings - and millions of people inside them - face the same fate

Activists call for review of Myanmar's citizenship law

02 May 2013

“The Rohingya have been constant victims of arbitrary arrests, extortion, harassment and fines due to their precarious legal status and laws prohibiting basic rights such as freedom of movement,

Prospects for Rakhine reconciliation dim

30 Apr 2013

According to most estimates, 95 percent of those displaced are Muslims, mostly Rohingyas. Under Burmese law, the Rohingya are de jure stateless. There are an estimated 800,000 Rohingya in Myanmar, and human rights groups say they have long faced persecution...

Lessons from Bangladesh garment factory collapse

30 Apr 2013

On 24 April, at least 385 people were killed when the concrete structure collapsed in Bangladesh’s Savar industrial suburb (24km northwest Dhaka), trapping more than 3,000 mostly garment workers inside.

Political instability undermines disaster preparedness in Bangladesh

21 Apr 2013

According to the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Bangladesh is ranked one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, with cyclones striking coastal regions almost every year

Iraq 10 years on: The humanitarian legacy

21 Apr 2013

“The war is just such a series of mixed blessings,” said Ned Parker, a former fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and long-time Iraq correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. “For every positive development, there’s a negative development that...

Thousands of Libyan families displaced in the Nafusa Mountains

14 Apr 2013

Around 1,500 families fled their homes in March when heavily armed fighters from the Qantrar and Meshashya communities clashed in early March. The fight lasted five days, killing nine people, according to the head of the town’s local council, Abdel...

Hunger at crisis levels in northern Mali

13 Apr 2013

“You go to the market, there is no fruit, no vegetables, meat or fish… There is only rice, millet and corn - mainly donated by the government or internationals. Old and young are surviving on these cereals, but it is not enough.”

Rural health services ill-equipped in Egypt

07 Apr 2013

“There are few hospitals and clinics outside the major cities, and the few medical institutions available in these areas offer no services whatsoever to the patients. These medical institutions are cut off [from] whatever it takes to serve these patients.”...

Uganda's midwives struggle to meet demands

07 Apr 2013

“Health centres lack electricity, water and other essential medical commodities to assist in delivery. In the past, I used to [hold] my cell phone in my mouth [and use its] torch to [assist delivering] mothers at the health centre,”

Niger seeks to end cycle of hunger

05 Apr 2013

“Niger faces drought once in every two years. Even in a good year, there is a part of the population that still remains vulnerable. Drought is the main threat to agriculture in our country. It’s responsible for 80 percent of losses in terms of agricultural...

Aid access still limited for displaced in Myanmar's Kachin State

04 Apr 2013

“In January, seven children drank water from a mountain stream that was polluted with pesticides from a nearby sugar cane plantation, and one of the girls died. Several of them had to be transferred to a Chinese hospital for emergency treatment,”

Urgent humanitarian needs in post-coup Central African Republic

04 Apr 2013

“The main humanitarian needs in Bangui are access to health and nutrition and clean water [and] security and protection of civilians,”

Despite new police presence, security concerns persist at Syrian refugee camp

02 Apr 2013

The camp, built to accommodate around 60,000 Syrian refugees, is now home to at least 140,000, according to the government. Some 50,000 arrived in February alone; between 1,500 and 2,000 more arrive every night.

In Iraq's disputed provinces, a health services vacuum

01 Apr 2013

“This place is not a country,” said Jwan Abdullah, an English teacher at the small village school. “We have no government; there is no doctor, no hospital. We don’t have a [phone] number for emergencies, and we need this.”

Will Somalia get enough rain this year

28 Mar 2013

"We are concerned - our forecast shows that there is 80 percent probability that rains could trend from normal to below normal across Somalia,"

Fishing for jobs in Lesotho

26 Mar 2013

“Right now something that is being tried is fisheries. This could be a viable employment opportunity, provided the communities are empowered to participate in such income-generating activities,

Time to reconcile in Bangladesh?

26 Mar 2013

“Criminal trials are never perfect... When all remedies are exhausted - national and international - we are left with a judicial truth, which may or may not reconcile society... War crimes justice hits a few defendants, while the crimes of the latter...

Families still in need as calm returns to Myanmar's Meiktila

26 Mar 2013

At least 40 people were killed and more than 12,000 displaced in the area, officials estimate, in what is being described as the worst sectarian violence to strike Myanmar since the 2012 unrest in western Rakhine State, where more than 120,000 Muslim...

Unregistered IDPs in Myanmar’s Rakhine without aid

24 Mar 2013

Deadly sectarian clashes in June and October 2012 left 167 dead, hundreds injured and over 120,000 displaced. More than 10,000 homes were burned or destroyed.

Displaced by Myanmar violence: "Everything was on fire"

24 Mar 2013

At least five mosques were set ablaze and scores of homes burned, and at least 20 people are reported to have been killed since the violence began, but exact figures remain unknown. According to local authorities, more than 10,000 people have been...

Madagascar's Millennium Village goes it alone

22 Mar 2013

The community was first named an ICT [information communications technology] village in 2005 through the separate Infopoverty Programme, which provided access to technology through classrooms equipped with computers

New plan to ensure universal healthcare in Somalia

22 Mar 2013

Somalia has some of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world, and thousands of infants and children succumb annually to easily preventable and treatable conditions such as pneumonia, diarrhoea, malnutrition and measles.

Displacement tops 1,000 in Meiktila

21 Mar 2013

The comments follow two days of violence in Meiktila, in Mandalay Division - the worst communal unrest to shake Myanmar since clashes between ethnic Rakhine Buddists and Rohingya Muslims in western Rakhine State in 2012. That earlier violence left...

Boosting support for IDPs outside DRC's formal camps

20 Mar 2013

Fighting in North Kivu in 2012 displaced some 590,000 people, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). In total, some 914,000 people are displaced in the province. According to the NGO Refugees International (RI),...

