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27 Aug 2012

“At Al Imdaad, humanitarian aid is complete and quite holistic. Yes, we are giving people relief aid; emergency aid. At the same time we are also there to recite Quran for them."

Buraydah RA narrates in a Hadith of Muhammad SAW, recorded in Musnad Ahmad, that the Quraan, taking the form of a man, will appear to its reciter on the Day of Resurrection conveying an important message. “I am your companion the Qur’aan, who kept you thirsty on hot days and kept you awake at night. Every merchant benefits from his business and today you will benefit from your good deeds,” it will announce. The reciter and his parents will then be graciously clothed with immaculate garments of honour whereupon the servant of the Quraan would be told, ‘Recite and ascend in the degrees of Paradise.’ It is said he would continue to ascend so long as he remains reciting. Whilst others would be swamped by the great terrors of the Day of Judgement and have none to call upon, at that critical time the Quraan, according to the authentic Ahadeeth, would intervene to intercede for its reciters. The companionship of the Quraan would thus prove to be a great boon to the believers on that day when no other worldly affiliation would prove beneficial. However, such companionship is not totally exclusive to the Hereafter. Even in this world, in periods of trial and disaster, the Quraan is ever at hand to offer solace and reassurance. Ask Qari Ziyaad Patel all about it. The well known humanitarian aid worker and reciter of the Quraan recently told me that the recital of the Quraan always accompanied him on important aid missions abroad. “In all my travels – whether Quran related or humanitarian related – I have always been able to recite the Quran. What I have noticed with the Quran when you visit these disaster zones are recite the Quran, this actually brings solace to their hearts, it brings calmness to their hearts and they really appreciate it.” He said the approach adopted by his organisation towards disaster relief never eschewed the element of delivering spiritual relief too. “At Al Imdaad, humanitarian aid is complete and quite holistic. Yes, we are giving people relief aid; emergency aid. At the same time we are also there to recite Quran for them. Recently we were in Syria, we were figuring out what was one of the best ways to help these people cope with their emotions, disappointments and pain. Alhamdulillah, with the Quraan, by reciting Quraan for them at the various distributions we have(we start off with the recitation of Quraan al Kareem), it softens them up and it gives them the connection with Allah.” A seasoned traveller, Qari Ziyaad said he had been blessed with many memorable opportunities to recite the Quraan for those afflicted in disaster zones. “Whether in Haiti for a small group of Muslims, Indonesia to a large group of Muslims and recently on the borders of Jordan, we will continue reciting the Quraan to penetrate the hearts of those who have been afflicted.” He explained that many victims he had encountered were not fortunate enough to be able to listen to the Quraan regularly. “We are so blessed that we have so many Hufaaz. In other parts of the world there may hardly be any Muslims. Many a time you are reciting for people who have only heard about the Quraan but haven’t heard the words of the Quraan.” He says the ecstasy experienced by both the listener and reciter of the Quraan in such situations is immeasurable. “When you recite for those people it is like the first time they are absorbing the Quraan into their hearts and souls. When you witness that, the effect that that has on you is something that no words in the dictionary can explain. And that’s why wherever I go to in the world, I always look forward to reciting the Quraan. Reciting in those areas is where the real enjoyment is indeed.” Qari Ziyaad Patel on an Al-Imdaad relief mission in Haiti Qari Ziyaad related an anecdote that occured during an Al Imdaad mission to earthquake-stricken Haiti in 2010. A non Muslim volunteer from the Dominican Republic was eager to join the relief team and was granted the opportunity. “He was a person who hardly had heard the Arabic language,” describes Qari Ziyaad. However, he had a thirst to always listen to the words of the Quraan. “He used to plead to me to recite ‘Please recite the Quraan for us, please recite – I don’t know what you are reading but it has an effect on me,’ ” he remembers. Qari Ziyaad says he was recently contacted again with an unique request from the Dominican Republic. “The same individual called and said, ‘Whatever recitals of yours you have out there, please send it to me, send me some Youtube links.’ “ “I was joking with him and said, ‘But of what worth is it to you.You do not understand Arabic.’ So he said to me – I still remember the Haiti days, you were reciting the Quraan … and it has some effect on me and therefore I am urging you, at this time in my life I really need it, I need to hear those words again.” Qari Ziyaad says recordings were recently dispatched to the Dominican Republic together with a translation of the Quraan. “I urged him to take an opportunity to also look at the meaning of these words that he is listening to.” Ibn Mas’ud reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “If any servant of Allah afflicted with distress or grief makes this supplication, his supplication will be accepted: ‘O Allah, I am Your servant, son of Your servant, son of your maidservant. My forehead is in Your hand. Your command concerning me prevails, and Your decision concerning me is just. I call upon You by every one of the beautiful names by which You have described Yourself, or which You have revealed in Your book, or have taught anyone of Your creatures, or which You have chosen to keep in the knowledge of the unseen with You, to make the Qur’an the delight of my heart, the light of my breast, and remover of my griefs, sorrows, and afflictions‘.” A supplication in these words will be answered. Allah will remove one’s affliction and replace it with joy and happiness. (Ahmad and Ibn Hibban)
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