03 Mar 2011

A Humanitarian Crisis


05 Mar 2011

1. 3 MARCH 2011: Assessment being carried out by Al-Imdaad Foundation's office in Jordan. 2. 7 MARCH 2011: AIF will carry out vital humanitarian operations on the Tunisian border with Libya as well as the Egyptian border with Libya. All sytem in place and teams are ready to be deployed. Request duas! 3. 21 March 2011: AIF has been extremely active at the Choucha Refugee Camp in Tunisia. It has setup base at the refugee camp and is rendering relief aid to the thousands of refugees stationed there. 4. 22 March 2011: As part of AIF's holistic approach, another team is busy at the Sallum Border Post on the Egyptian-Libyan side assisting refugees fleeing the violence in Benghazi. 5. 27 March 2011: Daily feeding and distributions are taking place from the AIF base at the Choucha Refugee Camp 6. 29 March 2011: The AIF team meet with the South African Ambassador and embassy staff at the South African Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia. A full report back of AIF's activities with regards to the project is presented to the Ambassador, H E Lucas Don NGAKANE and staff. The Ambassador commends and congratulates the team for it's sterling efforts in representing South Africa and making a difference to the lives of people at home and abroad.

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