Challenges in using micro-credit to help Yemen’s poor

20 Mar 2013

“Only to a certain extent, honestly, because life is very hard, there's no money in the house, no-one works. I am looking for a solution to improve life,”

Water scarcity affects Somaliland households

19 Mar 2013

"The durdurs [springs] near Las-Anod have run out of water for the first time in history, and prices [have] increased,"

Abandoned munitions endanger lives in Mali

18 Mar 2013

“We are strongly advising people not to return to their homes as the security conditions have not been met. [Clearing of] landmines [and UXO] would be one of the conditions for people to return. We urge them to remain where they are,”

From drought policy to reality

17 Mar 2013

“Droughts are becoming more prevalent and are an almost a permanent phenomenon in parts of Africa, punctuated by floods, leaving no recovery periods for vulnerable households,”

Keeping pastoralist children in school in Ethiopia

14 Mar 2013

. “During the flooding emergency that occurred in June 2012, around 3,196 girls dropped out of school. Most of the schools located in the seven woredas [districts] were flooded, with eventual destruction of all educational materials and school infrastructure,”

Cholera outbreak in Congo

14 Mar 2013

"People build and settle in prohibited areas, including [around] sewers, blocking the free flow of wastewater, which explains the repeated outbreaks of cholera,” he told IRIN. "To stop the disease… everyone - the authorities, NGOs and communities -...

In Africa, corruption dirties the water

14 Mar 2013

“The impact of corruption on the water sector is manifested by lack of sustainable delivery, inequitable investment and targeting of resources, and limited participation of affected communities in developmental processes,”

Analysis: How to tackle Mali’s crisis in the long term

11 Mar 2013

Since the beginning of the conflict in early 2012, an estimated 431,000 (260,665 IDPs and 170,313 refugees) have been displaced and 4.3 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian...

Syrians risk their health to keep warm

03 Mar 2013

“The smoke stinks terribly, and many people are suffering from respiratory problems and skin irritations because of it,” said a dentist in the eastern governorate Deir-ez-Zor, calling himself Abu Adnan. “But what can we do? We need warmth and we need...

Maize shortage renews debate over GM in Zimbabwe

03 Mar 2013

The grain milling industry in Zimbabwe, which includes maize-meal and livestock-feed manufacturers, says their current stocks will not last until the new harvest season in May-June. The country's Agricultural Marketing Association has warned the government...

The returns challenge in Mali

03 Mar 2013

- Nearly 3,000 Malians who fled towns and villages in the north when armed men occupied their homeland have headed home, but the vast majority are staying put in the south or in neighbouring countries, for fear of insecurity, reprisal killings, and...

Malnutrition persists alongside Mozambique's economic growth

03 Mar 2013

The country’s children die less from acute malnutrition than they did 10 or 20 years ago, but their quality of life remains poor.

Tropical Cyclone Haruna hits southwestern Madagascar

24 Feb 2013

According to the country’s National Disaster Risk Management Office (BNGRC), over 17,000 people have been affected by the storm, with 13 reported deaths and about 1,500 houses destroyed or flooded. Speed boats and traditional boats were mobilized over...

Five food issues to watch out for

14 Feb 2013

“The current low stocks for both wheat and maize are a reason for concern because even small shocks could cause panic and speculation in international markets and contribute to price volatility,”

“Utter destitution” for north Mali displaced: ICRC

14 Feb 2013

“The displaced… had to leave everything behind and are living in utter destitution,”

Becoming refugees once more: Palestinians from Syria return to Gaza

13 Feb 2013

More than 60 percent of the population does not have secure access to food,39 percent live under the poverty line,and 29 percent are unemployedMore than 60 percent of the population does not have secure access to food,39 percent live under the poverty...

Needs assessment fatigue in Bangladesh - less is more

31 Jan 2013

According to the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, Bangladesh is ranked one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, with cyclones striking coastal regions almost every year.

Palestinians face growing food crisis

29 Jan 2013

“Palestinian wages have not kept pace with inflation… Many poor Palestinians have exhausted their coping mechanisms (taking on loans, cutting back consumption) and are now much more vulnerable to small price increases than they were,”

Difficult recovery after Chad floods

28 Jan 2013

Though the water has since receded, thousands of Chadians remain homeless in the capital and in the countryside, where farms were flooded, crops ruined and pasture destroyed. Aid groups and the Chadian authorities provided immediate help but the search...

Rohingya in Thailand - safe for now

28 Jan 2013

The mainly Muslim Rohingya have long faced persecution in Myanmar, where they are de jure stateless under Burmese law; in Bangladesh most Rohingya refugees are unwelcome and face discrimination

Mozambique flooding creates displacement crisis

27 Jan 2013

Sitting under a large mango tree surrounded by a group of women and children, Guamba cooked two small pots of rice and beans over a fire. "We bought this on our own at the local market, and it is not enough for us all,” she said. “We are sleeping here...

Jakarta flooding highlights prevention gaps

23 Jan 2013

Heavy flooding in 2007 killed 57 people and displaced more than 420,000 in Jakarta. The authorities put the total damage that year at nearly US$695 million.

Chad's health system struggles to combat malnutrition

23 Jan 2013

“It’s good news that patients have stopped coming because we have less malnutrition, but on the other hand it’s also bad news because that means that since we as MSF are phasing out, access to this kind of care is very much reduced unless a new actor...

Food insecurity the next crisis for northern Mali

22 Jan 2013

Aid agencies are worried the blockages could aggravate already unusually high food insecurity levels in the north: of the 1.8 million people in the north, 585,000 are food insecure and more than 1.2 million are at risk of food insecurity, according...

