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13 Aug 2017

Devastating mudslides were triggered by three days of heavy rains in and around the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown on 14th August 2017. The worst mudslides occurred in the coastal suburbs, as well as in the Regent area where thousands of makeshift settlements house the city’s poorest communities. At least 400 people, including more than 100 children, were killed following the collapse of a hillside in the area. Almost six hundred are still missing with the search for bodies continuing and the...

Canned Qurbani 2017

01 Aug 2017

For the third year running, the Al-Imdaad Foundation is continuing its important canned Qurbani programme that allows donors to send their Qurbani to regions that have faced unimaginable hardship in recent times. The canned Qurbani option is ideal for displaced Syrian families and refugees who have limited storage and refrigeration facilities available to them. The canned Qurbani is ready to eat and provides an essential source of protein for families fleeing conflict and instability.

Marawi Crisis

04 Jun 2017

The city of Marawi is located on the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines and is the capital of the Lano Del Sur province. On May 23rd, 2017, the city was over-run by the rebel group Maute, who has rejected the peace process agreed upon by other groups on the island. This prompted the declaration of Martial law on the Island and Government forces have since been involved in an operation to drive the militants out of the city. In the process over 250 000 people have been displaced from their homes....

#Spread Peace and #Feed the Hungry

13 May 2017

Every year countless numbers across the world face the Holy month of Ramadan without the food or resources to feed their fasting families. In countries scarred by conflict, poverty, and disaster many cannot even find a little food to break their fast each day. This year we continue with our annual Ramadan food hamper programme for people from 16 countries across the world, bearing in mind the instruction of the noble Prophet (PBUH) who said, “O People, Spread Peace and Feed the Hungry”. For just...

Clothe A Syrian Orphan for Eid

13 May 2017

Due to conflict and war, countless Syrian orphans are left without those to care for and support them. After the holy month of Ramadan when Muslim children across the world put on new clothes for Eid, these children wear the same clothes they have been wearing for a few years which often have become too small for them. This year, lets ensure that these Syrian orphans can also dress up smartly in new clothes. For just R550 you can sponsor an Eid clothes-pack including dresses (for girls), pants...


13 May 2017

The FEED SYRIA campaign is an initiative of Al-Imdaad Foundation’s office in Jordan. The campaign is being coordinated in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) and the Jordanian armed forces. It involves the distribution of rice to Syrian refugees stranded in the no-man’s land area between Syria and Jordan. The rice is delivered by the Jordanian armed forces from the border. The beneficiary community are stuck in the border regions of Syria and Jordan but are unable...

Somalia Food Crisis 2017

10 Mar 2017

Somalia teeters on the brink of a devastating famine as a result of an extended drought. Consecutive seasons of poor rainfall have caused the death of three quarters of the county’s livestock which are the main source of income and livelihood for most the population. An estimated 6.2 million Somalians are at risk of a famine that could be even worse than the 2011 disaster which claimed the lives of more than 260 000 people. Currently, more than 363 000 acutely malnourished children and 70 000...

Jordan Refugee Support

31 Jan 2017

Jordan has always been home to a large number of refugees, initially these were mainly Palestinian refugees but ever since the Syrian crisis Jordan has become host to one of the largest numbers of Syrian refugees in the Middle East after Turkey and Lebanon. Currently UNRWA estimates place the number of registered Palestinian refugees in Jordan at some 2 million living in over 10 camps. There are also an estimated 1.4 million Syrians in Jordan with 655 496 registered Syrian refugees. Many of these...

Jordan Container Homes

31 Jan 2017

There are an estimated 1.4 million Syrian in Jordan. Of these, some 655 496 have been officially registered as refugees. The majority of Syrians in Jordan live outside of official refugee camps such as the two largest Zaatari and Mafraq camps. Most live in squalid urban dwellings where they struggle to eke out an existence on the margins of society. But the worst off are those forced to live in makeshift camps and tents in the desert. These refugees are the poorest with the least resources and...

Help Save Aleppo’s Evacuees

16 Dec 2016

Many neighbourhoods in eastern Aleppo faced a war of extermination under a brutal siege and the blockade of the only humanitarian access point into the area for much of 2016. Residents faced unprecedented shelling in the last weeks of the siege with over a thousand lives lost in strikes in November and early December 2016. Many other injured civilians also lost their lives due to the collapse of the medical system in the besieged areas. Chlorine gas and other illegal munitions were repeatedly...

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