07 Feb 2012

Xenophobic attacks in Welkom and Odendaalsrus

Al-Imdaad Foundation responds to Xenophobic attacks in Welkom and Odendaalsrus

05 Feb 2012

In a spate of Xenophobic attacks, foreign nationals were attacked with their shops and homes being looted in the towns of Welkom and Odendaalsrus. More than 250 Bangladeshi shop owners were left displaced with many sustaining injuries after disgruntled youth unable to acquire jobs at the local mines turned on the foreign businessman. Working with the Department of Social Development and Lejweleputswa District Municipality, The Alimdaad Foundation responded to the displaced by providing 3 hot meals a day for the entire duration of their displacement. These highly nutritious meals were also accompanied with water and sanitation packs. Working with the Goldfields Muslim Jamaat, The Al Imdaad Foundation also intends to assist victims by introducing society re-integration programmes.