South Africa searches for solutions to shack fires

22 Jan 2013

At least five people died and over 4,000 more were made homeless in Khayelitsha in the early hours of 1 January when a wall of fire, aided by strong winds, tore through an informal settlement called BM Section. Over a thousand shacks were burned to...

People return to battle-scarred Malian town of Diabaly

22 Jan 2013

Resident, Mariam Sissoko, was one of the first who had fled the fighting to return. “I no longer recognize Diabaly. Everywhere you look there are burnt-out cars and tanks, destroyed buildings, the stadium has been completely destroyed, frontless shops...

Analysis: The right to food in Bangladesh

22 Jan 2013

The 1996 World Food Summit defined food security as “when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food which meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life”.

Widespread flooding hits Southern Africa

21 Jan 2013

"In South Africa’s northern Limpopo Province, floodwaters claimed 10 lives and left hundreds stranded after the Limpopo River burst its banks. By 22 January, the rain had subsided, but rescue operations were still underway in Musina, near South Africa’s...

Indonesian Authorities Battle Floods in Jakarta, Death Toll Rises

19 Jan 2013

While life slowly got back to normal downtown, tens of thousands remained affected by the waters elsewhere in the city of 14 million people.

Humanitarians unable to access Mali combat zones

17 Jan 2013

“The market is closed, the streets are deserted. People who didn’t flee are like prisoners. They are too scared to leave their houses because of aerial bombardments. In some households there is nothing left to eat”

WASH woes for Myanmar's Rakhine IDPs

17 Jan 2013

“If we don’t act soon to provide WASH systems in Myebon and Pauk Taw particularly, the situation can be desperate in one or two months and can turn into a health crisis.”

Flooding compounds hunger fears in Malawi

16 Jan 2013

At least 9,000 households have been affected by flooding since October 2012, according to Gift Mafuleka, deputy director for the Department of Disaster Management Affairs. The flooding has so far resulted in three deaths and significant damage to property...

Fear, rumour and relief as air strikes continue in Mali

15 Jan 2013

“People are continuing to flee for the south for fear of reprisal killings from Islamists who are now assimilated among the local population, and for fear of French attacks,”

SYRIA: Mustafa, "The army came to my home to fire on the rebels from the veranda"

10 Jan 2013

During military operations in a given area, the army would close off entry and exit to the area for days at a time. Soldiers had visited before. Sometimes they asked for bread or simply helped themselves to food in the fridge.

Ermelo declared water disaster area

09 Jan 2013

"In the last six or seven weeks, we indicated, as a Municipality, that we are affected with a situation where two of our main dams, which is your Brummer and Douglas Dams that are actually the source of water of our area, particularly your Wesselton...

REFUGEES: The urban challenge

08 Jan 2013

“If you have a camp setting, it’s easier to count people, to provide a school, to provide a health centre. But for refugees, being in their own apartment, and being able to take their own decisions with cash assistance is preferred,”

JORDAN-SYRIA: Tempers flare as heavy rain pounds camp

07 Jan 2013

Za'atari camp's population has been rising quickly in recent weeks, with an average daily arrival of 1,100 people. It is now home to 54,000 Syrian refugees, according to official UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) registration figures, and 63,000 according...

3 Dead, 4000 homeless after New Year blazes

01 Jan 2013

The blaze destroyed 15 formal houses and left 220 shacks in smoldering ruins. According to Solomons-Johannes, 800 people have been left without homes

4,000 homeless after fires

31 Dec 2012

"The blaze destroyed over 800 shacks leaving more than 3,000 people homeless"

PAKISTAN: Struggling to provide for flood victims

26 Dec 2012

“Pakistan is the kind of country where different types of natural disasters can hit at any time. These last few years have been a big learning process for us, and we have tried to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated.”

DISASTERS: Asia's 2012 figures and trends

10 Dec 2012

The number of people living in flood-prone urban areas in East Asia may reach 67 million by 2060.

DISASTERS: Slow-onset disasters take toll

06 Dec 2012

“The persistent water-logging of the Satkhira region in the country’s southwest is currently the most significant slow-onset disaster plaguing the country.”

Analysis: Disasters waiting to happen

06 Dec 2012

"Disasters with very large impacts happen very rarely... This means that a much greater proportion of the risk is associated with rare events.”

Analysis: When lack of early warning becomes manslaughter

03 Dec 2012

“This trial and the verdict represent an extremely worrisome precedent that must be considered by scientists when offering their services in the interests of public safety,”

Natural disasters made history in 2011

26 Nov 2012

Doha is an important moment here to show the world that the most vulnerable are not left behind with the unavoidable consequences [of climate change]

EGYPT-OPT: Contingency planning, despite ceasefire

22 Nov 2012

People are putting together a plan, so that if more assistance needs to go in, everyone is ready and everyone knows their role

DRC: No power, little safe water in Goma

21 Nov 2012

Despite the risks, lake water has become a commodity. "We can't drink the rainwater because of the volcano," said a young man as he drew water from Lake Kivu to fill one of eight 20-litre jerrycans strapped to his bicycle

SRI LANKA: Scraping by with scrap

21 Nov 2012

As darkness spreads, men, women and even children approach the trucks to empty their small sacks of rusting pots, vehicle parts and other metals.

In-Depth: More to it than just land - lessons from Burundi

20 Nov 2012

More than half a million Burundian refugees have returned home over the last 10 years as the effects of a 2000 peace accord took hold. Many have returned to their land, and most have received assistance with shelter, food, health and education.

In-Depth: Imagining the future of migration

20 Nov 2012

To improve the long-term understanding of migration, RMMS has partnered with the International Migration Institute (IMI), at the University of Oxford, to explore possible scenarios for the future of migration in the Horn of Africa over the next 20...

