How do you find one refugee in a million? A year after Myanmar exodus, “detectives” reunite fractured Rohingya families

04 Sep 2018

Bangladesh’s sprawling Rohingya camps are home to nearly one million refugees, but Atiqur Rahman Rabbi, a Red Cross aid worker, is searching for just one.

Idlib briefing: “Humanitarian catastrophe” feared as Syria war reaches final rebel stronghold

02 Sep 2018

As the Syrian government prepares to launch an offensive on Idlib province, humanitarians are on edge. Estimating the area may hold as many as three million people, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said he is “deeply concerned about the growing risks of a humanitarian catastrophe”, calling on Russia, Iran, and Turkey to seek a last-minute deal to avoid violence, while UN envoy Staffan de Mistura is offering to personally escort civilians out of the warzone.

In Rohingya camps, traditional healers fill a gap in helping refugees overcome trauma

02 Aug 2018

Only half those who need counselling or other mental health services have access to it.

A lost generation: No education, no dreams for Rohingya refugee children

28 May 2018

Aid groups have set up makeshift “learning centres” in Bangladeshi camps, but Rohingya parents say proper schools are needed

Fumbled repatriation sows fear in Bangladesh Rohingya camps

31 Jan 2018

It’s midday in Bangladesh’s sprawling Rohingya refugee settlements. A group of men hover under the shade of a tiny bamboo shack, trading strands of information about the topic on everyone’s minds: the future of several hundred thousand refugees here in the camps.

Rohingya who fled Myanmar a second time are certain: "We can’t go back"

16 Jan 2018

While repatriation plans inch forward, older refugees remember past returns gone wrong

What you need to know now about cuts to the UN’s agency for Palestine refugees

16 Jan 2018

The UN agency that supports Palestinian refugees says it is facing “the gravest financial crisis” in its history after the United States announced it was holding back planned funding. But the agency is also promising that services for more than five million people in the Middle East aren’t on the chopping block just yet.

“If the war doesn’t kill us, the food prices will”-For Yemeni civilians, the deadliest killers in 2018 may not be the bombs or the bullets

11 Jan 2018

Three-year-old Walid sits on a hospital bed, his bones and veins visible through his skin, tugging at the intravenous drip that is keeping him alive.

Identity and belonging in a card: How tattered Rohingya IDs trace a trail toward statelessne

04 Jan 2018

The pale green identity card in Nurul Hoque’s hands is torn and brittle. Time has faded the image of his grandfather, taken years before, to a ghostly outline.

How do you build a health system from scratch in the middle of a refugee crisis?

20 Nov 2017

Noor Mohammed groans in pain as doctors push a needle into his withered vein. He lies exhausted on a metal bed that has a cut-out hole in the middle of it and a plastic bucket underneath. His frail body is weakened by severe, constant diarrhoea. Noor says he is the sole survivor of a family brutally killed by soldiers in Myanmar. When he fell ill, neighbours in Bangladesh’s swelling refugee camps carried him to a doctor. But now he’s alone.

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