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Eid Clothes 2022

30 Apr 2022

For families struggling in the face of debilitating poverty, the usual joy and celebration associated with festivals and occasions is often much less possible. Whether these families are in our own society or across the world, it is our duty to help ensure they too can celebrate. The lessons we learn...

Spread the Winds of Generosity

06 May 2022

During the month of Ramadan, the Holy Prophet PBUH was more generous than the gushing wind. This Ramadan we’re aiming to follow his noble legacy by spreading the winds of generosity in 40 countries across the world. Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Ramadan hamper campaign...

Afghanistan Appeal

04 Mar 2022

Severe drought, economic collapse and decades of conflict have pushed Afghanistan to the brink. Acute hunger is at record levels with over 24 million people in need of lifesaving assistance and millions knocking on famines door. Over half of all children are expected to be malnourished in 2022 including...

Global Winter Warmth 2021

23 Mar 2022

In the most vulnerable societies, winter is a dreaded burden. Millions of children are ill-equipped to deal with plunging temperatures and wet, often freezing conditions. That’s why this year Al-Imdaad Foundation's Global Winter Warmth campaign will provide...


12 Oct 2021

At least 2.1 million people in Kenya are currently experiencing severe food insecurity in Kenya, with this number expected to rise to 2.4 million by November. This is almost triple the number at the same time last year. A national drought disaster was declared by...

Lebanon Economic Crisis

23 Mar 2022

Poverty in Lebanon now affects over 80% of the population. Devastating economic collapse has led to a 281% rise in inflation and heightened deprivation in most sectors. The change has been dramatic, and the average standard of living has dropped rapidly with most families now struggling to access...

Haiti Quake

11 Nov 2021

Humanitarian needs have escalated following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in southwestern Haiti on August 14th, 2021. Over 2000 people have been confirmed dead with over 332 missing and the toll expected to rise further. Thousands have also been injured and local hospitals...


23 Mar 2022

The DR Congo was recently identified as the location of the world’s largest hunger crisis with the largest number of people facing food insecurity. There are 27.3 million highly food-insecure people across 26 provinces of the DRC and some 5.2 million people displaced by the simmering conflict. Despite...


15 Sep 2021

In Gaza, years of blockade and recurrent cycles of hostilities have had a severe impact on local infrastructure, delivery of services, available livelihood opportunities and the ability of families to cope. Palestinians in Gaza are locked in and unable to travel to other parts of the Palestinian territories...

Rebuilding in Bangladesh

23 Mar 2022

When Cyclone Amphan struck Bangladesh in May 2020, over a million people were affected, 350 000+ homes were damaged, and more than 60 000 homes were completely destroyed. Over a 100 000 more faced intensive monsoon flooding in August 2020 which caused even further damage. Affected families in coastal...

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