MADAGASCAR: Sentenced to malnutrition

20 Nov 2012

The US State Department’s 2011 human rights report on Madagascar said chronic malnutrition affects as much as two-thirds of prisoners in some prisons and is the most common cause of inmate deaths.

LEBANON: Concern for Syrian refugees as winter approaches

20 Nov 2012

“It is very hard living in Lebanon, everything is too expensive and we can’t find jobs. And now I’m worried about the winter. We don’t have blankets, gas or heaters,”

Evacuate, Israel tells Gaza

19 Nov 2012

"A further escalation would be dangerous and tragic for Palestinians and Israelis."

OPT: Gaza hospitals need more drugs

18 Nov 2012

“It’s more dangerous now than before, and we expect that things will be worse if ground operations start”

Israel continues deadly Gaza air raids

18 Nov 2012

"Eight Palestinians killed as Israeli fighter jets hit Hamas government compounds, tunnels and power transformers".

SOUTH AFRICA: CLIMATE CHANGE: Fungi offer non-GM way to enhance food crops

08 Nov 2012

@Fungi and other microbes could enable food crops like maize, wheat and rice to grow in high temperatures and salty soils, and even withstand erratic rainfall, say microbiologists,"

MYANMAR: UN calls for urgent action on Rakhine

02 Nov 2012

"The needs of the displaced people in Rakhine are urgent,” UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Ashok Nigam told IRIN from Yangon.

Thousands quit Myanmar

27 Oct 2012

"Unless the authorities also start addressing the root causes of the violence, it is only likely to get worse"

Myanmar: 22,000 displaced

26 Oct 2012

More than 22,000 people from mainly Muslim communities have been displaced by fresh unrest in western Myanmar that has killed dozens and seen whole neighbourhoods razed.

Analysis: Not-so-open borders for Syrian refugees?

25 Oct 2012

"Over 10,000 desperate Syrians fleeing the terror of aerial bombardment and shelling are stuck on the Iraqi and Turkish borders, many living in miserable conditions."

TOGO: Simmering discontent ahead of polls

24 Oct 2012

“The situation is very worrying. The opposition is hardening its stance and the government doesn’t seem to be listening. Holding elections under such conditions is a risky bet and a threat to peace,”

SOUTH AFRICA: South Africans borrow to buy food

23 Oct 2012

"It is no longer that consumers are borrowing to buy a new car, but to get food on the table."

BANGLADESH: Where landslides are becoming a man-made disaster

23 Oct 2012

Over 100 people have been killed by landslides in Bangladesh this year alone, say local media.

Hundreds killed in Pakistan flooding

18 Oct 2012

350,000 people have been forced from their homes and another 4.7 million people affected by the flooding since August 22

BANGLADESH: Rohingya refugees face more restrictions

12 Oct 2012

Under Burmese law, they are de jure stateless and face constant persecution,say activists, while in Bangladesh they are barred from employment.

MYANMAR: Displaced Rohingya living "worse than animals"

03 Oct 2012

“Their condition is worse than animals.”

MALI: Struggling to deliver aid to rebel-held north

23 Sep 2012

lack of access to remote areas made it impossible to get a real idea of how many people had died during the crisis.

UGANDA: Patients go private as state sector crumbles

22 Sep 2012

The northern Amuru District, has a single state-employed doctor for a population of 234,000

SWAZILAND: Cattle die in the thousands

21 Sep 2012

"The cattle did not have any layer of body fat [due to malnourishment] to shield them from the cold and to use as energy to generate heat"

MALAWI: Shrinking lake threatens livelihoods

20 Sep 2012

"Even if the rains come, the chances of the lake coming back are low"

GAMBIA: Stepping up pressure on human rights

19 Sep 2012

“In the past you could go for years without knowing if a death had even taken place so it’s been a positive response,”

NIGER: Child mortality slashed

19 Sep 2012

More than 330,000 children under the age of five were at risk of malnutrition, it noted. A harsh drought and high food prices have left more than 18 million people in the Sahel facing starvation.

Donors lend a helping hand

13 Sep 2012

The Al-Imdaad Foundation handed food parcels to over 700 families ...

FOOD: Another strain of deadly wheat fungus in S.A

12 Sep 2012

Rising prices of staple grains have added momentum to efforts to control such outbreaks [of stem rust]

BANGLADESH: More data needed on child trafficking.

12 Sep 2012

“I don’t remember my parents’ name or address, but I remember they used to love me very much and I miss being at home,” said 14-year-old Mossamat Monira Begum.

FOOD: Recognising the African woman farmer

11 Sep 2012

"All too often, men think that work on gender means that they will lose out, and historically it is true that programmes focusing on women only have ignored men’s real needs"

OIC Delegation Concludes Its Visit Of Observation In Myanmar

10 Sep 2012

OIC Delegation Concludes Its Visit Of Observation In Myanmar

CHAD: Floods affect tens of thousands

06 Sep 2012

The floods have caused at least 13 deaths, affected 445,725 people and inundated about 255,720 hectares of cropland.

TOGO: Disease, death stalk cramped prisons

04 Sep 2012

Togo’s 12 prisons - many of them dilapidated - hold more than twice their designed capacity.

In Brief: CAR refugees face urgent needs in DRC

04 Sep 2012

"They lack both food and non-food items. The refugees are 5 times more numerous than the local population,”

PAKISTAN: IDPs escape conflict - not memories

04 Sep 2012

"I wept through the journey from my village to Jalozai. I never wanted to leave my home. I thought I would go back in 20 days. It has now been a year," she said, sitting in the courtyard of a makeshift tent compound.

SRI LANKA: Refugees in India reluctant to return

03 Sep 2012

“My relatives who have returned say `Don’t come. ‘There aren’t any jobs and the cost of living is too high’,”

LEBANON-SYRIA: The refugee minefield

02 Sep 2012

"We prefer to deal with this problem smoothly and quietly without any problem that might create [a] new civil war in Lebanon "

SYRIA: Politics trumps humanitarianism

31 Aug 2012

The humanitarian situation of hundreds of thousands of people in need of assistance inside Syria has been - as usual, aid workers would say - largely neglected.

