21 Jan 2010

AIF delivers over 100 tons of aid in Port-au-Prince

"The sight on entering Port au Prince in Haiti was devastating. The building looked as if they had imploded and there were just bodies everywhere." That is the way that projects co-ordinator for the Al Imdaad Foundation (AIF), Qaari Ziyaad Patel, described the after effects of a devastating earthquake in January. Shortly after the quake struck in January, killing some 300,000 people, AIF sent food, aid and water to Port au Prince. A convoy of high value food packages, water, gas stoves, water buckets were sent to the quake stricken country. "We prepared a package for 20,000 people of about 100 tonnes. The aid which was required for eight weeks, was distributed to areas which had not received any form of help. Some people did not have anything to eat for the last two weeks. The distribution areas were chaotic. In the end it was distributed from the masajid in Port au Prince," Patel explained. "The first phase of relief was sent in the form of water and food. The 2nd phase will now be implemented, which will include the reconstruction and building of homes. We have managed to procure land just out of Port au Prince. This has been done by the Darul Uloom inTrinidad Tobago. The land will be used to build a masjid, a madrassa and 50 homes," he enthused. Water According to Patel, a team will follow up on the building project to see how far things are progressing. An AIF representative based outside Port au Prince will oversee the project as well. "One of the major concerns for those living in Haiti is water, at the ‘Al-Imdaad Village' we will be constructing boreholes for those residing there. We distributed water even in areas where no food distribution was given," Patel reported. At present the AIF has a representative in Chile to oversee relief action. The foundation also has established offices in Australia, Jordan and Indonesia. Earlier this month, Turkey also suffered a devastating earthquake. Patel said the AIF - as part of a group that looks at natural disasters - was still assessing the situation in Turkey. "If Turkey doe s needs any aid a proposal will be made. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, we have a delegation set for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where we managed to build a hospital. The opening ceremony will be held there and different heads of state from all over Africa will attend," Patel stated. Meanwhile, anyone interested in getting involved in the AIF's relief efforts, can contact their 24 hour call centre on 0861 786 243 or visit, where the banking details will be available as well.
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