30 Oct 2017

Imdaadiyya Madrasahs currently enrol over 1000 learners across 20 facilities in four South African provinces. The provide essential elementary Islamic learning with a special focus on character building and moral education

Imdaadiyya Madrasahs active in four provinces

26 Jun 2017

Imdaadiya Madrasahs continue to serve in four provinces of South Africa, providing essential Islamic learning with an emphasis on good character. The Madrasahs have a standardised curriculum that has been approved by senior Islamic scholars of the country. All teachers are regularly coached to ensure that the highest standard is maintained in the imparting of this essential knowledge. Currently more than 1000 learners are benefitting from 20 facilities across the Eastern cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. In addition to Madrasah education they receive mentorship, daily feeding, stationery packs, bags and seasonal winter accessories. Many of the students are from disadvantaged backgrounds and this extra assistance goes a long way in making their learning experience more comfortable.