PAKISTAN: Preparedness doubts for monsoon season

28 Aug 2012

The first heavy rains of the 2012 monsoon, which have claimed at least 26 lives in northern Pakistan over the past four days, with torrents sweeping away houses and inundating villages

Quraan offers hope to Disaster-stricken

27 Aug 2012

“At Al Imdaad, humanitarian aid is complete and quite holistic. Yes, we are giving people relief aid; emergency aid. At the same time we are also there to recite Quran for them."

Myanmar allows OIC mission to enter Arakan

16 Aug 2012

The Myanmar government gave the go ahead after a delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) met President of Myanmar Thein Sein in Yangon (Friday 10 August 2012)

BANGLADESH: Reactions to Rohingya service ban

05 Aug 2012

Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox's Bazar

Global Islamic body (OIC) urges aid to Myanmar Muslims

03 Aug 2012

Rohingya Muslims living in Malaysia hold placards during a rally in Kuala Lumpur.

UN calls for inquiry over Muslim massacre in Burma

31 Jul 2012

The UNHCR says that about 80,000 people had been displaced in and around the towns of Sittwe and Maungdaw.

SYRIA: Anticipating a hungry winter

24 Jul 2012

"Livelihoods are at risk of collapse"

PAKISTAN: Preparations for the monsoon

17 Jul 2012

"Without additional funds, humanitarian agencies will struggle to provide the necessary assistance to communities at risk of increased vulnerability from consecutive flooding in the past two years"

BANGLADESH: Floods leave thousands food insecure

11 Jul 2012

“We need to support the villagers now or we will face serious food shortages in the region soon”

Briefing: Crisis in North Kivu

10 Jul 2012

The total number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in eastern DRC topping two million for the first time since 2009

SRI LANKA: Donor interest in north waning

07 Jul 2012

SRI LANKA: Donor interest in north waning

AID POLICY: Accountability in Islam

05 Jul 2012

"If you are doing charity simply to fulfil your own requirement, then accountability is not there …Accountability is going to come when you are thinking from the perspective of the beneficiary"

Laylatul Baraa'ah Message from the CEO

04 Jul 2012

On this special night, we make dua for the people of Shaam (Syria) and wherever human beings are suffering. This is a night of forgiveness and we need to forgive one another and move on to a brighter future.

Operation Winter Warmth for eThekwini

30 Jun 2012

EThekwini Municipality in partnership with the Al-Imdaad Foundation donated 1200 blankets and 15 wheel chairs to needy residents during the launch of Operation Winter Warmth at Durban City Hall on Sunday, 01 July 2012.

In Brief: Rain in Comoros brings flooding, crop damage, disease

20 Jun 2012

“The rains were unheard of. Even the very old people told me that they have never seen anything like it in their life.”

BANGLADESH: Dhaka’s shrinking wetlands raise disaster risks

20 Jun 2012

“Nowadays, even an inch of rain will cause water-logging in Dhaka. Heavy rainfall can easily flood the whole city,” Rahman said.

COTE D'IVOIRE: "Everyone is looking for safety"

17 Jun 2012

"It's survival for the fittest. Everyone is looking for safety," said Fabrice Kouablan, a primary school teacher who fled to Duékoué after the attack on 8 June...

DISASTERS: Insuring against dry days in Africa

12 Jun 2012

”Early action can lead to direct cost savings on commodities and logistics, and prevent dislocation in markets. Evidence suggests the savings that result from early action could be significant”

PAKISTAN: Sindh 2011 flood victims brace for monsoon

11 Jun 2012

“I am currently living in a shack made of wood pieces, straw and plastic. How will my elderly parents and three small children survive these conditions when the rains come?

In Brief: DRC cholera outbreak worsens

07 Jun 2012

Limited access to safe water sources is a major problem in the DRC

INDONESIA: Report card on disaster preparedness

07 Jun 2012

Disaster's toll climbs; has readiness kept apace?

SYRIA: Laila, "I had to be smuggled into Jordan"

05 Jun 2012

“My husband put me and the children on a truck along with other women - all rebels’ wives. I feared that could be the last time I would see him.

DRC: IDPs weigh options as fighting rages in North Kivu

04 Jun 2012

“Close to 100,000 people have been uprooted from their homes by the recent wave of violence in… North Kivu.

BANGLADESH: 40,000 slum residents face eviction

21 May 2012

“We cannot sleep at night, not knowing whether we will be evicted the next day or not.”

IRAQ: Mine-free target of 2018 target will be missed

21 May 2012

IRAQ: Mine-free target of 2018 target will be missed

YEMEN: Struggling to get by

21 May 2012

“We can barely afford our necessities. Before, it was easy to afford things like milk, bread, water, and vegetables. Nowadays we can hardly afford these, and we avoid all the luxuries. Before, it was cheap and easy to get around in a taxi, but fares...

KENYA-SUDAN-SOUTH SUDAN: Back in Kakuma camp

21 May 2012

“We walked for 30 days to arrive here and the children are now tired. My mother died here the last time we were refugees. Now we are waiting for registration to start a new life again.”

AID POLICY: Supporting humanitarian innovations

20 May 2012

AID POLICY: Supporting humanitarian innovations

GAMBIA: Small country with a big crisis

17 May 2012

"Almost 60 percent of its people have been affected by food shortages - one million of the 1.7 million population are in need"

PAKISTAN: Measles outbreak linked to conflict

16 May 2012

Azmat Siddique, a doctor based at a clinic near Miramshah, said: ‘We need more help to tackle the problem." He said help was “unlikely to come”, given the situation in the agency.

