31 Jul 2011

" The cries of our starving children in Somalia are presently being resonated across the globe."

Ramadan Message from the CEO & National Co-ordinator of AIF The Holy month of Ramadan has once again commenced. This is a month of opportunities. A month wherein we can find our ALLAH. Let us heed the advices of our noble predecessors and seize whatever opportunities we have before us in gaining ALLAH TA’ALA’S pleasure. Over the past few months we have been saddened and unfortunate to have lost illustrious, pious personalities and upright ulema such as Hadrat Moulana Yunus Patel (R.A), Chota Mota Desai (R.A) to mention a few. Indeed we are at a loss. But their legacy will remain and we have the opportunity to practice upon their sound advices and naseehah. We thank ALLAH TA’ALA for the blessings of Ramadan and Saum. From a humanitarian perspective, Ramadan is also an important milestone on the calendar. It is a time when Muslims around the globe choose to discharge their obligation of Zakaat thus making it a busy time for most humanitarian agencies. To many, it may seem that by discharging ones’ hard earned wealth, one is at a loss. Let us discharge this notion from our mind-set for ALLAH TA’ALA mentions in the Holy Quran: “Those who spend their wealth for Allah’s sake maybe compared to a grain which sprouts into seven ears with a hundred grains in each ear. Allah multiplies things for anyone He wishes. Allah is boundless, Aware. “ Keeping this in mind, we urge you to support the cries of the ummah and humanity generously as you have in the past. The cries of our starving children in Somalia are presently being resonated across the globe. Therefore we have earmarked this as an urgent project so that we may at least fill the bellies of our starving brethren not too far away from us. Our projects in Palestine, Gaza, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh to name a few will continue only with your assistance and duas. Alhumdulilah, we have also inaugurated our 4th international office in the United Kingdom. We urge you to also support this office so that we may increase our capacities in reaching out to the poor and needy and to the many disasters that has now become a norm in present times. At the Al-Imdaad Foundation, we always strive to serve the ummah in a professional, efficient and effective manner always giving prominence to the Shariah. We also advise you to increase your recitation of Durood in this Holy month. To facilitate this Ibadah, the Al-Imdaad Foundation has embarked on a campaign wherein we are distributing 40 Durood and 100 Sunnat Kitaabs. To obtain your free copy, please feel free to contact our offices on 0861 786 243(AIF). Let us seize the graciousness of Ramadan to become Allah bearing and Allah fearing followers of Nabi Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). Your Brother in serving Humanity Yacoob Ebrahim Vahed CEO & National Coordinator Al Imdaad Foundation Striving to Serve Humanity Call Centre: 0861786243
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