26 Oct 2009

Consider donating to our social welfare fund today and help us address the needs of those struggling to make ends meet in our own communities

There many people who fall through the cracks in society and struggle to get by day to day due to illness, disability, unemployment or social exclusion. While the ideal is always to empower communities and individuals to be self-sufficient, the Al-Imdaad Foundation understands that the poverty that stares so many South Africans in the face every day is a harsh reality difficult to escape. Our social welfare projects aim to support these people through monthly food vouchers, rehabilitation programs, rent and utilities assistance and short term monthly allowances to those who are struggling to meet basic needs. Where possible we try to link beneficiaries with potential employers to create a sustainable source of income that will allow the families to achieve a degree of self-reliance. Our welfare programme targets especially vulnerable cases and profiles are kept of each case to monitor progress and respond to needs as they arise. We aim, in these efforts to perform this delicate role with a great degree of compassion so as to protect the dignity of the beneficiaries at all times.