PAKISTAN: Water woes compounded by internal disputes

16 May 2012

"There used to be a water-well near our village," said Manni Bibi, who lives in Khuzdar District in Balochistan. "But it has dried up and now the other women and I have to walk nearly 6km to fetch water from a pond.

DRC: North Kivu in turmoil again

15 May 2012

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the clashes have displaced 40,600 people since April. For many of them this is the third time they have been forced to flee their homes since the mid-1990s.

KENYA-SOMALIA: Life on the margins of Dadaab

15 May 2012

“I never thought it would be so difficult here in Dadaab. We are caught between scorching sun and flooding rain under tents that prevent none of them,” said Kadija at the Kambioos extension camp.

NEPAL: Government launches new malaria campaign

10 May 2012

"There were about 216 million malaria cases globally in 2010, with an estimated 655,000 deaths."

YEMEN: Alarm bells over worsening humanitarian crisis

07 May 2012

YEMEN: Alarm bells over worsening humanitarian crisis

PAKISTAN: Tough times for IDPs living outside camps

02 May 2012

PAKISTAN: Tough times for IDPs living outside camps

OPT: Blame game defers solution to Gaza's energy crisis

01 May 2012

OPT: Blame game defers solution to Gaza's energy crisis

Comoros: Aid workers arrive as emergency declared

01 May 2012

"nearly 50,000 people have been affected by the rains, including more than 9,000 who were forced to leave their homes."

LIBYA: Thousands still afraid to return home

30 Apr 2012

LIBYA: Thousands still afraid to return home

BANGLADESH: Jaheda Begum, "I can't feed my family"

30 Apr 2012

BANGLADESH: Jaheda Begum, "I can't feed my family"

ZIMBABWE: Dying rivers dry up livelihoods

24 Apr 2012

ZIMBABWE: Dying rivers dry up livelihoods

INDONESIA: No room for tsunami complacency

17 Apr 2012

INDONESIA: No room for tsunami complacency

Quake triggers Indian Ocean tsunami warning

10 Apr 2012

"Indonesia issued a tsunami warning after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Sumatra"

Food prices may go up

08 Apr 2012

On 4 April, fuel went up by 71 cents. Food prices and other necessities are likely to go up soon. The poor will be mostly affected by the price hikes

AIF busy in Syria

26 Mar 2012

Qari Ziyaad Patel, International Projects Coordinator and Trustee hands over a blanket and bedding to a Syrian refugee

Joint effort for Madagascar

21 Mar 2012

"Our emergency relief teams, accompanied by the Deputy Minister Mr Marius Fransman landed at the Antananarivo Military Base where we were received by the Government of Madagascar and the Army," Qari Patel reported.

MADAGASCAR: Tropical storm Irina claims 72 lives

11 Mar 2012

“Many houses are flooded and people are taking refuge in central locations. The population is at great risk from crop loss and people might well lose their livelihoods,”

Tropical storm Irina killed 72 in Madagascar

07 Mar 2012

More than 300,000 people on the island have been made homeless in two killer cyclones this year.

SYRIA: Towards better coordination of aid response

06 Mar 2012

"In the case of Syria, a large number of Islamic organizations want to do something, but they do not know how. If they find an answer to this question, they will do wonderful work "

Cyclone Irina wreaks havoc in KZN

04 Mar 2012

Hilton Sibiya in one of the houses that collapsed at the Kennedy Road informal settlement in Durban.

Traumatised Syrians flee to Jordan

02 Mar 2012

"Jordan, of course, has a long history of hosting and accommodating refugee populations, from Palestinians to Iraqis. "

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

24 Feb 2012

Traumatised Syrians flee to Jordan

MADAGASCAR: Giovanna struck with little warning

22 Feb 2012

" I've been through three cyclones so far, and this is the worst one yet. It went on the whole night "

High food prices lead to malnutrition

14 Feb 2012

“These children are just the tip of the iceberg, because in the world today, one child in every four is stunted or severely under grown due to malnutrition. In many countries, it’s one in three and even more than that.”

World lacks enough food, fuel - UN

31 Jan 2012

"Even by 2030, the world will need at least 50 percent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water."

Heavy rain, flooding hits Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces

19 Jan 2012

Heavy rains, flooding hits Mpumalanga & Limpopo Provinces

AIF to open ECDC in Bloemfontein

15 Jan 2012

"AIF is pleased to announce the handover of the ECDC in Mangaung in Bloemfontein will take place on Saturday, January 7 and will be attended by the honourable President, Jacob Zuma as the guest of honour."

President Zuma applauds AIF

10 Jan 2012

"Applauding the Foundation for its sterling efforts in striving to serve poor South Africans, Zuma urged AIF to ensure that its virtuous efforts continued beyond the ECDC. Premier of the Free State, Ace Magashile, who presided over the day’s proceedings,...

Media missed Turkish quake

20 Dec 2011

"It has also always been the policy of AIF to respond to those disasters where not much media hype has been achieved and also to deliver relief aid those areas where no aid has been delivered."

AIF of to Turkey

07 Dec 2011

"Whilst heart wrenching images surfaced, AIF worked hard behind the scenes with its partners in the region to assist those affected by this disaster. The team comprising members from our UK offices, as well as the media, is now heading to the city...

KZN downpour kills eight

29 Nov 2011

"At least eight people were reported dead, about 700 houses had been destroyed and thousands had been left displaced in KwaZulu-Natal, following last night’s heavy downpour, the eThekwini Disaster Management Unit said on Monday."

Earthquakes have a bigger health toll than other disasters

16 Nov 2011

"In the past decade, earthquakes have caused more than 780,000 deaths - almost 60% of all disaster-related mortality."


08 Nov 2011

"We take this opportunity to wish one and all a happy Eid Mubarak!"

