05 Jun 2011


AIF TIMELINE FOR ITS ROBUST WINTER WARMTH OPERATION 2011 1. 27 February 2011 - NIGEL, MPUMALANGA: AIF distributes quality blankets to orphans at the Ansaar Orphanage in Nigel, Gauteng. 2. 3 March 2011 - JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG: AIF team handover blankets to homeless refugees in Johannesburg as part of it's Operation Winter Warmth Campaign 2011. 3. 16 April 2011 - MVEZO, EASTERN CAPE: A team of AIF personnel visit Mvezo, Transkei, Mandela's Birthplace and distributes blankets to the people of the area. In addition, food items were also distributed. Members of the Mandela family, various community leaders and chieftains were also present at the distribution. 4. 4 May 2011 - LEHAE, GAUTENG: Lehae, a poor impoverished township in the southern part of Johannesburg welcomed the warm blankets distributed to them by AIF. This was warmly received by one and all. Young children were also pleased to receive warm hats and gloves as part of AIF's operation Winter Warmth Campaign 2011. 5. 8 May 2011 - LADYSMITH, KZN: The Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMA) held a Health Awareness Programme in Ladysmith, KZN. As part of the programme, the AIF in conjunction with the IMA distributed blankets, warm hats and gloves. The poor patients received blankets while the kids received warm hats and gloves at the health event. The recipients were glad by the gesture. The IMA also thanked the AIF for its initiative in bringing warmth to the poor and destitute this winter. 6. 14 May 2011 - JANE FURSE, LIMPOPO PROVINCE: AIF distributes blankets in Jane Furse, Northern Province. An area which is truly impoverished. The are approximately 6000 orphans and child headed households in this area. AIF conducted a blanket distribution in Jane Furse as part of its operation winter warmth 2011 campaign. AIF featured on Sekhakane Radio for its contributions and helping to uplift the condition of the people of this poor area. 7. 15 May 2011 - MAKOPANE, LIMPOPO PROVINCE: AIF distributed blankets in Lebowakgomo. Members of the Lepelle-Nkumbi Municipality were also present to lend a hand of help to the AIF team. The mayor of the municipality also thanked AIF and the Muslim community for its contributions and not forgetting the plight of fellow South Africans. 8. 21 May 2011 - ALEXANDRA TOWNSHIP, GAUTENG: AIF conducts an assessment of the Alexandra Township, Gauteng with youth from the Marlboro Youth Forum (MYF). The youth were given the opportunity to witness first hand poverty at the footstep of their very own community. Various relief teams comprising of youth visited shacks, homes and informal structures in Alexandra issuing vouchers for blankets. Youngsters were touched and many of their perceptions were changed after their visit to the Alexandra Township. Some have also said that their now appreciate the many blessings bestowed upon them and are convinced that they are much more fortunate than others around them. The community of Alexandra were happy and pleased by this initiative. This initiative will be followed up with a blanket distribution in Marlboro tomorrow. 9. 22 May 2011 - MARLBORO, GAUTENG: A well organized blanket distribution was carried out in Marlboro, Gauteng. The distribution took place from the Marlboro Mosque complex. Residents of Alexandra who were issued with vouchers the previous day were invited to the mosque from where the blanket distribution was conducted. Recipients began arriving early and were also treated to light snacks. Recipients had to provide proof of identification and the vouchers that were issued to them the previous day. Upon signing the AIF track sheet, they then received their blankets. The local media also covered the event. 10. 25 May 2011 - ZAMIMPILO INFORMAL SETTLEMENT, GAUTENG: AIF distributed blankets, beanies and gloves at the Zamimpilo Informal Settlement in Johannesburg, Gauteng today. The day was exceptionally cold with a cold front beginning to grip South Africa. The recipients were glad at the blankest and also indicated that the winter warmers had come at the right time. 11. 28 May 2011: STRAND & KHAYALITSHA, WESTERN CAPE: A successful distribution of blankets took place in Strand with the assistance of Al-Miftaah. Another distribution took place in Khayalitsha as well. The Cape is known to get very cold in the winter and the blankets were warmly received by the recipients. 12. 29 May 2011 - MITCHELLS PLAIN, WESTERN CAPE: The distribution started on a cold morning at 10am. An illegal occupation site in Mitchells Plain was identified and its inhabitants were given warm blankets. 13. 29 May 2011 - KHAYALITSHA, WESTERN CAPE: Another distribution took place in Khayalitsha. This was done in conjunction with the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC). Moulana Abdul Khalek, the Secretary General of the MJC was present at this distribution. The day was quite cold and the much needed blankets came in quite handy. Recipients displayed true appreciation and satisfaction for the kind gesture displayed towards them especially in these harsh days of winter. 14. 29 May 2011 - BONTEHEUWEL, WESTERN CAPE: This distribution really touched hearts as AIF winter warmers were distributed to the old, weak and frail citizens. The old and weak were identified as recipients as part of AIF Operation Winter Warmth 2011 campaign in the suburb of Bonteheuwel. This suburb is home to many poor and needy citizens. 15. 29 May 2011 - MANKWENG, LIMPOPO PROVINCE: AIF planned a community initiative in Polokwane as part of its Operation Winter Warmth 2011 campaign. The community were give an opportunity to experience the distribution of relief aid and blankets at grass root level. This also gave the community an insight to the plight of fellow South African and what humanitarian work entails. The community also learnt as to what the AIF relief teams do on a frequent basis. The day was a memorable day for the young and old as all were given an opportunity put a smile on the faces of fellow South Africans. The community of MANKWENG was the first community that was visited and a blanket distribution was conducted. Shoes were also distributed to poor school learners. Community leaders were also present and praised the AIF initiative and thanked the community of Polokwane for visiting them. 16. 29 May 2011 - MATOK, LIMPOPO PROVINCE: The AIF convoy proceeded to the area of MATOK. The local chief of the area was also present at the distribution and welcomed the AIF team and the community of Polokwane. He also thanked the AIF and the community of Polokwane for remembering them in these cold days. Blankets were distributed in MATOK and the crowds of recipients ululated out of happiness 17. 30 & 31 May 2011 - EAST LONDON, PORT ELIZABETH, QUEENSTOWN, KING WILLIAMS TOWN, SCHORNVILLE, EASTERN CAPE: The first of the many distributions to take place in one of the most under-developed provinces of South Africa-Eastern Cape was kick-started in East London. This set the trend for the many distributions to follow in the Eastern Cape. Various areas were covered and many communities benefitted from AIF’s Operation Winter Warmth 2011. The province of Eastern Cape was earmarked by AIF for major blanket distributions knowing well the poor state of the province. 18. 4 June 2011 - MAMELODI, TSHWANE: GAUTENG: A distribution took place in Mamelodi, north east of Pretoria to poor residents of the area. Community leaders and certain figures of governmental were also present. Various national media covered the event. AIF received resounding praise for bringing relief to this poor community in these days of winter.
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