Vision4Life eye-care programme

30 Oct 2017

The new phase of the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s Vision4Life eye care programme has been launched with the establishment of an onsite eye care clinic at the Al-Imdaad Foundation’s offices in the Sherwood area of Durban. The new phase follows on the success of a volunteer driven cataract surgery campaign that has benefitted many patients since 2014. The new phase involves the screening of patients from disadvantaged schools, old age homes and other areas where effective treatment may be difficult to...

Operation Sukuma Sakhe

31 Dec 2015

Operation Sukuma Sakhe began as the poverty eradication wing of the KZN government first spearheaded by former premier Dr Zweli Mkhize. It aims to make meaningful household interventions on poverty possible and to address the needs of the most vulnerable and deprived communities and households. In this way it seeks to make rural development and sustainable livelihood a realizable vision and to create opportunities for skills development and employment. Operation Sukuma Sakhe aims to rebuild...

#Operation Winter Warmth 2018

09 May 2018

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures begin to drop and we all take out our big puffy jackets and extra blankets. For some, the winter is about turning the switch on the heater, but for many South Africans winter is an added burden to an already difficult life. According to recent statistics, more than 55% percent of South Africans live in poverty, placing them in a very vulnerable situation with the onset of the cold. They cannot buy those warm clothes for their young child and they...

Fidya, Kaffara, Fitra

31 Oct 2017

In certain circumstances, Muslims are required to make expiatory payments to cover outstanding aspects of ritual worship or atone for intentional breaking of fasts without valid excuse. Al-Imdaad Foundation is able to facilitate these payments which often involve feeding programmes for needy communities. Fitra payments, which are obligatory charities disbursed after the month of Ramadan are also facilitated. Please see response tab for more details.

Cape Town Water Crisis

02 Mar 2018

Three years of failed rains have created a crisis in the Western Cape with dams at critically low levels. Studies show that the period 2015-2017 was the driest in the area in the past 84 years, leading to the desperate situation we see today. Currently, communities in Cape Town are facing the looming threat of DAY ZERO, when taps will run completely dry and residents will be forced to queue in long lines. The social, economic, and consequences for quality of life, could be drastic. Al-Imdaad Foundation...

UK Volunteers in South Africa 2018

15 Jan 2018

A delegation of volunteers from Al-Imdaad Foundation UK kicked off 2018 with a series of humanitarian activities in South Africa. The team reached out to the elderly, disabled, orphans and many other vulnerable groups during their visit. They engaged in a wide range of projects including feeding programmes, boreholes and water tank installations, disability support and other key programmes.

Back2School 2018

03 Jan 2018

The beginning of the new school year is a time of mixed emotions. For some students it is a time of excitement for others it is a time of embarrassment and dread. Students who cannot afford stationery or school bags often feel very shy about their situation. These feelings can negatively impact on their concentration and overall performance. This is not even considering the actual negative effects their lack of stationery has on their ability to engage in their school day activities. Sometimes...

Education Programmes in South Africa

27 Oct 2017

The Al-Imdaad Foundation’s education projects in South Africa have been ongoing for many years now and in that period the foundation has been able to support students and learners across educational levels from the early childhood development phase right until tertiary education. Through a number of projects which range from the establishment of specialised early childhood development centres, the provision of stationery and school bags, the furnishing of crèches and the provision of bursaries...

Local Emergency Relief

05 Jan 2018

Al-Imdaad Foundation teams operating from various local provincial branches regularly respond to small scale incidents that affect vulnerable communities. Oftentimes it is those who are already the worst off in terms of their economic standing that suffer most in heavy rains, hailstorms or fires. Our teams ensure that these people are not forgotten by conducting distributions of blankets, mattresses, hygiene packs and other essentials in the aftermath of their negative experiences.

SA Storm Relief

05 Jan 2018

The week starting Monday 9th October 2017, was a busy one in disaster relief for Al-Imdaad Foundation teams in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. Freak weather storms had battered Gauteng on Monday before moving over coastal KwaZulu-Natal by Tuesday morning. In Gauteng, roofs were blown off malls, scores were displaced and widespread flooding and hail damage was reported, with the worst affected areas in Ekurhuleni Metro and Mogale City. Al-Imdaad Foundation teams were quick to respond in coordination...

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