TURKEY EARTHQUAKE: Teen found after four days

28 Oct 2011

" The Turkish authorities now say 570 people are known to have died in Sunday's 7.2-magnitude quake - more than 2,500 were injured."

OIC Alliance Pledges to Dig 682 Boreholes in Somalia

25 Oct 2011

"Twenty-seven organizations including Al Imdaad Foundation pledged to dig the boreholes in one year."

Somali Situation Better: AIF

18 Oct 2011

"Qatar Red Crescent’s director of health said to me that only a relief organization with high levels of skills, experience and capabilities is able to navigate the needs of the many in this country. "

Road 2 Somalia

11 Oct 2011

By Liqaat Tobias of Channel Islam International

AIF to send 3rd Mission to Somalia

19 Sep 2011

“This would be the third team AIF put together that will leave around 30 September and they will go into the areas in Mogadishu and other areas as well,” said AIF’s Qari Ziyaad Patel.

CEO’S EID MESSAGE - 1432/2011

30 Aug 2011

"As part of AIF’s humanitarian strategy towards the Somalian Famine Crisis , we have setup a field office in Mogadishu. This office will allow us to facilitate our humanitarian work in the region for at least the next 36 months and medium to long term...

AIF's Robust Response for Somalia

20 Aug 2011

AIF's 2nd relief team arrives in the region. Request duas for the success of this mission.

Ramadan Message from the CEO AIF

31 Jul 2011

" The cries of our starving children in Somalia are presently being resonated across the globe."

KENYA: Locals feel the strain as refugee numbers soar

16 Jul 2011

" About 1,300 Somalis are arriving at the Dadaab refugee camps in northeast Kenya every day. The help they are seeking - refuge from a severe drought and the effects of years of conflict"

Food Parcels Distributed to Bay Flood Victims

15 Jun 2011

" Community members of different areas are in deep distress as many people do not know where they will be sleeping tomorrow, because many shacks and poorly built RDP houses have been washed away completely."

AIF comes to the aid of the Windy City after flash floods

10 Jun 2011

"Apart from witnessing the destruction caused by the floods, the team also witnessed the poor and sordid living conditions of the people of these areas."


10 Jun 2011

"On the outskirts of Uitenhage yesterday, five schoolchildren and three teachers had to be airlifted to safety after the bridge across the Palmiet River collapsed. "

AIF Timeline of Events - WINTER WARM 2011

05 Jun 2011


AIF Winter Gets Started

27 May 2011

"The project is set to run throughout winter, as 50,000 blankets is a lot to distribute, compared to last year when the organisation distributed 35,000 blankets to areas around the country."

A Veiled Women alongside the AIF Serve Humanity

19 May 2011

Ayesha was a source of astonishment for a female Polish journalists that she met while at Choucha Refugee camp. Ayesha recounts, “She said that she was shocked to find a veiled woman alongside an aid agency assisting in the refugee camp.”

Serving Humanity from Behind the Veil

16 May 2011

“She said that she was shocked to find a woman in hijaab carrying out aid work in a refugee camp.” She was so taken with Ayesha’s dedication that she took numerous photographs and asked probing questions about Islam.

2010 Disasters Which Affected the most People

10 May 2011

2010 Disasters which affected the most people

Milestone for AIF

27 Apr 2011

"BLOG by Qari Ziyaad Patel from the Libyan-Tunisian border"

'Leaving behind whatever dies’

15 Apr 2011

The severe drought in Ethiopia has made headline news. But it has also scorched northern Somalia – a region far less able to cope with the impact.

Hectic period for AIF

14 Apr 2011

"As the winter season sets in, the AIF is gearing up for a robust winter warmth distribution across all nine provinces and plan to roll out some 50 000 quality blankets countrywide."

CEO's Message - April 2011

11 Apr 2011

"Alhumdulilah, we are extremely humbled and pleased to announce the 4th International office of the Al-Imdaad Foundation."

Stranded at the border - and frustrated

07 Apr 2011

"In all, 174,176 people have crossed from Libya to Egypt in the past five weeks, including 281 with injuries. In the last few days 2,500 Libyans have been crossing each day, according to UNHCR. "

Libya Needs Holistic Approach

25 Mar 2011

"It is indeed a heartfelt sight to see so many men, women and children disorientated and stateless," said AIF spokesperson, Qari Ziyaad Patel"

AIF reaches out in Libya

20 Mar 2011

"According to AIF spokesperson, Qari Ziyaad Patel, thousands of refugees have fled to the borders of Tunians and Egypt with little or no belongings, desperately fearing for their lives. This has urged the international community to respond."

Deadly Tsunami hits North-Eastern Japan after massive Quake

09 Mar 2011

A tsunami warning covers Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, the Pacific coast of Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and also Central and South America

2 Million Litres water for Beaufort West

08 Mar 2011

"As you enter Beaufort West and drive over the bridge where a river is supposed to be, you will notice that there is only rubble. The area is scorching hot and in dire need of rain urgently and we contniue to make Duah that this will happen soon."

Beaufort West thanks AIF & the Muslims of SA

01 Mar 2011

"The AIF team then attended a town council meeting at which it was awarded with the Freedom of Beaufort West award, a very special and lofty status to be honoured with. "

AIF Helps Pakistan Blind

09 Feb 2011

"We have undertaken different projects for emergency relief in Pakistan. However, this project is focused on the blind. There are 1.8 million blind and partially sighted people in Pakistan."

2010's Most Devastating Disasters

24 Jan 2011

2010's most devastating disasters

AIF continue relief efforts

09 Jan 2011

" In the past week it came to the rescue of people affected in Newcastle, Ladysmith and Dannhauser, assisting with relocations and providing food to those in need."

Beaufort west Water Crisis

19 Dec 2010

"The municipality has restricted its community to twelve Kilolitres per household per month and completely cuts the water supply every thirty-six hours"

Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Shatiri & QZP Tour - United Kingdom

27 Nov 2010

Hear more about the activities of the Al-Imdaad Foundation on this ground breaking tour

Haj a time of wonder for young S. African revert

16 Nov 2010

"Among them was a call from Yaqoob Vahed of Al-Imdaad Foundation. He instantly announced that he would sponsor my Haj trip next year. That is how I am here."


13 Nov 2010

“It is neither their flesh nor their blood that reaches ALLAH; it is your piety that reaches Him,”

Merapi's Latest Eruption Pushes Death Toll to 156

09 Nov 2010

"Merapi's deadly eruptions continue as Indonesia struggles to recover from a 7.7-magnitude earthquake that triggered a 10-foot (3-meter) tsunami."

Indonesia tsunami deaths increase after Sumatra quake

25 Oct 2010

"Our latest data from the crisis centre showed that 108 people have been killed and 502 are still missing."


19 Oct 2010

"20 million affected by devastating floods and the Al –Imdaad Foundation was the first South African NGO to respond to the Pakistan floods in late July 2010"

Supertyphoon Megi weakens

18 Oct 2010

"Megi caused landslides that led to the closure of main roads, inundated farmlands and damaged power lines that caused widespread black outs in northern Philippines."

My Very First Aid Mission alongside AIF

06 Oct 2010

" Al Imdaad has brought 330 tons of relief aid to Pakistan on this leg of their ongoing missions to Pakistan. The respect and cooperation from officials from all walks of the country speak alone of the significance of this aid, the difference that...

Flood like no other: Morton

03 Oct 2010

After three days of visiting villages in the flood-ravaged Punjab province in Pakistan, VOC News senior journalist and Drivetime presenter Shafiq Morton reported on Wednesday that damage is widespread, unlike he or relief agency, the Al Imdaad Foundation...

More than 1,000 homeless after Alex shack fire

03 Oct 2010

More than 1,000 homeless after Alex shack fire by Phakamile Hlube

"Floods; act of God" by Shafiq Morton

03 Oct 2010

EXCLUSIVE: VOC News senior journalist and Drivetime presenter Shafiq Morton is in Pakistan, travelling along with the Al Imdaad Foundation, on its latest aid mission to the flood-ravaged region. This is his account of his fifth day on the road, delivering...

"Aid needed desperately" by Shafiq Morton

03 Oct 2010

A delegation of ulema, relief workers and journalists travelling on board an aid mission to Pakistan with the Al Imdaad Foundation met the Federal Minister of Education in Islamabad on Monday evening. According to VOC News senior journalist and Drivetime...

Aid mission heads to Punjab - by Shafiq Morton

27 Sep 2010

VOC News senior journalist and Drivetime presenter Shafiq Morton is in Pakistan, travelling along with the Al Imdaad Foundation on its latest aid mission to the flood-ravaged region. This is his account of his second day on the road, delivering aid.

National Coordinator's Eid Message

09 Sep 2010

National Coordinator's Eid Message

Pakistan - AIF Situation Update - 8/9/2010

07 Sep 2010

Pakistan - AIF Situation Update - 8/9/2010

First-Hand Account of Flood Disaster by M.H Sader

01 Sep 2010

First-Hand Account of Pakistan Flood Disaster by M.H Sader, AIF Team Member

Pakistan Flood Relief Situation Update - 28 August 2010

28 Aug 2010

28/8/2010 - Pakistan Flood Relief Situation Update

Pakistan Floods - AIF takes the lead

27 Aug 2010

Pakistan Floods - AIF takes the lead

National Coordinator's Message

26 Jul 2010

Ramadan Message from the National Coordinator of the Al-Imdaad Foundation

AIF kicks off SLICE4LIFE campaign in KZN

25 Jul 2010

Hungry Patients relieved after receiving sandwiches

Ramadan is a Special Time for All Muslims

23 Jul 2010

Poor Muslim Families look foward to AIF's Pre-Ramadan Food Hamper

AIF Launches Vlakfontein ECD Centre

17 Jul 2010

The Al-Imdaad Foundation successfully delivered the AIF Vlakfontein Early Childhood Development Centre

AIF Adheres to Call from Disaster Managment

24 Jun 2010

AIF assist homeless fire victims from Alexandra Township, Johannesburg

AIF gears up for the cold

14 May 2010

Operation Winter Warmth 2010 Kicks Off!

AIF contributes to the African Rennaisance

17 Mar 2010

AIF opens DRC hospital

AIF's Humanitarian Role in Haiti

14 Feb 2010

AIF's Humanitarian Role in Haiti

AIF Responds to the Earthquake in Haiti

21 Jan 2010

AIF delivers over 100 tons of aid in Port-au-Prince

AIF's Annual Winter Warmth Campaign

15 Jul 2009

AIF warms hearts and smiles this winter

AIF send tons of Food Aid to Zimbabwe

21 Feb 2009

Zimbabweans rely on neighbouring South Africans for basic commodities

Year End Crisis in Gaza

29 Jan 2009

AIF responds on the third day of the Bombardment making it the first South Afrcian NGO to respond to the crisis

NIGER: Famine looms, but no help coming

26 May 2005

Dakar, 27 May 2005 (IRIN) - While Niger's food situation deteriorates by the day at the onset of the lean season, emergency funds requested to alleviate the plight of villagers forced to eat wild fruit and scavenge in ant-hills have failed to come,...

Fishermen suffered huge material toll from tsunami, UN figures show

12 Jan 2005

13 January 2005 – The Indian Ocean tsunami disaster that came from the sea exacted an inordinate toll from those that live from the sea beyond its deadly haul of 160,000 lives, destroying tens of thousands of fishing boats and other equipment that...

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